Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Running on Empty

Good afternoon duckies!
I hope all is well because life is meant to be experienced through the lens of optimism and wellness. For the past two nights I haven't been getting much sleep. (Remember the thing I said about how the sleep you got last night will energize you tomorrow?)
Well since I didn't go to bed until 2am on Monday night--I don't blame Beyonce entirely--

--I blame Transformers 2 too! (I didn't go to bed until 3:30 last night!!!)

If you duckies follow me on Twitter, you already know I went to see Transformers 2 at midnight. It was astronomical! It's by far better than the first. The first movie had a lot of dry parts and dialogue, whereas Transformers 2 was all about "in-your-face" action, laugh-out-loud humor, an amazing plot and authentic dialogue. I went with my Mom, Gabriella and Gabriella's friend Rachel.
Job well done Michael Bay!

In other news, I discovered that Gabriella is a genius...

and I'm an incomplete idiot lol.
Five months ago, I purchased a new battery for my laptop. A few months after I bought it I thought it died it because whenever I unplugged my laptop it would immediately shut-off. So being the smart guy I am I figured my battery died out again. I was so mad because I couldn't use my laptop anywhere that didn't have outlets laying around. It was basically on life support: a vegetable to be exact.

Last night Gabriella and I were in the living room, on our laptops. I told her I hated my computer because it was on life support and I couldn't deal with the unbearable heat on my lap. She didn't believe me until I unplugged my laptop and it immediately shut-off. I told her I needed a new battery and I took out the battery and to my amazement everything but the battery was so hot. When I picked it up I said, "I think my battery really is dead. It can't even heat-up anymore."
Gabriella gave it a focused gaze and said "Put the battery back in." I laughed at her and I told her it wasn't going to work. I unplugged the laptop adapter and placed the battery back inside the laptop....and when I pressed the power button it came on!!!
My jaw instantly dropped and Gabriella began laughing her ass off! For months I thought my laptop was a piece of shit...but I was just too dumb to realize I didn't put my battery in correctly.

Duckies, I am so tired. I can't wait for 5:30pm to come around so I can touch my pillow inappropriately.

But until then, here are some "Words of Wisdom."

"When things start to progress, difficulty usually comes into the mix. Sometimes tasks seem unbearable and sometimes you might wanna give up. But remember, if life were easy life would be incredibly boring and what's the point in working hard if everyone is the same? Plus, if you're not tested on your ability to adapt and persevere you'd never know your truth worth and level of endurance. Smile, especially when things get rough. Go out there duckies and show them your worth!"

Okay, I'm definitely falling asleep at work. It's time to get some more coffee. I'm gonna make this day beautiful regardless of my energy.
OH! I just made a quiz of FaceBook. Go and take it duckies!

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga
Gabriel Anderson