Saturday, December 20, 2008

New York: Slippery When Wet

Hey there good-looking.  I know all is well because you're a beautiful person that lives their life to the fullest.  Today was a relaxed day but before I got to work this crazy construction man was so obnoxious.  All of us business folk of New York were all walking to our offices, Starkbucks in hand (of course) and this crazy construction guy gets out of his crane and screams...for no reason.  Being New Yorkers we all turned around but didn't stop walking.  We know the deal lol.

Other than that I sent out books to two authors and an agent.  Other than that I did some online shopping (during my lunch break) and I started reading another submission.  Oh!  I also sat in an editorial meeting for this comic conference HarperCollins is hosting in February.  They had Mrs. Fields cookies in the meeting.   (OMG)  I know that was very fat of me to mention the had Mrs. Fields cookies there but (OMG) when I ate them...I swear an angel was giving me a blowjob.  Pretty much after that I was free to go home since hardly anyone was in the office.

I was let out around 3:45pm...mind you I set my appointment with Apple at 6:10pm.  Luckily, I believed an opening would be there and (BAM!) there was.  (What really happened was I spoke to this super-hot clerk and they helped me.  Flirting gets you a long way.)  When I left Apple God decided to send ice darts directly to my face (maybe because of that angel giving me a blowjob in the meeting).  Plus it was so slushy and icy.  Thank God I wore my Uggs!  I couldn't get my umbrella open for like 10 minutes; where the f$%k was Rihanna?  She told me we could share.

Anyway on my way home there was this crazy lady on the train that kept making these hand movements like she was the umpire for the Yankees.  I made sure not to make eye contact with her when she was signaling the pitcher aka her demon lol. 

My dad called me today and asked me if I wanted money, the Blackberry Storm or some other phone for Christmas.  Of course I said the Blackberry Storm.
Look at how beautiful it is!!!

My life needs it.  I have my own frikkin office.  (It makes me happy just saying it.)  Office!  Office, office, ooooooffice! (I'm going to need new pants lol.) 

Oh! Oh! Oh!  I forgot to shout out my friend Melanie Mirror on here.  (Hey Melanie!)

Anywho, let's get to the quote of the day, shall we?  Dec 20th's quote goes as follows:

"Lying about something simple transforms the simple task into a horrible feat.  The truth puts your mind at ease and it doesn't beg for compensation, like a lie.  Never rely on a lie."

With that being said,  I'm going to go to bed to now.  I wish you all the best of happiness.  Stay true kids.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson