Wednesday, December 3, 2008


OMG, I'm so tired.  I know I'm tired because I've been on life support (a.k.a. caffeine pills) all day.  I woke up popped some, took some for my midday-crash and now I'm dying from fatigue.  Oh the post is called "yada-da" because over Thanksgiving Break, when I was at my friend Mitch's house, (where I posted the entry "Thanks for giving blood") we watched these tivo-ed episodes of Jerry Springer.  In this one episode this prostitute would say "yada-da" at the end of her sentences and I would laugh so hard because she would put her all into that peculiar phrase.  She was saying stuff like:
"Sit down bi%ch.  Yada-da! Yada-da!"
"You ain't sh#t hoe.  You will always be number #2. Yada-da!"

I was in tears from laughter.  Also I've recently (like an hour ago, that's how recent) became obsessed with the site, check this one out:

(Isn't that so cool?)

I'm my own family of crazies lol.  We are all a family even though we're different colors of the rainbow.  I am so tired guys.  I've been awake since 9 am and I didn't take a nap today.  Let's get to the quote of the day for Dec 3rd before I pass out on my laptop:

"You cannot fight your emotions and win.  Never give up on what your heart tells you because that's the only part of your conscience that isn't clouded with biases."

With that being said, I wish you all eternal happiness.  Live sass-free!  Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson