Sunday, June 23, 2013

First World Semi-Adult Problems

Howdy sexy boys...
and girls!
Summer is finally here!!!

I know I'm always apologizing about not keeping you all informed, on a daily/weekly basis...but I really am.  On my days off I rarely have time for myself because my body is trying to recover from the grueling everyday duties of work.  This past week I worked six straight days in a row!!!
Speaking of dead, "The Purge" was an awesome film.
There was action, suspense, intense violence, a little gore, and some humor as well.  As I mentioned in my last post I saw it on a date with this guy, that I've now been talking to for a little over a month.  The date went by swimmingly.  I met him walking away from the movie theater...because I was close to an hour late.  (I fell asleep; plus I had to poop and iron my clothes.)
Luckily, I walked right into him.  He wasn't mad, thank God.  
Anywho, since it would have been pointless to buy tickets to the showing of "The Purge" that we agreed upon, because we would have scored some pretty shitty seats, I decided that we should eat at Cafetasia first then go to the movies.  So we bought our tickets for the next showing and had a decent meal at Cafetasia.  Our waitress was incredibly salty and deserved the bare minimum of a tip.  She would look at us, knowing we were trying to get her attention, and would ignore us.  There was even a point where I was about to say something to her and she turned her back to us and helped the adjacent table.
Warren, that's the guy's name, didn't really like the food there...and I was mainly there for their amazing happy hour specials.  I prefer to watch new movies while high or tipsy or a combination of both.  It really enhances the movie-going experience.  
In other news, last night my family and I went to West Orange, New Jersey to see "Man of Steel" at AMC's Dine-In Theater: Fork & Screen.
We love the AMC Dine-In Theater because you can actually drink alcoholic beverages and eat awesome food, that's served to you during the movie, by the press of a button.  We usually go to Cinema Suites, but you have to be twenty-one to go in there and since my younger sister isn't twenty-one so we made due.
But the awesome thing about last night was we got free "This Is The End" glasses and coasters because I spotted them and asked if we could keep them.  The manager noticed how excited I was about it and gave us all free glasses...I mean we did pay for drinks at the bar while we were waiting to be let in the theater, but still...  

"Man of Steel" was a good film.  I feel as though it ended in a way where another can be made and I'm pretty sure there will be a sequel in the mix. There were some hints.  The movie featured a cohesive plot, cool flashback/backstory sequences, and some great action scenes.

But sometimes my family goes to the movies without me, which makes me resort to going by myself.  I actually like going to the movies by myself and seeing "This Is The End" by myself was probably one of the best things I've done recently.
"This Is The End" is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.  So many celebrities make cameos in this movie and none of them seem out of place.  The humor in this film starts from the moment the beginning credits finish and doesn't go stale, EVER!!!  It humanizes the celebrities in the film because it's seen from their perspective, living in the Hollywood hills and having to rough it out during the apocalypse.  You will definitely laugh repeatedly WHEN you see this film.  Do yourself a favor and grab a friend (or just your wallet) and go see "This Is The End."

In other news, my bed dwarfs every thing in my life right now LOL.  Every time I come into my room I am compelled to lay on it because it's so fucking comfortable.
To make my bed even more heavenly, I bought two contoured memory foam pillows.  So sleeping on my days off have become quite the habit, especially now that I'm full-time.
Have I mentioned that I love my job? LOL I know I have but...yeah, I love my job.
Oh!  And since I'm on the topic of my job, guess who called me at work when I was helping a customer?  Another fucking student loan company!  This is getting ridiculous.  Of course I caved in when I heard the words "wage garnishment" and I set a monthly payment agreement...
but to have the audacity to call my job is ludicrous and down-right ruthless.  I left a really nasty message on the person's voicemail because when I called them back, during the time she said to do so, she didn't pick up.  Long story short, no one's getting anything garnished.  Thank God I'm making more money (because I have more hours) because now that's two student loans that I have to pay off with my hard-earned money.  Sometimes being a semi-adult sucks.

Now, I'd like to take time to talk about my future.  I can honestly say that if things stay the way they are at my job I'd be willing to stay as long as I can.  I'm still going to be a writer but what's paying the bills right now is Bed Bath & Beyond...and I love my job.  My co-workers are pretty awesome too.  I want to be an actor as well, because being someone else is exciting.  This past weekend I was conversing with my friend Jesse about actors and actresses that deserved their Academy Awards.  Anne Hathaway became the topic of discussion and we both agreed that she did a stellar performance in "Les Miserables."  We pulled up her rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" on YouTube and something magical happened. (Watch it here!)
Once she started singing I entered her character's life.  Fantine, the character she masterfully portrayed, sacrificed her well-being and eventually her life for the safety and fortune of her child.  All of this was expressed in her solo and I almost started crying because I realized that I don't want to be an actor just for its perks of fame and fortune.
I want to become an actor to leave an impression in the hearts of those who see me on a screen.  I want to evoke tears from just a glance; a laugh from just a lift of an eyebrow.  I want to act because I want to be more than an actor.  I want to be a theatrical chameleon that can become any person and live the character's life by giving their story justice with the strength of my craft.
In addition to my career, I'd like to settle down with someone who loves me for me.  So far Warren has proven to me that he isn't like other guys.  He wants to wait to have sex with me, which never happens LOL.  Guys are always ready to jump into bed with me and I'm always willing to do the same.
I'm trying really hard not to fall for this dude quickly because every time that's happened in the past, I've been disappointed.  Plus I'm not trying to introduce him to my family until we're official, and by official I mean dating for like three months and possibly an item.  (I have brought dudes around my family when we just started dating and my step-dad would throw phrases around like "my new son" and "welcome to the family."  WTF?)

This is probably the only place where I can talk about Warren and not feel like a total schoolgirl about it.
He and I are so similar that it's frightening.  We both have admitted that we like to color, I legit mean color as in color in a frikking coloring book.  We watch TV shows together over the phone.  We both love Italian food.  We both think Halle Berry was a poor casting choice as Storm in "X-Men."
(That's supposed to be lightning.)
Plus this dude makes me laugh and he laughs at my corny jokes.  He just might be...let's not even go there.  It's only been a month and eleven days.  (I swear I'm not keeping track LOL).

Anywho, I want two lovely children, at least one of them has to have my DNA.  The other can have my partner's DNA.  I want a dog.  And more importantly I want to be happy with my life.

I have come to a point in my life where I am generally happy with my life.  The only big thing I want to change is my weight and diet.  I've been considering becoming a vegetarian, which is going to be extremely difficult because everyone in my household is a hardcore carnivore.
In time, we shall see...

What's important right now is getting to the "Word of the Week."
Pre-Love (pronounced pree-luhv): the state in which two or more parties are becoming heavily attracted to each other, emotionally; the honeymoon stage of dating; right before you realize you can't see your life without a certain person(s).
Example: Samantha - "Jenny, Bill is such a great guy.  He opens doors for me.  He actually listens instead of waiting for his turn to speak and he smells nice too."
Jenny - "Samantha, as a friend who loves you, I must tell you that you have been infected with the pre-love virus."
I believe it's time to get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"Life is about snapshots.  You never know who you're going to encounter in life and how they will effect you.  Always put your best into everything you do, even when the world isn't doing so.  Be strong.  Be beautiful.  Be you."

Okay my lovely duckies, "True Blood," "Veep," and "Family Tree" are coming on relatively soon and I have to finish my laundry and get my stuff ready for work tomorrow before then.

I love you for reading.

Have a fabulously sassy week.

-Gabriel Anderson