Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another One Bites the Sass

I was watching "Legally Blonde" last night because it motivates me to do homework.  However, it doesn't make me blog any faster lol.  Sorry about it being way late today.  Plus, I'm going home for Winter Break on Sunday (finals start next week) so a lot of work needs to be done before I leave.  I have to complete:
  • a brochure
  • proposal (for that brochure)
  • 2 ten page papers on what I learned during the semester
  • a portfolio for my internship
  • an evaluative essay on my other internship
  • a research paper
  • paperwork for my internship with HarperCollins over Winter Break
Most of the assignments are done...but it's still a lot of work.  Everyone is like "Oh my God, I hate you.  You're going home early."  Dude...I wish I had another week to do all this work; at least you get time to complete your assignments.  (Oh!)  My friend Skyler reminded me to mention what I helped him do the other day.  (He told me I forgot to give him a shout-out too lol.)

Skyler's A Cappella group L'Shir (and I) went around dorm-storming (which is basically visit as many people's dorms and ask for donations) to sell raffle tickets for the prizes their offering at their concert tomorrow.  The prizes are an iPod shuffle, a $50 gift basket (which has an iTunes gift card in it as well) and other spectacular keepsakes.  The concert starts at 9pm and is in the North Cafeteria of Gengras Student Union.  Raffles are still being sold so go get some.  

(I'm blogging at Gengras right now and this lady just asked me about the McCain/Palin sticker on my laptop.  The conversation went something like this...

Lady: Is that a joke or is that for real?
Me: (laughing) It's a joke.
Lady: (losing the sparkle in her eyes) Aww.  I really like Sarah Palin.  I think she's an awesome person.
Me: OMG, me too!  I think she's hilarious.  She always makes me laugh.
Lady:  (a little saddened) She's such a great person.  She was a school teacher's daughter and look at her now.  She's the governor of Alaska.
Me: (trying not to laugh. smiling...speechless)
Lady: (forces a smile and walks away)

I think I just broke her spirit.  Oh well, another one bites the sass.)

Anywho, this weather is being really whack.  It's fall/winter, why is it raining?  Whenever I think of December I think of falling on my a$$ because my clumsy-a$$ slipped on ice.  I don't think about umbrellas and muddy hills.  Mother Nature, I will kick you in the face if you don't stop playing with my seasonal emotions!  Aside from the weather, I was conversing with my Mom (love her to death) and she was telling me how proud she is of me.  She also told me that if I don't get the BlackBerry Storm on Christmas, that I'll definitely be getting it before Spring Semester starts.  I am relieved now because (I said) if I didn't see it under the tree on Christmas I was going to throw the Christmas tree across the living room.  I can't wait...just like you can't wait any longer for the quote for today, Dec 11th:

"People usually dislike others that remind them of what they don't like in themselves.  So if someone is sassing you for no reason, tell them: "I know you want to 'if you seek Amy' but I don't have time for your insecurities."

"If You Seek Amy" is one of Britney Spears' songs on her new album "Circus" and if you say "if you seek Amy" really, really slow or listen to the words in the'll understand the quote of the day lol.  Also, shout out to Rockstar.  We all hope you're feeling better.  The radio show wasn't the same without you but we had a marvelous time in the studio.  (Shout out to DJ Coffee Black for holding it down with me and to DJ RC & DJ Sexual Chocolate for keeping it real on air.)

I can't wait to get my BlackBerry Storm because I'll be so on the ball, like Elle Woods (after Warner sassed her at the party she was tricked into believing was a costume party).  When I get the BlackBerry Storm I'll be..
.Elle Anderson.  

I love my life lol.  Anywho, I wish you all eternal happiness and the greatest luck on your finals.
Stay true pretties.

Peace, love & Obama, 
Gabriel Anderson