Friday, November 28, 2008

Sass 101

Hello you gorgeous creature.  I'm sorry to say but I'm not feeling like myself today.  My day (summed up) was basically me walking around the house.  I think my ex's are still on my mind.  Alfred (my ex-ex; two boyfriends ago) and James (my ex; most recent ex) are on a relentless frenzy since I'm back in New York.  They keep trying to get in touch with me on Yahoo Messenger, Facebook IM, AIM and my baby a.k.a. my cellphone.  They are going crazy!  I understand that I'm a drug and all but good God leave me alone; you're an ex for a reason.  In situations like this its best to ignore the negativity and surround yourself with positive energy.
(F$%k you negative energy!)
Anywho, a lot of people, commercials, tv shows and movies are starting to say the word "sass" now.  Every time I hear someone say "sass" I know my eyes twinkle.  I just love saying and hearing the word "sass."  Say it out loud ("sass").  Say it again ("sass") Louder...("SASS!")  Okay, now I really want you to say it because I know you haven't said it yet.  Say "don't sass me."  From now on whenever someone talks back to you, speaks to you with a tone or has an attitude I want you to say "don't sass me!"  But make sure to accompany it with a gesture; maybe a stern, expressive face or forceful hand movement.  (It's probably best to practice these gestures in the mirror so your S.D.A. -sass deflection action- is on point.)
Anywho, I just finished watching season one of HBO's "True Blood" and I found out that I have to wait until Summer '09 to see the second season.  I am soooooo over it.  But I am not over the quote for tomorrow, Nov 29th:

"Giving up is the easiest thing to do but enduring the obstacles thrown at you takes character.  However, sometimes it's best to end habits that won't benefit you in the long run.  Weigh out your options and...quit responsibly."

Before you go, Gabriella helped me out with a photoshoot and I'd like to share these photos 
with you.  (I love Gabriella so much!  Thanks for the photos lil' sis.)  

(this is my favorite shot.)

(this is ascension-chic.)

(Well hello there.)
(this one is soooo sassy. I mean look at the sleek umbrella.)

I put my heart into these so don't sass me lol.  I feel so much better now that I'm sharing my life with you.  Thank you for being you.  I wish you all the best in your endeavors.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson

Thanks for giving blood

Have I told you that I love you recently? Well I do.  This blog is going to be awfully short because I'm blogging on my friend's computer right now; shout-out to Mitchell for letting me use his Mac.  (I am Macally-incapable by the way.)  Today was a really relaxing day.  I woke up to the smell of macaroni & cheese and other goodies.  Then my mother and I watched "Fairly Odd Parents," right before she left for work (tear).  Soon thereafter, my grandmother hollered for Gabriella and I to join her and our grandfather in her dining room.  I was very selective this Thanksgiving.  I had mac & cheese, stir-fried strings beans  (with caramelized onions), candied yams, a turkey leg, apple cider, egg nog and two dinner rolls.  This is considered a little bit since I also visited my uncle's house after we ate in my grandmother's dining room.
In addition to my elaborate dining today I've recently started to watch the HBO series "True Blood."
(You've probably seen these ads everywhere.)
It's about this town in Louisiana and how the react and interact with vampires coming into mainstream America.  In the series somehow scientists have created a synthetic form of blood that gives vampires "blood" without the cost of human life.  It covers many themes like racism, sexism, sass, sex, politics and more.  It's a great series and I've been trying to catch up with the series with my HBO OnDemand so I won't be in the dark when I return to campus.
With that being said, I'm gonna give you the quote of the day (Nov. 28th):

"In order to experience something new and beautiful it usually requires us to leave our comfort zones.  Don't be afraid to be yourself.  You're beautiful and you are capable of anything you believe you can achieve."

I wish you all the best on Black Friday because I am staying home.  No old ladies are gonna shank me for a cashmere sweater at Nordstrom.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson