Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Show Me The Flurries!

What's going on beautiful?  Today hasn't been the greatest day because God keeps playing with my emotions.  Some whacky meteorologists said we were gonna see flurries today.  I love Winter.  And what's a winter without snow?  It's called Hell!  SHOW ME THE FLURRIES!  But yet they're haven't been any new signs of flurries.  (I'm in a meeting right now for my radio show but I'm hardly paying any attention.  I think I'm going to apply for the Operations Manager position...wish me luck.)  
Again, as posted earlier today Dante sassed me...but after reading my post he tried apologizing.  (I give it a day or two and I'll be over it.)  Today basically sucked.  Nothing happened.  The women's basketball team won again; AOW!  I'm so over today.  Let's get a start on tomorrow with the quote for it, (Nov 19th):

"It's not hard to be happy on somedays but it takes a true champ to be happy everyday.  Don't dwell on the bad things.  Cherish the good times and let them possess you."

I'm sorry that today's blog hasn't been as fruitful as the rest.  Oh!  I just remembered...

there's this old lady trying to swim across the entire Atlantic Ocean:

WTF?  Honestly lady do you really wanna show off that much?  Some of us can't even swim in a 3ft pool, let alone a frigid ocean with sharks!  At first I thought this lady was going to swim with the sharks like "hey!  Rar-Rar! Don't bite me, I'm just showing off."  But she has this underwater-electric-kevlar-cage- protection thing, that I'm sure will malfunction and a weird death will occur on top of the Atlantic Ocean.  The headline will read "Old Lady Eaten by Rar-Rar."  oOoOo, I'm so sassy today.  I do apologize.  Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful.  But yeah, I'm over it!

Gabriel Anderson

Sass Update #1 (Dante)

So I forgot to tell you guys that I report on the incidents of sass throughout my day.  I could care less how people feel being called out on their sass because they should know not to sass me.  It's 11:22AM and I've already been sassed.

Sass Update!
This past late night/early morning a friend and I were conversing (via AIM) and he suggested that we go out for breakfast when he gets out of class in the morning.  He told me he'd call me by 10:30AM.  I wake up around 10AM to get ready to start my day and I text him about 3x and he doesn't respond.  I figured maybe he was waiting there for me or something.  Come to find out this idiot didn't go to class and didn't call me to cancel breakfast.  
I dined at the local dining hall BY MYSELF!  Who the f%#k does that?!  No offense to people who frequently dine with a party of one but that's not my cup of tea.  (Take-out is acceptable for parties of one.)  If people say let's do something and they flake out on you, without the common decency of a heads-up, "I'm sorry I'm a lazy-ass and I can't pick up a phone," then maybe they aren't worth your time.  Dante you suck...and YOU'VE BEEN SASSED.  Welcome to the doghouse.