Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dye Happy (Sass Update #4)

Beautiful...that's you.  So guys, when I was in New York over Thanksgiving Break I slept most of it away.  It felt so good engrossing myself in slumber; wrapping myself around covers sounded better than a waking life.  Consequently, I never scheduled anything with my barber.  So to make it look like I cared, I dyed my hair.  When seeing my hair people keep asking "did you dye your hair?" and I usually respond:
"No.  I'm biracial and whenever my hair grows past a certain point my roots (pun intended) start to change color.  I call it 'Obama Blonde.'"
I think it's adorable when people notice a change in your life.  My natural hair color is a dark chestnut brown, it's beautiful in the sunlight.  Some people actually believe me when I say I'm naturally 'Obama Blonde.'  It's hilarious.  Dye aside, my life is beautiful.  I love my life.  I can honestly see myself (gradually) becoming famous.
In other events, my radio show last night went really well.  Unfortunately my regular co-DJ Rockstar couldn't make it due to a condition so my friend Larissa a.k.a. DJ NKOTB filled in.  We had such a blast on air last night.  It was fantabulous.  But what's really fantabulous is the sass I got yesterday while waiting in line for a wrap.
I was conversing with my spectacular friends in line, that I haven't seen since we left for Thanksgiving Break, and I happened to be facing sideways, not facing toward the deli counter.  So this ignoramus sneaks in front of me and the first thing that happened was I immediately screamed "DICK" because that was such a dick-move.  He turned around, averting my eyes and I glared at him.  No one else saw this skip but his friends, who he kept looking back at, did.  I don't think he knew that I noticed him skip me but he was making it so obvious that he did.  It was funny that he thought he'd pulled a trick on a trickster.  I let him stay there because God wasn't so kind to his face and I'm sure he hadn't gotten laid in weeks.  Plus the dude smelled like he was majoring in Hobo, with a minor in Janitor.  Sometimes you feel bad for people like that because when you see their face, you see their future.  I say to the ignoramus that skipped me in line yesterday (I doubt reading is a skill of yours) "you're in the doghouse b%t*h."
With that being said let's get to the quote of the day (Dec 4th):

"Never underestimate the power of friendship.  Friends are living reminders that you're a valuable asset to the world.  Make sure to spend time with all your friends because they love you...and guess what?  You deserve it!"

Anywho, it's been fun blogging today.  Oh yeah, sorry about how late this post is today.  Last night was long and I pretty much crashed when I got in my room.  I believe it's better to be late than absent.  On that note, I wish you all eternal happiness.  Stay true.

Peace love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson