Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Off to A Great Start

Hello pretties. I thought it would take awhile for me to get back into the flow of blogging but I love talking about myself lol. More importantly, I like sharing my life with you beautiful creatures. Speaking of appreciating beauty I find myself becoming more and more emotional, as days go by.

I find myself crying at the end of every movie, even when the endings are completely predictable. The first time I remember crying at the end of a movie was "Dinosaurs." The next time I remember really crying was when I saw "Rent," but that's a given. But what's bad is one of my favorite movies "V for Vendetta," made me cry three times when I first saw it in theaters. Three frikkin times, I started crying; not like tearing-up but hysterical "I have a headache" type of crying. I've recently seen the movie "Seven Pounds" and I cried during the last thirty minutes of the movie...and it took me an extra twenty minutes to stop crying after the movie. My emotions tire me. But what doesn't tire me are Will Smith movies; more specifically the movie "Hancock."

This movie is a phenomenal depiction of the modern-day superhero. I find it weird that every superhero that we know (Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Batman, Flash, etc.) automatically grasps the concept of accepting their fate as a superhero. "Hancock" shows the true story and struggle of a superhero that wishes to be human; a human without the responsibility of being the hero for every ill deed. Later on in the movie (of course) Hancock realizes that his job is to be the hero everyone needs. I wish I had a superhero to call.

On other topics, I just watched "This Christmas"

for the first time and I really enjoyed it. (Yes, I teared-up a little bit at the end. Movies just get to me.) What really made me like "This Christmas" was it was a stupendous showcase of A-A's (African-Americans). The usual stereotypes (drug dealing, overuse of slang, uneducated, broken families, fried chicken, etc.) weren't present; I'm glad the writers and director didn't indulge into the "dark side" of cinema, in this film. In addition, the dialogue was witty (at times) with its wordplay and innuendos. I love good dialogue.

In regards to good dialogue I've recently started (as in Dec. 31st) talking to this guy Christoph, who is super hot and is very intelligent. He wanted me to come over on the early morning of New Year's but I decided we should be good boys. (Did I really just type that in this blog? Wooooohuh!) I think he might be a good start for me in 2009. He seems responsible and funny...two things I look for in an interest.

Anyway, I didn't get to talk about my New Year's Resolution in my last post. My New Year's Resolution is to start this new diet. It's called "I'll-kill-myself-if-I-look-fat-in-my-21st-birthday-pictures" diet.

For the next eight months (starting tomorrow or course lol because I want some junk food) I'm going to bodysculpt and cut down on my portions. I'm going to be 345,565,564,321,678,787 times sexier than I am now. Aow! I can't wait for my 21st birthday...just how I can't wait to give you the quote for today, Jan 2nd:
"Family is our true support system. Without them as an emotional cushion, we can't survive in the world. Cherish your family and tell them you love them today. If it so happens that your family isn't the emotional cushion you need...start your own family; this is your life by the way."
With that being said, it's time for me to head to bed. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true pretties.
Peace, love and Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

You Think You Know People

Hello pretties. I have a lot of things to talk about. I apologize for postponing my posts until Jan 5th! Happy New Year! 2009 is here. Wooohuh! Anywho these are the topics I'll be dishing on:

  • New Year's Eve and Papa John's
  • Aaron and the rest of my New York friends
  • Nick
  • New Year's Resolution

New Year's Eve and Papa John's

I didn't have anything planned for New Year's Eve so I thought I should throw a party. And when I through parties, everyone goes home extremely satisfied.
I officially planned this party this past Sunday, December 28th, 2008. I sent out text message invites to my selected circle of friends. Unfortunately, some of my friends like to respectfully decline invites the day of the party. Before we get into the negative things of the night let's get into what I had planned for the guests.

I made appetizers: shrimp cocktail and pretzel crackers with extra sharp cheddar cheese. I made an enormous bowl of San Gria (which came out waaaay better than I expected) and I planned on ordering pizza for the night. However, I ordered the pizza online at

and the order seemed fine. Almost an hour later I get an email on my BlackBerry telling me that my order had been cancelled. But get this...they still charged me and told me that they weren't going to notify my bank. I'm gonna call Sassy/Robber John's about my order tomorrow or I'm going to sue them. Besides that I connected my PS3 to the living room television and altered the audio input so everyone could hear music, instead of the game. In addition to this, I even moved furniture around and decorated the entire house. But my New York friends are dicks. I must apologize though to Corey and Anthony. Anthony was actually the only person that showed up and partied with me. (Love you Anthony.) Corey informed me that she couldn't party with me the day before the party (which is acceptable). Thank you for being my true friends. However, my friend Aaron is an incomplete asshole.

Aaron and the rest of my New York friends
When I first went off to college and came back to hang out with my friends, I realized that my best friend Aaron had "moved on" to a new best friend: Reggie. It sucks to find out your best friend doesn't love you as much as you love them, just because you went off to better yourself at college.

What baffles me though is what he did tonight. He decided to hang out with Reggie today because tonight was Reggie's last night in NY for a couple weeks. Wait a I confused or am I not away (in CT) at school for most of the year? I mean I was throwing a party (where everything and more is free) and Reggie just wanted to go to a club (where everything isn't free and is totally overpriced on New Year's Eve). But the thing is they didn't even go to a club. My "friends" (Aaron, Reggie and Jennifer) all split up to go home to their families around 10:30pm...and didn't call me. It's really f%^ked up! I hate them. I really hate them. I know "hate" is such a selfish and powerful word but I hate them. They are cut off. I cannot have dead weight friends on my mind when I become famous. They are going to regret doing this to me tonight. (Woooooooohuh, had to get that off my chest.) I still love Corey, Anthony and all my college friends lol.

Unfortunately (as predicted) Nick and I are no longer together. This time I think its best we don't become a couple again. We're perfect for each other (only in the bedroom). Out of the bedroom we're always fighting and (I'm sorry that I'm shallow)

he's soooooooo short. I'm 5' 9.5" and he's like 5' 5". However, height was towered by "love." If we didn't have to leave the bedroom we'd be soulmates. But the world isn't a mattress.

But the good thing is this gives me a chance to acknowledge the past and embrace the future. It sucks that I'm entering 2009 without a boyfriend and without my best friend but guess what? This is my life and I can alter it anyway I please. I love my life and nothing's going to stop me from doing so. With that being said let's get to the quote of the day for Jan 1st, 2009:

"If it seems you've lost everything, don't fret. A fresh start can dramatically change your life. It's up to you, how this change will affect your life. Don't be afraid of your life; it's yours to create and influence. Start anew with a positive attitude and beautiful things will come."

I can't believe it's 2009 already. In one year I'll be out of college. AAAAHHHHHH. Oh! I got my BlackBerry Storm by the way. I named it Blackbird, Blackbird Storm. Here's a pic I took within an hour of getting Blackbird.

Look at the clarity of Blackbird's camera. LOL. Like I said, beautiful things come if you venture into new territory with a positive attitude. I love you all and I wish you the best of happiness in 2009...and decades to come. Stay true pretties.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson