Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Return of Gabriel Anderson: Part Three**

**(Duckies, first off sorry for the tardiness. Blogging on an iPad is a troublesome thing. I finised this post last night but when I saved it and tried to edit it from the beginning it wasn't allowing me to scroll down the text box; instead the entire screen would just move, frozen. It was ridiculous. Anyway, here's the post.)

Hi sexy.
Today was such a fabulous day. My work day went by incredibly fast. Coordinating my birthday for nearly the entire day could be the cause.
For all those who were invited to my 23rd birthday party, stay close to your phones. Something very important is going to happen on August 12th @1PM. I repeat, ON AUGUST 12th, 2011 @ 1PM a surprise will be sent to those who confirmed their RSVP. (Step 1 was purely FaceBook, so I could get a rough estimate. Step 2 is contacting me via phone, telling me you have this day in your calendar. And everyone should wear helmets because I'm gonna blow ya minds!
Corny? BLEH.

Oh, duckies whenever I come across something that I dislike, in any situation, I say "BLEH!"
I'm blogging from my iPad and I don't feel like doing the crazy process of much uploading and editing pictures. So this will just be (mainly) text-heavy.

You've been forewarned.

I'm currently house-sitting & dog-sitting in West Harlem for one my fabulous soulmates: Courtney.
I was drinking Merlot and watching Tosh.O in my undies not too long ago.
Courtney's off visiting the rest of her sassy clan out of town.
OMGaGa! The funniest thing happened today.
I was at work and I was leaving the office to go to lunch. Immediately after I open the door my eyes go straight to the floor. There was money right across from the door, next to the lockers in the hallway. I checked the hallway and no one was coming.
By the time I locked the door, a fabulous Asian doctor is in front of the lockers, about two inches right of the discarded dollar bills.
She was facing the lockers and didn't seem to notice the money. With her back to me I though of the quickest solution. I walked a little to the left of her and dropped my wallet, not too far away from the money. And my reactio of speech was, "Oh-My-G0d. This is crazy," which got the doctor's attention.
She looked at me smiling, replying, "I could keep it."
And I just laughed and walked away with...four dollars.

That doesn't happen.
Enough of my day, let's get to Part Three of "The Return of Gabriel Anderson."

My body felt so weak. I could hardly keep my balance or speak. My entire being was being drained. I was slowly feeling myself fading. My life source was depleting. I couldn't feel my feet. My legs felt like they were vibrating because of how much I was trembling. I was incredibly hot and freezing at the same time. It was a struggle to stay conscious. I couldn't really move my arms and my thoughts were slow. But a voice in my head told me to get help.
Then I realized the presence of the entity that made me do things was gone. I was so happy that I nearly fell to the floor.
I could finally relax...but I knew I couldn't do that.
Within the past three hours, I had taken six pills for a hyperactive disorder and drank an entire bottle of red wine. Plus I was dehydrated from dancing in the hot sun, in the backyard.
Relaxing would mean the end.
The next thing I remember was walking to my room and right before I closed the door my grandma came into our house.
She looked at me and knew I wasn't well. Her first words were "Something told me to come upstairs."
I said "I think I need to go to the hospital," before closing my door to take off my clothes.
I needed to be naked. I needed nothing constricting me. But I left my underwear on because I knew my grandma would come in.
I laid on the bed and stopped trying to control my body.
I was slipping away and right before I blacked out I reached out to God.
"Please, take me."
I woke up a few minutes later to knock of my door. I felt wet. I looked down and I noticed that one side of my boxer briefs were a different color and my mattress pad felt drenched. I told my grandma she could come in, but my voice came out strangled. It sounded like i said "Chum een." When she walked in I placed my hand on the wet spot on the mattress pad, and lifted my hand to sniff it.
It didn't have smell. I pissed out water.
She looked at me, and her eyes held such disgust and worry.
"Ganriel, oh my God, we need to get you to the hospital. Do you need help getting dressed?"
I shook my head.
She left the room, grabbing one of the house phones from my shelf behind the door, to call a cab.
It took me about ten minutes to put on a pair of briefs, jeans, a Bloomingdales t-shirt, and Bloomingdales sneakers.
I was dying. I wasn't going out like bum. I wanted a fabulous picture for my obituary.

The cab company got us a cab in three minutes. We got in the cab and I couldn't seem to focus on any thoughts. So I grabbed my grandma's hand and reached out to God again.
"God, I'm sorry. I need you now. Please keep me."
Suddenly, I felt overcome with a sense of serenity and I was clear-headed. I was now able to focus but I had to concentrate to keep awake.
To keep myself busy I read whatever words I saw in the cab: it's stickers, the license information, cab passenger rights, and other sings...aloud. And then I told my grandma what was flowing through my system.

Whem we got to the hospital, my grandma sped into the Emergency Room. I dragged behind her and when I got through the doors, she pointed to me and said' "this is him."
Two nurses in blue scrubs rushed me through several sets of double doors to a large space.
In the middle of the large space was a circular medical counter with about fifteen nurses and doctors, who were manning computers, medical supplies, and phones. Surrounding the circular counter was an outer circle of a lot of people in hospital gowns. They were on stretchers and hooked to IVs. Each person had a section blocked off with curtais, to give the illusion of privacy. But only the sides were divided, leaving the front of the curtained "rooms" open and easy to observe from the circular medical counter.

The baby blue nurses led me to an open curtained "room" and left me to a different nurse, one dressed  in red, who handed me a blue hospital gown, green floor-ribbed socks, and a blue bag to put my clothes in.
I closed my curtain so I could change. My grandma was in there with me, while I got naked.
I'm not comfortable with being naked in front of family members but nakedness was the lesser evil today. I needed to survive.
After changing I laid on the stretcher and a blue nurse began talking to me. She gave me a breathing test, an ECG (Echocardiogram: Basically a sonogram that's used for your heart.), and then they hooked me up to an IV.
A very pretty nurse in blue came to give me a tetnus booster. Did I mention I scraped a quarter of the front skin off of my right big toe, while walking around barefoot in the neighborhood?
It looked disgusting and it hurt like shit.
I couldn't help but talk to the pretty nurse.

My absolute weakness is...a gorgeous woman. I would do close to anything for one. (Example: My soulmate Nora. This girl is so beautiful. Her irises are like whirlwind of the richest blues, cenetered around the most shapely pupils. Her rosy skin, sprinkled with freckales. Her beautiful, free, and lively hair. And that smile. It's such a delight to have this amazing person in my life. She's genuine. She's #1.)

Sorry. I'm a writer. Sometimes I have to stop and paint pictures with my words.
Back to the story.
So I started talking to the nurse."

"How bad is it?" I asked.
"It's not bad but it could get infected fast."
"Okay, do it."
She passed me a clear Liter mesauring cup, filled with cold water and crushed ice, which is my absolute favortie. Crushed ice makes the world go 'round.
She prepared the needle and to keep my mind off what she was doing, I sparked a convrsation. But I was feeling so relaxed. Too relaxed.
I don't know what they put in that IV, but I was "So Happy I Could (Have) Die(d)."

"What's your name?" I asked her.
"Nice to meet you Val. Thanks for taking care of me."
She stopped preparing the shot and looked at me. She smiled and it grew into something glorious. I was happy that I made her happy.
"Val, you're really pretty."
Her smile beamed at me, while her cheeks grew pink.
"Thank you...she looked at my chart...Antoine."
"It's tru-"
She gave me the shot.

Suddenly my heart started racing and I couldn't catch my breath. I poured the ice cold water on my head to shock my body into being calm. It backfired. I started shaking as if I was a part of an individual earthquake. I knew this was the end.
I looked up to the lights, and notcied one hallogen bulb wasn't on. I looked into and I could see my reflection.
Tears started streaming down my face and I made my peace with God.

"Just take me. I'm ready."
Then words--that weren't my own--replied to my reflection, coming out of my mouth:

"I have you my child."

Then it went black.