Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lady Bees

Hello, hello! Duckies, it has been a long day. And guess what? My day is still coming along. But it's my fault entirely. I've been absent-minded lately and I've been running away from my problems.

But they aren't big problems: homework, FAFSA, club commitments...okay, maybe these are big things. But instead of complaining about how much work I have to do, I've actually been completing a lot of work...just with a thimble of procrastination.

In regards to a lot of work, last night I dreamed of bees and Lady Gaga; Lady Gaga was a new addition to my dreams. Bees have been a reoccurring theme in my dreams. But I'm never stung by the bees, they're just always around. They land on me but they don't mean me any harm.

I did my research on bees and to have bees in your dreams means you have been under a lot of pressure from work, like the saying "busy as a bee." In addition, in one dream I remember I killed a lot of bees, even though they meant me no harm. Realizing it now, the night I killed the bees in my dream was the day I got a lot things completed. I was killing my busyness. Yaaay!

Well as you already know--and if you don't I hate you...just kidding--I love Lady Gaga. But Lady Gaga played a minor role in my dream. She called me--yes, on the phone--and asked:

"Gabriel, do you know where I can get some weed?"*
*(I am not saying Lady Gaga engages in marijuana usage. This instance happened in a dream!)

This dream contains two things I love dearly:
1) Lady Gaga
2)...having Lady Gaga's number (I don't have it now but I'm sure I'll get it later.)
Are those the only two things I really love about that dream? lol
But you know what duckies, "Eh, Eh, There's Nothing Else I Can Say" without swimming in dangerous waters lol.
In other news, I've really been missing my son-son; he transferred to a school back home in Boston. For the last couple days we've been playing AIM-tag and we finally got a chance to speak to each other. But what made my day was while I was talking to someone about him...he called me!

You have no idea how much I love this kid. He such a beautiful person and we used to have such intense conversations: we'd talk about what was bothering us, life goals, love, family, school, fears. It's always a pleasure to be in his company. He said he's coming to town in April so if I can't be reached, remember I'm booked.
Speaking of good company, I just found out one of my A-List people-friends got into grad school! Congratulations Megan!

(I found out because it was in your away message lol...yea, I'm a creeper.)
Okay duckies, I've said enough. It's time for some "Words of Wisdom."
"You have to know your limit if you want to survive. Sometimes life is so rich with treasure that you want to dive in and take everything without thinking of the cost. But duckies...we all need time to rest--even SuperMan had days off."
G, remember that I love you and you can't blame yourself for what others do. I know it's hard but if we all blamed ourselves for the actions of others, we'd all be some fcuked up and stressed-out duckies.
It's time for me to go to bed...I'll do my work tomorrow morning. (It's not procrastination if you plan on doing it later lol.)
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Haunted in Hartford

Duckies! Yes, I have been a bit negligent with posting but I've been super-busy with life. I'm tending to summer internship paperwork, Red Cap duties, homework, family, my social life and myself. I just made a new away message and Monica really liked it. It reads:
"There comes a time in life when one has to die in order to live; it isn't a sad death but more of an inner-awakening."

I have no idea where such insight came to me so early this morning--10AM is early for a college student--but I wanted to share that with you.
Speaking of Monica, she, Graham and I had a homework party last night. But like any homework party it became a party among the company of books. We accomplished some assignments but not as many as we planned.

Let's face it...homework sucks! Plus it's not even homework. It's dormroomwork. Nonetheless we finished our assignments...well I know I did lol.
In other news, Garret, Josh and I have decided to live together next year. We're going to be suities (suitemates)!

We want Nate to live with us too but none of us have had the chance--or remembers when he's around the suite--to ask him. (Maybe I'll just send him the link to this post lol). We are going to get singles in Park River, the college retirement home on campus. Freshmen year we dealt with the brickhouse projects and our second and third years have been spent with random people. However, we're going to be pampered as seniors! (Ahhhh, I'm going to be a senior in college next year!)
I'm not freaking out, just merely making peace with it in a rash manner lol.
Anywho, this past weekend was an absolute wonder. I traveled afar--on campus--to many destinations: parties, social gatherings and to those I love dearly. I believe it was Friday night that I visited Alyssa's apartment and we were sharing friendly-gossip, of course. Then the subject changed to "Twilight: The Movie" and how pain-stricken Jasper looks in every scene.

If you haven't seen "Twilight: The Movie" please do. It's hilarious. I was a bit hesitant when Gabriella begged Mommy and I to go with her to see it in theaters but afterwards I could only thank Gabriella for such a treat.
Speaking of movies, Graham, Monica and I finally had the chance to see "The Haunting in Connecticut."

It was such an amazing film: there were parts where we jumped, screamed and laughed. For the most part, I'm still afraid when I'm alone in my room. As seen in the previews, there's a scene where the main character (Matt) turns off his TV and sees a dark male figure walk out of his door's threshold. I've been sleeping with my TV on ever since I've seen "The Haunting in CT." I'm such a scared little duckie.

In regards to TV, it brings me great grief to say this but we--my producer and I--have decided to cancel my TV show's production.

"The Antoine Gardner Show," which would have been an ultimate success, would have killed the both of us. With Mallory being so close to graduation and with me stressing over school already we though it'd be best to lessen our load while we were ahead. But duckies, never fear I am full of endless goals.
I was thinking about starting a VLOG (video blog) in addition to the glamorous blog you're reading right now. This weekend Eddie let me borrow his video camera and it felt so good to video tape others while I interjected with witty humor. (I'll give you more details about the VLOG as time progresses.)

I think it's time for the "Word of the Week."
This word of the week is:
Hove - To adore something so purely that it is then transfixed into hate; justified jealousy; hate-love.
Ex: Person 1: "I love you so much that I hate you, Gabriel."
Person 2: "Honeychild, that's called hove. And you have no idea how much I hove you."

Since I'm in good spirits, let me give you some "Words of Wisdom" too.
"We are all collectedly ignorant. Without experiencing the opposite of our usual comfort zone we cannot fully appreciate and understand those who may not agree with us. In order for people to survive, an equal and opposite force needs to be present. Take time to understand."

Lauren, Cliff Morris, Aly and Amanda...
Lauren - This day makes it a year that we've been friends. I remember your party last year and how much fun it was with the Happy Meal Aladdin stickers lol. (Were they Happy Meal stickers??) Happy Birthday honeychild!
Aly - Wooohuh! Regents buddy! Grace! I love you so much and I can't even explain how much I want you to rape this day. Make it yours! Happy birthday sweetheart!
Cliff Morris - Do I really need to express how much I love you?! (Ummm...Yes! lol) I love you so much dude. You are an unbelievably valuable treasure and I can't imagine life without you. Happy birthday my dear people-friend!
Amanda - I am terribly sad that you took this year off from school but I am so happy that I can call you a friend. I love you with all my heart and I had a great time at your party...even though you might not remember lol. Happy birthday baby girl!
Okay duckies, it's time for me to start my beautiful day. It looks like it's about to rain but nothing stops me from loving the world.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've made Peace that I'm a NightHawk

Duckies, hello there! I've finally made peace that I'm a major nighthawk.

The "Word of the Week" is:
NightHawk - One who functions efficiently and effectively when the Sun has set; functionally nocturnal creature; Gabriel Anderson.
Ex: "I can never really get into the hustle-and-bustle of the morning. I like doing work at night; I'm a nighthawk!"

It's after 1AM and I am so energized. I am so in love with the mysteries of the moon and routine cloak of darkness. I feel so nefarious.

Speaking of nefarious, I cannot wait to see "Haunting in Connecticut."
I know you've all seen the previews for the movie: they're everywhere and scary as $hit.

I'm scared of it already by the frequent previews leaking into PrimeTime TV trailer-commercials. Wooohuh!
Please don't take my soul, Mr. "Creepy-Tattoo-Possessed" man.
On the note of scary, I forgot to tell you ...MY BLACKBERRY STORM CASE IS BROKEN!
(The phone is fine...but the case is defeated!)

When I was in the city waiting on my train (subway for non-New Yorkers) platform and everyone was looking at me...peon papparzzi!
Anywho, I tried to be debonair and walk to the last train car, entranced to my BlackBerry's playing of Lady Gaga.
I was a few steps away when my BlackBerry fell out my pocket and scattered like legos: the case opened in half (as it usually does), the BlackBerry battery back fell off and one half of the case's corner was broken.
>>>DEVESTATION! I lost about 17 Cool points that day.

But to get my cool points back Rockstar and I are having our weekly radio show:
"Rar-Rar w/ Rockstar and DJ Squiggz" will be on Wednesday night, 9pm to 10pm:
(Any and everyone)
>Listen/watch us at http://wsam.hartford.edu
(On campus ONLY)
>Channel 5 on your TV
>105.3 FM (if you own a radio...wtf? lol)

In other news, I'll be hosting they "Day of Poetry: Poetry Slam" on April 6th!

The Day of Poetry is April 6th! The Poetry slam is going to be at the Hawk's Nest and it starts at 7:30pm!
Immediately afterwards, is an open mic (around 9PMish). This means you can share your work with the world (of Hawk's Nest lol).

Don't be afraid of poetry duckies; poetry is a form of literature, conveying an experience on an elevated level.
(That was sooo deep lol)

On that philosophical note, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."
"To disassociate yourself from a culture of lackadaisical habits, you must evoke a sense of self-appreciation. Ask yourself if this is worth becoming and if it's affecting you negatively, remove yourself from the situation. Every action has a consequence."

I would like to give credit to Steph Lab who called me a NightHawk tonight: give her a hand. She helped develop the "Word of the Week." Love you girl; congratulations on your successful presentation yesterday!
Graham, I had a marvelous late night snack at Konover. Gossip is so juicy, especially if it's over cookies and sandwiches. Ride or die!
LOL okay duckies, I have some homework to do.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Gabriel, b$%ch!

Duckies, my my my it's been quite awhile! Toward the end of Spring Break I became so engrossed with the glamour of New York City. But then I saw a sign that told me I need to get back to you. The day before I came back to school Elle Fox and I were walking through Central Park for a bit and I saw a glorious sign.

(Taken on Blackbird, my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm)
I was so taken aback. I told Elle I needed to take a picture and she already knew I took on the form of a rogue paparazzi...lol love her.
Coming back onto campus, I've been so stressed out.

I know it's not good but stress gets to everyone at some point in their lives. I even start a new class tomorrow (it's a half-semester course) and I am so excited for it. (Rockstar is in it too! By the way check out his blog: http://solidrockstarstatus.blogspot.com/, become a follower of his blog too!)
Anywho, I felt like Britney pre-"Gimme More" for a couple weeks.
My life was in shambles: stress was eating me alive. Luckily, as we speak (and as I blog) I am blooming into Britney post-"Circus".

(I will be in this state of mind when I wake in the morning.)

Oh, I forget to tell you I saw "I Love You Man" on my last day in New York.

Gabriella, Ingrid (our aunt) and I saw it together and we could not stop laughing. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are such a phenomenal team! Gabriella and I are still quoting the movie, via text messages and BBM. GO SEE IT DUCKIES!

Speaking of laughter, one of my dear jetsetting people-friends, Cliff Morris, sent me a video from an A-List summer gathering I hosted in my backyard. Cliff sent it to me a couple hours ago and I told him I had to post it on here.
I have no idea what was said before he started filming but I know we all started laughing even more because of the way I tried to compose myself afterwards lol. Gabriella and I are a mess: I was even sweating from laughing so hard. Check it out!

Anywho, let me give you want you want. Duckies, take these "Words of Wisdom."

"In order to maintain success and happiness you must find a balance between work and play. Of course this is easier said then done; make sure you know your limits and are able to reserve time for leisure. Work is fine and fun is just as important: make sure to apply moderation to both."

Okay duckies, I need to do some reading (yes, I'm a night owl) before I head to bed.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sluggish slumber

Hello duckies. I basically slept through today...and I loved it!
I slept in my room, the living room, while watching TV, while sending emails on Blackbird (my Blackberry Storm), on my laptop...everywhere!
I even tried watching a movie: "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."
I fell asleep in the beginning and woke up to turn it off but from the quotes I overheard, I know I'm going to love it, when I'm fully conscious.
In other news, I just saw Britney Spears' new music video for "If You Seek Amy" and I am in love.
I am so proud of her: she looks amazing, the choreography was phantasmagorical, I loved the song before it became a hit and she is definitely one of my idols now. Britney...I fcuking love you!
Speaking of love, later on today I'm going to be jazzing it up with my four CT gals: Yunie, Monica, Raynell and Shenel. They're going to be in the city until Friday and we're going to some club...Smalls Jazz Club.

I've never been there but from the way Yunie has been raving, I know I'm going to have a ball.

It's been awhile since I did this so, let's get to the "Word of the Week!"
Manboi (pronounced "man boy")- A man who resorts to juvenile antics when faced with difficulty; an immature male over the age of twenty.
Ex: "Jeffrey is such an asshole when it comes to expressing his feelings."
"Samantha, I told you he's a manboi."

Enough of my babble, here are some "Words of Wisdom."
"Starting something easy is...easy; starting something hard takes courage. However, ending something beautiful is an absolute challenge. Quitting something while it's still beautiful is the best way to end things. Don't wait until you're constantly worrying about the worth of something, to end things; starting new chapters is the best way to live. "

Josh: You are the...
I'm so glad you're a part of my life now and I can't wait to see you when we return for break. Love you man!
Ruben: You are one of the most dependable people I know. You always make me feel special and I can't thank you enough for all you've done. Thank you for being you. I love you.
Mommy: There isn't much more I can say...but I'm going to say it anyway. I can't get enough of you. You do so much for me and I will forever be indebted to you. Even though at times we fight like Betta fish, I love that we can always make each other laugh when we're clawing at each other's throats. I love you...more than I love myself (and that's a lot lady)! (Stop sassing me when you see me sleeping on the couch; I'm on vacation lol.)
Okay duckies, it's time for me to go back to sleep; it's my new healthy addiction. I love you all.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SoHo Extravaganza

Hello duckies. I know you're feeling well because that's how life should be spent. But today one of my dear people-friends almost saw her glamorous life's end.
Alyssa is down in Florida (I think) with her grandmother and cousin and she spent her day at the beach. Up in the Northeastern region of the United States of Sassica, I was at my NY people-friend's house: Elle Fox.

Today I finally fell in love with her sassy dog Tyler.

He's always giving me sassy eyes and ignoring my commands. But today he was being very friendly and attentive...but not as attentive as Alyssa's almost-murderer.
Anywho, Alyssa BBMed me and our conversation went along these lines:
Alyssa: Rar-Rar! I was just swimming in the ocean and a D-List rar-rar tried to attack. I got out just in time.
Me: OMG, that's so scary!
Alyssa: I was with my grandma and my 3 year-old cousin; this old man was like "get outta the water!"
(Alyssa cont.)
We start swimming and running and I look over to see a dark gray fin heading towards me.
Me: OMG it wanted to use you for fifteen minutes of A-Listness.
Alyssa: I can see it on the cover of US Weekly: "A-Lister beats-up shark, proclaimed hero among geriatrics."
Hahahah, oh Alyssa.

Speaking of A-Listers, you will die (I hope only figuratively) when I tell you who was on the train with Elle and I today. Effing gorgeous Kerri Russell was sitting across from us on the 6 train.
Elle and I looked at each other at the same time and laughed. Kerri is gorgeous; she looks the same in person, if not more striking. We deemed her celebrity of the week because we respect her so much more for taking the train with us up-and-coming A-Listers. You go Glenn Coco!

After we got off the train Elle & I got our Starbucks fix and roamed the glamorous land of SoHo. We hit up some shops (Old Navy, Uni Qlo and street vendors). But after a few hours of wandering Elle remembered that she promised to meet up with her other people-friends; we departed after she and I went to my Mom's office. (We're just that A-List.)
Anywho, after Elle left Mommy and I shopped until we couldn't carry anything else.
We (well, Mommy) spent some heavy bucks.
I got about 4 shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 pair of hot casual shoes, 2 pairs of jeans, and a Spider-Man pillow. (I couldn't find Batman so Spider-Man swung in and saved the day.)
Enough about me, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."
"Never blame present failures for past unfortunates. The past is a tool that molds us into the beautiful person we are today and the future is chosen by our actions. Every action has an equal reaction; do the present wisely."

OMG, I have some super-duper A-List news to tell you. So one of my people-friends Maria has taken the semester off to prioritize her life (kudos to you duckie) and in doing she started writing. So far she's written 70 pages...but guess what?! Maria knows the right people and she's in the process of getting her book published!

(Duckies I am not poking fun at Maria. She told me via Facebook that she really needs a copy of this lol.)
Maria, welcome to the elite club of A-Listers; congratulations duckie!
To the rest of you duckies, keep following your dreams...while I meet mine with closed eyes tonight.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Wake-up and sass the city

Hello duckies. It's quite divine being home, I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Today I was awakened by a BBM, from Mommy, asking which restaurant I wanted to bless my presence with. Of course I chose Carmine's (my favorite restaurant in the world. I just found out that there's one in the Bahamas; Pete go there!) but I was overruled by Gabriella, Ronald and Mommy. Instead we went to Saigon Grill,

which is divine in its own right. The meals are inexpensive and the food is marvelous; sometimes my taste buds can't control themselves when I'm there. I'm usually very talkative at restaurants but when I'm at Saigon Grill I hone in on my meal.

But before diving into our delicious meals Gabriella and I endured a journey, to say the least. We had to take a train and then a bus to meet our parents downtown. And like any NYC bus it was crowded, so crowded that the guy standing next to Gabriella (unintentionally) had his crotch near her face.

Gabriella BBMed me, saying: "OMG, I have lost my personal space to a crotch." Hilarious. The guy was on his iPhone, oblivious to Gabriella. I was watching him to see if he was a pervert...but this guy was too busy playing games on his iPhone; he was a typical New Yorker.
Anywho, after dinner we stopped by Dunkin' Donuts to get our daily caffeine fix and then (because Gabriella likes watching it on the big-screen HD-TV in the living room) Mommy, Gabriella & I watched "Gossip Girl."

I don't really follow the series but whenever its on I am so engrossed in the characters' A-List quarrels. Last night's episode was very enticing but due to Saigon Grill, Mommy and I fell asleep on the couch, as Gabriella continued watching with the company of our cuddling bodies.
After realizing I was falling asleep I went to my room to take a nap. Now I'm up and awake. I'm watching "Death Sentence" starring Kevin Bacon...

and it's so bada$$. I think I may have discussed my feelings about this particular film in the past (who knows?) but every time I see it, I'm fearless. It makes me wanna kick every scumbag's a$$. Wooohuh!
Okay, before I go AWOL, here are some "Words of Wisdom."
"Choose wisely when selecting your company; they have more of an effect on you than you think. If your company uses and drains your essence there won't be anything useful left for yourself."
"Death Sentence" is almost over and the ending is my favorite part.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sass Models

Hey there duckies. I'm finally home and it's so good to be here. But the journey here wasn't as pleasant as you think.
Thank God Melissa was still on campus. She's such an angel, by the way; she gave me a ride home and offered me a ride to go back when we have to return after break. (Ugh, love you!)

Our car ride was crazy though.

We almost ran over a dead deer! (Melissa freaked out...had to calm this duckie down.)

This old guy was holding up traffic and whenever someone went around him (including us) he flipped them off.

But the best part of the ride was when we got lost and found a Wal-Mart, where I was able to get "Role Models" on DVD. Yaaaay!

(Thanks for everything Melissa!)

I forgot to tell you that I surprised my family by coming home today. They had no idea I was on my way home. And when I got a BBM request from Gabriella (and saw a BlackBerry I'd never seen before, in her hands) I was shocked!

Not only is Gabriella becoming as fantabulous as her big brother, she has a Facebook and now she has a Blackberry. Wow!

Speaking of "wow," before I got home my Dad called me and said:

"You went over 100 minutes. If you do this again, I'm cutting off your BlackBerry and you're getting a regular phone."

So for future reference, duckies unless you're my producer, assistant, publicist, Mom or Dad you only will be getting a text, BBM and/or email before 9pm. (I love you...but I love my BlackBerry more...lol jk...or am I? lol)

In other news, I was just watching "The Last Supper," staring Cameron Diaz and Ron Eldard...

and from the impression of the opening credits I thought it was going to be a bullshit film. To my amazement, I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV. It has such twists and it never let's you go until the very end...which is left to your interpretation.
Okay duckies, enough of me, let's get to you; here are some "Words of Wisdom."
"Being an individual demands more than conforming to a group. Though it may seem hard to branch out into unfamiliar territory, approval of one's actions isn't needed; acceptance is only a necessity."
Okay duckies, I'm off to bed. I want to be well-rested for my week of relaxation.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true (and be safe) duckies.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson