Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Cocoa Dust Wars

Morning duckies! Yeah, yeah I was tired last night so I'm posting now. (DON'T SASS ME!) I hope all is well because that's how life should be.
I've been noticing that my favorite color combo, pink & brown, are popping up in more places than usual.

I just love the two colors together because the pink is so precious and innocent and the (chocolate) brown is seductive and smooth. It's like a color orgasm.

Anywho, speaking of sexy on my way to work (like a few minutes ago) there was the cutest little kid sitting next to me. He had very light skin, curly brown hair and gorgeous eyes. He was so beautiful that I wanted to cry because God made a child as beautiful as I am an adult; he was really that beautiful! I want my children to look just like him. My children's names are going to be:

Graham Aiden Gardner


Kaleigh Jade Gardner

....aren't those such precious children?! I can't wait to have them in my life. (But I'm getting a nanny because I don't do clean-up or vomit control. Oh nooooo! Woooohuh!)

Speaking of children, you guys remember that sexy pea coat I bought to be this year's winter coat?
(To refresh your memory, here's a shot!)

Well...this coat is a lint magnet. It's like having a child! I have to lint brush it and check for any abnormalities every morning. (Yes, I said children are like pea coats.) If children are like pea coats...I can wait lol. In regards to my pea coat, I forgot to lint brush it yesterday and I felt like a shaggy dog.

Plus, I felt like everyone was looking at me on the train...like hardcore staring at me.

But I came to the conclusion that people stare at what they want the most. So BAM....I'm just that damn irresistible lol.

Speaking of trains...I saw something disgusting in the back of the 6 train 51st Street train station.
I go to the back of the train because the rush hour crowd is unbearable toward the front. Anyway, I was waiting for the train (jamming to Beyonce of course) and I see something out the corner of my eye. Thinking I saw like a rat or something I look down to see...


HOBO DROPPINGS!!!! EWWWWW! It looked so dry too. So dry that if the owner of these droppings farted on the train, doo-doo dust would contaminate the air. It would look like Cocoa dust. (Could you imagine that? Bums using their doo-doo dust as means of biological warfare?! It would be called "The Cocoa Dust War.")


Enough of that...let's get to the quote of the day, Jan 13th:

"Everything happens for a reason. The good things are awards we truly deserve and the bad things are tools that help us appreciate those well-deserved awards. Appreciate everything."

I'd like to give a shout-out to my little brother/son Dante for calling me the other night. I can't go to bed without speaking to someone on the phone and Dante saved the day. Thanks Dante.

Last night my friend Sean, whom I haven't spoken to in ages, called me last night. We were sassing each other in sport and it was a delight to hear his voice. Love you Sean!

(Random...a mail guy just passed my office blaring Beyonce's "Halo" from his headphones. She's taking over the world and I love it!)

Today is going to be fabulous. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson