Thursday, November 13, 2008

Popping my blog...

Hey you,
It's 6:17am...(omg it's 6:17am) and I decided to officially start a blog. I love to write and being able to share it with the world thrills me. This feels like I'm starting a soon-to-be treasure. I am typing with a ferocity that no one possesses. I think this calls for a celebration. I want to write a poem for you. I'll call it "Smile." Here it goes.

I treasure your lips,
for when they part,
beauty is born.
I never knew something
so simple would do this for me.
your teeth shine like
a warm promise.
my lips now mirror yours and
euphoria dries my tears.
everything feels better now.

I hope you enjoyed that. It's now 6:22am and my eyes are stinging with need. I shall see you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Gabriel Anderson