Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sass Must Go On!

Good afternoon duckies! It has been too long--two weeks to be exact--since I blogged. I missed you all so terribly.

I've been so busy with my internship at HarperCollins Publishers. I feel like such an oldie sometimes. Every day, after work, I come home and I end up falling asleep on my couch.

I haven't really had a break all summer. I started working with Red Caps in late May (until June 11th). Then my internship with Harper started June 16th and my last day is August 13th. Then on August 23rd I have to truck it back to Hartford for my Senior year. So I basically have/had 2 weeks to myself this summer lol.

But I can't complain, I asked for this lifestyle. (I see why my fellow celebrity-brethren turn to drugs lol) Did I really just say that? But I know it will all pay off in the end. This is only the beginning of my beautiful life.

A lot has happened over the past three weeks.

The weekend of July 24th my dear duckies Kelly, Shelby, Rudis, Shaun and Graham went to a hookah bar called Phours, down on 6th Street and Avenue B.

Graham only stayed for about 20 minutes (but I've seen him all summer). It was such a rewarding experience to see my fellow college-educated duckies.

Kelly: We are indeed living the dream and remember don't focus on what we don't have. Treasure everything we do and more will come.
Rudis: It's always a pleasure my friend. I need to see you more often. You make my life!
Shelby: Devoted duckie, I love you. I hope you're having a fabulous day at the zoo. (Hello zookeepers! Thank you for keeping up with my posts.)
Shaun: You better slip away to celebrate my birthday on August 21st. I had a blast shooting the $hit with you at Starbucks and our little walk to the train.

Oooh! Speaking of birthdays, the big day is 16 days away; I'll finally be 21!

I've finally decided how the night will go about. On my actual birthday--August 19th--I just wanna stay in with my family & friends and have some wine and pizza. (Or I might go to a bar, who knows?)
On August 21st, I'm having an A-List dinner with nine beautiful duckies at my favorite restaurant, Carmines.

Then everyone else--this includes you--can join us at this beautiful lounge called APT. It's location is 419 w13th Street.
(Actually a picture of part of the lounge.)
For my 21st I don't wanna be sloppy and belligerent. (Gaga knows I've had too many a night like those.) I want it to be classy: drinks in hand, bellies full, hearts full of laughter, great friends at bay and eyes for gorgeous SummerBoys.

Speaking of sloppy drunk, the week before I saw my precious duckies at the Phours Hookah spot, I hung out with my favorite chicas: Mel, Alice, Lidia and Reba...and others.

They weren't sloppy drunk though. I was. It was horrible.
(Don't judge me. I'm going to give you all the not-so-glamorous details of the night.)

Before I left my house, I made a strong concoction of whatever was at the bar of my house, mixed with Apple & Passionfruit juice. The drink was stupendously good...and incredibly strong. It had Pyrat rum, Alcohol 95 (which is overproof, meaning it's over the alcohol proofing system, in other words it's like drinking rubbing alcohol), and some other poisonous additions.
So when I got to Mel's sister's apartment, I began to guzzle my drink. I'm a titanium tank though. It takes a lot for me to get sick. Anywho, I finished my drink before we left but I was absolutely fine. Then I took a shot of Captain Morgan (aow) then I made a drink with Smirnoff and orange juice. Duckies, I was still fine.

We took the train down to my hot spot (not giving away any bar names) and I had a Cornona Extra and I ordered a picture of Coors Light. I only drank 1.5 cups of Coors Light. Not to mention, Lidia and I had a very special heart-to-heart. (I almost cried at the bar lol.) Shortly after that, I smoked some natural leaves outside and decided I needed a Red Bull to pick me up.
I bought a huge Red Bull. (This is when things started getting heavy.)

Reba, Alice and I were talking outside drinking our Red Bulls and all the alcohol just hit me in the face...and a little but poured out of my mouth.

Reba or Alice didn't see me throw-up a little bit (this is going to be news to them lol) because they were engaged in conversing about--the topic leaves me--and I was pretty sneaky with my delivery lol.

Afterwards, we split up in two cabs (because there were a total of 9 of us) to head down to see our friend Alyssa on 72nd Street and Broadway, where her going-away celebration was in the city. (By the way, congratulations on your consultant job Alyssa. I hope you have fun at training baby girl!)

I didn't make it to her party though.
Once we got in the cab it didn't take long for me to throw up some more with all the movement and smells. I threw up at least six times out of the cab window (some of it trickled down the inside of the car door). It got to the point where I didn't have anything else to throw up, so it looked like I was having a seizure. I left my precious duckies on 72nd Street, taking the cab we took to get downtown, to go home. It wasn't fun at all.

Looking back at it now, it was hilarious. I should have known my limit but I kept pushing. (My motto is: Go hard or go home. I'm not going home.) I've never been that fcuked up in my life. Hence, my laid-back attitude, in regards to drinking on my birthday.

In regards to attitude, I honestly cannot stand my mother right now. I love this woman but she is unbearable at the present time. She is incredibly sassy (without reason) and it's gotten to the point where I have to physically and mentally restrain myself because she can be so nasty at times. When I bring it to her attention she blames it on her "time of the month" but it seems like the "time of the month" mood swings are becoming "times of every day."

She and my stepdad have been making these little jokes about cutting my cell phone off when I turn 21 and tell me I need to get a paying job.

Mind you, after I landed my internship with HarperCollins my mother said "Don't worry about getting a job. You have an internship to handle."

She is so backwards.
Let me give you an example of the sass I get from her nowadays.

Last night, I left a steak out to thaw in the kitchen so I could cook it before TRUE BLOOD came on. It was evident that I was going to make a steak because she saw me take it out of the freezer. Anywho, right when I turn on the George Forman grill, here she comes, into the kitchen with as towel, saying "I was about to wash my hair." If I hadn't gone into the kitchen, I'm sure she wouldn't have step foot into it. This got me so upset.
The conversation went along these lines:

Me: (controlling my anger, talking through gritted teeth) You always do this.
Mom: (sassy face) I can do whatever I want.
Me: (sassing her right back) Well, that's good for you.
Mom: You better stop sassing me.
Me: You sassed me first, so why can't I retaliate? (walking away, into my room.)

She recently turned 40 and Graham is on her team saying "maybe she's going through menopause." I just think she's being a little too sassy.

In regards to her telling me to get a paying job, sorry that I'm a great student and I landed a unique internship with HarperCollins Publishers. Sorry that I'm the only intern--out of the hundreds--that has his own office. Sorry that I'm gonna make more money that you in the future. Sorry that I'm gonna quarantine you in a nursing home when I become famous (well, more famous).
I'm sorry duckies. I needed to let that out. I was holding that in for the longest. It just doesn't seem fair to me because I'm a good kid. I don't deserved to be sassed by my Mom for no apparent reason. In most cases, it's not constructive or joking criticism; it's deconstructive and sassy.

Okay, it's definitely time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"When confronted with relentless negativity, do not feed into it. Try your best to compose yourself. Feeding into the negativity only worsens the situation. If possible, take a step back to evaluate the situation and try to come to a compromise. If this doesn't work just walk away and continue to be positively fabulous."

I should take heed to the words I just said so I will confront my mother about our prior interactions. I don't know how I'll do it...maybe I'll write her a letter when I'm back at school. Hmmm.

Oh geez! We are way overdue for a "Word of the Week."
The new word of the week is...
Stray: one confused of one's sexuality; one claiming to be "straight" but indulges in homosexual activity.
Person 1: "Gabriel, I don't know about Jeffrey. He seems a bit weird and uncomfortable when he's around gay and feminine men."
Person 2: "I know, right? He's probably stray. I get that vibe from him.

Okay duckies, it's time for me to go do some actual work today. I'm sitting at my supervisor's desk this week, on the 11th floor, in the Corporate Communications Department.
I update Twitter like crazy. Follow me!
Like Rockstar (follow him on Twitter too!) I think Twitter is slowly killing my blog. But I shall rise duckies!

(Look at this hot picture of me and Nivea. We had a glamorous photoshoot on Elle Fox's courtyard. Click here to see it all!)

Oh watch this video: it's about Derek from The Real World Cancun and another roomate. Hilarious!

I wish you the best of happiness duckies. I love you. Stay true, tuned, and glamorous!

Live, love, & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Gaga

Duckies, I've just realized that I don't like office jobs. You sit there all day and you follow orders from...Baklahdah. The powers that be above you make you subordinate to life's precious gems. I feel like this kid right here.

I just don't give a damn right now. I've been slaving for my "elders" to follow the path of the way to careers. I don't want that path. I want to be invigorated, stimulated, challenged by life, on my own path, everyday. I don't want to be cushioned through boredom. (I love it half-heartedly.)
It's time for emancipation. Time to let us feel struggle and love and solitude of our own hearts.
Break free duckies!

By the way check out this Lady GaGa song "Vanity." Click here to listen to it via YouTube. It's a doll. The rhythmic feel, lyrics and life-rewarding seconds really open your eyes to life.

Stay Glamorous Kids,
Gabriel Anderson

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday

Hey sexy! I hope you duckies had enough fun this weekend to carry you through the week because today is Monday!
Who am I kidding?! I'm so tired. But you know what duckies?! I'm pushing through and keeping busy.
This weekend was pretty chill for my tastes though. On Thursday evening...I stayed home.
Graham called me and invited me down to the Village to hang out with him and Roger. (Mind you he called me around 10:45pm. I was in my pajamas and I was half-awake when I answered his phone call. Plus, it would have taken me an hour to reach them, that's if the trains' weren't being a$$holes lol.)
I declined the offer...and I'm glad I did because all I remember is waking up hours later, with my BlackBerry under my cheek lol.
The thing is duckies, when you become A-List and busy, you're more exhausted than you think. You're always busy and doing something and when you get a chance to rest...your body is like "Yes!!! Time to rest. Initiate system shut-down!"

On the following evening, Friday, Elle Fox paid me a visit and we chatted it up a bit. Then we decided to go to the park near my house to get our childhood fix: we swung on the swings!

We had a blast.
Immediately afterward we hopped in a cab and went to Graham's apartment. He was doing homework so we had to stop him from doing such blasphemous things on a Friday night.
The three of us laughed, drank, watched crap TV and ravished the beautiful creature we call the night.

Being the hard-working man that he is, Graham fell asleep around 2AM...but Elle and I were wide-awake. I wanted to go on an I needed to go on an adventure, ergo, I suggested we go to the 24hr Starbucks down in Union Square. Elle was a bit reluctant at first but she agreed when she saw the desire in my eyes.
We took the 2 train downtown and when we got on the was completely empty. Elle and I didn't think it was creepy. We saw it as a time to express our creative selves through dance!
At first it started off with swaying and lip-syncing lyrics.

Then we started dancing hardcore.

Then it escalated into hanging upside-down from poles, pole-dancing, running back and forth on our "contained metal stage," jumping from seat to seat and pulling out the big moves: the elite freestyle choreography.

We were jamming lol.
Our 2am train dance had to be one of the most invigorating experiences of my life!

When our stop came along we trucked it over to discover it was no longer a 24hr Starbucks! They changed their hours and it so happened that they closed at midnight on Fridays now.

Elle was pissed! (And so was I.)
We ended up picking up two medium Iced Mocha McCafes from McDonald's. They were pretty good but it didn't compare to the dark roast of Starbucks. (I want a grande Caramel Macchiato so bad right now. YUM!)

Duckies, I'd like to take a moment to thank Elle Fox. I felt in my bones: she didn't want to go to Starbucks at 2am because she was tired. But when you're a true friend, you don't complain. Elle, I want to thank you for being such a doll for joining me on our coffee adventure. I had a blast jamming with you on the train and I love everything about you. You're always there for me and I appreciate you. Call me and I'm there...but you know this already chica lol. I love you Elle!

Anywho, the following day, Saturday, guess what I did? I slept the day away again lol.

I was tired from that late night coffee-adventure-run. But I did happen to watch "Max Payne: The Movie."

The game was awesome and the movie is just as amazing. The concept is crazy and it makes you think about friends, who to trust and the nefarious deeds "good" companies do under the radar.
Go check it out!

In other news, I stumbled upon a new SummerBoy on Saturday night!

We'll call him Richard.
Richard is a very attractive 21 year-old from the Bronx. I'm just starting to get to know him and I must say...I am very impressed: his parents raised him well.
He has an impeccable body, a quick mind and he has goals. Duckies, I don't even think he should be called a SummerBoy because that comes with bad connotations and implies that he's only worth a season of my time.
Richard is a SunKing, one who reigns supreme in Summer and shines just as as fiercely during other seasons.
The weird thing is Richard is also a summer Leo, he wants a bulldog, we have the same exact Dell laptop, we love "True Blood" and we're both hot lol.
If time reveals a platonic relationship between us, I wouldn't mind. He seems too genuine a person to let go just because we didn't build a "boyfriend" relationship.

Anywho, on Sunday evening...I invited Jamal over.
Now duckies, I thought it would just be a "1-2-3-fcuk-me" but it wasn't.

Until yesterday I forgot how I felt when I was with Jamal.
Not only did I not care about him standing me up a couple weeks back--because he was so close and so warm against me--I was willing to start-over with him. (This could have been the result of the amazing sex we had once he came into the house lol).
It was nice to nestle into his supple, smooth body for an evening...but I have to remember that Jamal is an ex for a reason. He's crazy when he's not around me but when he is, he's as harmless as a 100% cotton teddy bear.
As much as the idiotic part of my brain wants to hold onto our expired relationship, I have to remember that Jamal is full of sassbreakers.

The new word of the week is:

Sassbreaker-1) Acts of sass that push your buttons so far that you're simply "over it."
2) Sassy and tired excuses.
3) Dealbreakers

"I can't believe Jamal invited me to his apartment and didn't bother to let me in. I'm tired of his sassbreakers."

Okay duckies. Enough of my life. Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"The common cause for mistakes is misinformation. Mistakes are bound to happen but if a simple question could have prevented a mistake from happening, then maybe you should inquire about life a little more. Never be afraid to learn duckies. Questions help you grow."

I wrote a poem about my Union Square experience with Elle Fox on Saturday. I won't share it with you today because I have to get back to work. (I'll give it to you duckies tomorrow.)
Before you go, make sure to check out Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" and "Broken-Hearted Girl" music videos.
She's brilliant...and so are you!

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned. Happy Monday!

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost & Found

Hello duckies! Boy, do I have some news to share with you. I hope all is well because life isn't worth sweating petty things.
Anywho, I'm not the greatest today. I woke up and I swear someone hit me in the throat with a hammer while I was sleeping last night.
This could be in large part to the festivities that occurred last night...or the fact that my diet is kicking my a$$. I'm on the New York birthday diet. What I do basically is eat a substantial-sized meal in the afternoon--around 1pm--and if I'm hungry later I'll eat fruit or something low calorie.
Gabriella calls it the Starvae diet...aka starving myself. But I'm not starving myself if I'm eating when I'm most hungry right?
More importantly, I was so drained from work last night that I fell asleep asking Graham for the address to our friend Kelly's going-away party. I almost didn't go but I was so exhausted...but I'm glad I did!
Kelly, Natalie, Carrie, Dani, Graham and I hit up this spot, Ultra Lounge, last night.
At first the bouncer wasn't going to let Graham and I in because we were wearing "sneakers," (that's if you call silver shoes with rubber soles well over $90, sneakers). But thank Gaga our sexy lady Natalie loosened his mind. He let us in...and we only paid half the cover charge!
The lounge was hot: A-List decor, nice crowd, great music, superb drinks and people-friends galore.
But duckies, remember how I'm taking the Gaga Pledge? Well, I think the news got out.
I was dancing with the crew--drink in hand--and this one girl, who's sitting down, pulls my arm to lower me to her level.
(Conversation, verbatim)
Girl: "Hey," pulling my arm, "what's your name?"
Me: "My name is Antoine," lowering my face to hers. "What's yours?"
Girl: "My friend and I like the way you dress."
Me: "Awww, thank you baby girl. You look nice too."
I pick up my glass and continue dancing. A few minutes later, I feel another tug on my arm again.
Girl: "Where did you get those titties?"
Me: "Jesus."
We both laugh.
Girl: "Let me get some," touching my chest, trying to massage the nipple as I back away laughing.

Duckies, I understand I am attractive and all (thank you Mom, Dad and Jesus) but unless I give you permission (or if I think you're on my level or higher) please refrain from groping any of my exhibits. I am a natural museum, the more you touch, the more worn I become. Grope with consideration, please.

I had fun nonetheless, even after being molested by a stranger. We danced--even did a Soul Train line--drank and savored the ambiance.
After jamming at Ultra Lounge Dani thought it would be nice to head down to another lounge called APT, in the meat packing district. She hoped in the car with her beau and zoomed away...while we waited for a cab. But her beau dropped us a $20: he's okay in my book lol.
Our cab driver was nice and he let out us a block away from the lounge. Unfortunately, he pointed in the opposite direction of the lounge and we followed his directions, whole-hearted. We were soon lost in the meat packing district.
During our lost travels, we discovered we all were hungry. Trying to find APT we stumbled onto a pizza truck. Yes, I said a truck that sells pizza.
But duckies...the pizza was divine. I devoured my slice before we crossed the second block from the pizza truck.
(There's a number on the truck to call. You better order now duckies. It was truly divine.)
Anywho, when we got to APT people outside kept saying "it really looks like someone's apartment."
LOL, we were in the meat packing district so I'm sure it wouldn't have looked like the picture above.
Security was tight so I couldn't get in. Dani stayed a little while after with her beau And because the crew was only down for group things, we decided to hop in a cab and go home.
I appreciate Kelly, Graham, Carrie and Natalie. They really wanted to go inside of the lounge but since I was unable to, they didn't have a problem leaving. Those are true people-friends. Let's give them a round of applause duckies.
Okay, enough of my life. Let's get to some Words of Wisdom.
"You cannot serve two opposing parties and expect to be treated as a pure-bred equal: it is unfair and hypocritical. You're either on one team or the other. If you choose to play for both teams, you'll grow tired and eventually run yourself to the end. Just make sure the team you're on is what you truly want and believe in."
Okay duckies, my editor's assistant is out until the 20th so I have to work, work, work!
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.
Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson
PS. Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams' video is finally out! Watch it here!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Selfless Star

Hello duckies!
How are you? I hope all is well because life is meant to be beautiful. I am so restless at work. I don't even feel like blogging right now. But you know what duckies?! I have to. I have to run from my inner-demons...

and make this day a productive one.
Remember how I spoke about my Mom and I butting heads recently? I've realized that I was too rash with my judgment. My mother is being indirectly sassy--I may have said this before--because she doesn't know what to do what herself after Gabriella and I leave the house. She came up to me one day and asked "What am I gonna do when you guys leave?" She laughed after saying this but her eyes weren't joking: they had a weight so heavy that if she wanted to cry she wouldn't have had the strength to do so. It's hard to let go of something (more importantly, someone) if they are vital parts of your life. When is a mother's job over? When is the official time to let go of your precious duckies? I don't think she'll ever know...and that's not a bad thing, for Gabriella and I at least. I love you Mommy. I'll always be your little duckie.

Last night my Mom pulled out some ancient photo albums. They were of Gabriella and I when we were babies. I must admit, I was adorable. I'm not saying that because I was that baby years ago. I'm saying it because it's the truth lol.

Love this picture of Gabriella and I. I think she was a few months in this pic.

Look how adorable sassy I was at my birthday party. LOL, I don't know what's going on in this picture but I think I'm sassing someone...maybe the lady with her bare hand on my cake.

Speaking of parties, Graham invited me to come with him to a 90's party this upcoming weekend. Duckies...all I remember about the 90's is the Power Rangers.

I just did some research and the 90's look was so...cluttered and busy: clashing prints were okay, baggy jeans were in, polyester was on the prowl.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited for this party, although I have no idea what to wear as of yet. Graham suggested I hit up Salvation Army. Sounds like a good idea but I want my outfit to be crazy chic, not hand-me-down chic.
Maybe something along the lines of this outfit.

I guess I'll have to look at childhood photos and try to mimic the look as best I can.

In other news, Graham posted a link on my FaceBook wall of this artist named Jonte. I've known about Jonte for years now and I'm glad he made a music video for his song "Bitch You Betta." Jonte is a flamboyant performer and his outfits and choreography are insanely urban couture.
I've seen him perform live at Webster Hall during Pride Weekend, some years back and I'll never forget his performance. He's a phenomenal entertainer and I wish I could be as bold as he is talented. He is very flashy and I love it! (I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this five-star diva pretty soon.)

Click here to watch his music video "Bitch You Betta."


I spoke to Nick last night again and the conversation was the polar opposite of the night before last. We actually conversed without me having to drag life from his end of the phone. Our relationship is so weird though. I hate him and I love him, equally.
And as much as I hate him, I love his company and honestly...I can't picture life without him in it. I've tried pushing him away but that doesn't seem to work. He wants me to come to see his apartment in New Haven a.k.a. an excuse for us to be alone, unsupervised and at the mercy of our own control. (I'm totally cool with that lol) I told him I don't wanna go over there but I really want to. He is the only person that has this effect on me. With other boys, I can easily dismiss them and not care if we ever see each other again. With Nick, I am a ball of giggly, frustrated uselessness. I hove him so much lol. Maybe one day he's get over his sexuality issues and maybe one day I'll make up my mind on whether or not I wanna be with him for the rest of my life.

On the topic of Nick, the other night he asked me why do I want to be a celebrity so much? I told him I don't want to be because I already am.

I love life and though I love the glamorous life I don't want my privacy invaded non-stop. Yes, I bare my soul for you duckies on here but I need a break too sometimes: hence me being negligent with posts at times. I can feel fame surging through my body. I love attention and I wouldn't mind the paparazzi. I'd mind the rumors though. Rumors are only fun if you start them.
I'd only want to be a celebrity--scratch that, celebrities are only famous for a period of time--I'd only want to be a star if it were for good things. I wanna be known for helping people, having a lavish lifestyle and inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest. I wouldn't mind being a famous writer too but I would love being in the limelight for being selfless too.

Okay, enough rambling, time for some Words of Wisdom.

"Once you give something attention, it becomes a living thing. Depending on how much attention you give it, it may have an effect on your life. However, since you created this attention it is up to you--no one else--to deal with it. Be cautious as to what you devote yourself to."

Okay duckies, it's time for me to get some lunch and get some more work done.
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SummerBoy Diving

OMG, duckies this weekend was fabulous. I hope you all had an amazing fourth of July weekend because I had enough fun for you all lol. I don't know what it is about fourth of July that makes us all feel so liberated and compelled to throw glamorous gunpowder into the air, drink like a sailor and dance--sometimes in our own rooms, alone--like we're being monitored. It's like a test of patriotism that we all know we're going to ace.
As you know my weekends start on Thursday.
This past Thursday I finally got a haircut--thank God--and afterwards I headed downtown to meet Graham, Eddie, Lisa and some of Eddie's friends from home. It was good to see Graham, Eddie and Lisa because they remind me of school and the beautiful people I love so much, including their spectacular selves.
We walked around: from Union Square to Penn Station to Port Authority. We were being very green lol.
Anywho, during our pedestrian travels Lisa, Graham and I decided to start a musical. (It hasn't been titled yet; we're still working on it.)

It's about three college kids and their adventures in New York City. So far we've gotten the finale down: a drunk cab-driver kills the three friends while they hold hands and shopping bags fly into the air, while the lights fade-out. LOL, so dramatic. You know you love it.
Unfortunately, Eddie and Lisa had to truck it back to New Jersey so they departed before the fun-fun stuff. Graham and I went back to his summer apartment on the UWS (upper west side) of New York. We watched TV, caught up on old times and enjoyed each other's company. It was very relaxing.

The following day--Friday--Gabriella, Mommy, Ronald, a few of Gabriella's friends, Ingrid and myself went to Camel Beach in the Poconos Mountains.

We were there for hours: tubing, swimming in the wave pools, getting tans, water-sliding, exploring King Tut's water kingdom (the picture above), water-racing, driving bumper boats and laughing at each other and ourselves.

It was a blast.
After Camel Beach we went back home to have a Sushi Sunshine Party in the backyard. It was delicious. We had Spidercrab rolls, California rolls, Dragon rolls, Shrimp Tempura, Eel Rolls and others.

Several hours later I received a call from Graham telling me there was a party going on above his apartment. At first I didn't want to go because I was exhausted from the water park...but I eventually gave in.
I'm glad I did.

The house party was being thrown by an NYU grad was her birthday party! She had scrumptious food and drinks. The crowd was a grad school and a more established crowd that I was accustomed to...but I am more than capable of getting to know people, regardless of how we stand. I had a genuine blast at the party. I came in only knowing Graham and I left with several names and FaceBook friend requests.
(I didn't get home until 5am.)

The next morning (at approximately 7:15am) I was shaken awake by my mother, telling me to get ready for the sharks. Luckily I had my swimsuit outfit ready on my beige leather chair in my room and all I had to do was throw it on.
I went shark diving with Gabriella at this aquarium in River Head Long Island, New York. I think it was called "Atlantis."
Anywho, the aquarium was huge. They had sting ray exhibits--you could touch them because they clipped their stingers, sea lion shows, shark exhibit/diving world and tons more.
Our appointment to dive with the sharks was at 1pm.

Duckies, when I say life-changing, I mean life-changing.
Being in the water with such powerfully graceful creatures is riveting. I was simply in awe. The beauty and stealth of sharks and marine life in general is simply astounding. It was kind of eerie, I must admit. Being on land is completely different than being underwater. On land we're accustomed to sound and vibrations to determine how close or how far danger or intruders are from us. Underwater, a shark can swim right behind you and you wouldn't know it unless you see it. The only sound you hear underwater is the sound of your heart and your regulator. Other than that, you're left to connect with the beings that surround you. I wanna become a certified diver now.
Back to the tank, our regulator masks had mics so Gabriella and I had to watch our language because the instructor and the people surrounding the shark exhibit could hear everything we said. I was a good boy. LOL
But later on that night I wasn't.

On Saturday night, fourth of July, I let myself go. I wanted to break free of myself and run around the world with Independence on my sleeve. I called Graham, asking if he was doing anything and he invited me to this restaurant where the girls that lived above him were dining and celebrating the night. We met up with them at this Chinese/Spanish cuisine restaurant and we let the drinks flow.

We let the drinks flow so much that I did "Single Ladies" once again...but on the sidewalk. On West 95th Street and Broadway to be exact.

The night ended with love.

Speaking of ending, over the weekend I thought it would be a great idea to graduate school early. But I would have to sacrifice my minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing in order to do it. I completed my English major requirements but the only thing holding me back is my minor. However, after thinking about it I realized that employers don't really care how long it takes you to get your degree. If you have one you're golden...but if you graduate a semester early and you don't have anything're f%^ed.
I spoke to Mommy about it this weekend and it seemed all she really cared about was the money she would save if I graduated early. It's sad that we've come to the point in our relationship where she's ready to kick me out. But you know what duckies? When I become famous...guess who's going in a nursing home?!

I still love her but she needs tounderstand that being a great college student isn't easy and it takes a lot of endurance. Just let me enjoy my last year woman!
Plus, I'd miss my friends too much and I wouldn't know what to do with myself because I would be a recent UNEMPLOYED college grad. So until then I'm...

The new WORD OF THE WEEK is:
DASHING: The act of being an older age and effortlessly having others believe you are younger than what you are; the act of being mature yet youthful.
EX. Stacey Dash (lol)

Ex. (Boy) "I had no idea you were 37. All this time I thought you were in your early twenties. You're dashing."

Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"It is morally unethical to judge another for something they cannot control. People develop at different speeds and judging one because of this is awfully rash and premature. Don't be afraid to disagree with others but make sure you see it from their eyes and take your reasoning, into account, with a grain of salt."


Due to popular demand from duckies and people-friends I called Nick last night, apologizing about my writing him off because he isn't completely sure of his sexuality. We spoke for a bit and I must say...I was disappointed with the conversation. I was so excited about life and he seemed slightly passive on the phone. He didn't say anything exciting but he did say he's my biggest fan.
(We'll see how this round will play out.)

Okay duckies, I gotta get back to work. I couldn't come in yesterday so today is just ridiculous.

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson