Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Gabriel, b$%ch!

Duckies, my my my it's been quite awhile! Toward the end of Spring Break I became so engrossed with the glamour of New York City. But then I saw a sign that told me I need to get back to you. The day before I came back to school Elle Fox and I were walking through Central Park for a bit and I saw a glorious sign.

(Taken on Blackbird, my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm)
I was so taken aback. I told Elle I needed to take a picture and she already knew I took on the form of a rogue paparazzi...lol love her.
Coming back onto campus, I've been so stressed out.

I know it's not good but stress gets to everyone at some point in their lives. I even start a new class tomorrow (it's a half-semester course) and I am so excited for it. (Rockstar is in it too! By the way check out his blog: http://solidrockstarstatus.blogspot.com/, become a follower of his blog too!)
Anywho, I felt like Britney pre-"Gimme More" for a couple weeks.
My life was in shambles: stress was eating me alive. Luckily, as we speak (and as I blog) I am blooming into Britney post-"Circus".

(I will be in this state of mind when I wake in the morning.)

Oh, I forget to tell you I saw "I Love You Man" on my last day in New York.

Gabriella, Ingrid (our aunt) and I saw it together and we could not stop laughing. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are such a phenomenal team! Gabriella and I are still quoting the movie, via text messages and BBM. GO SEE IT DUCKIES!

Speaking of laughter, one of my dear jetsetting people-friends, Cliff Morris, sent me a video from an A-List summer gathering I hosted in my backyard. Cliff sent it to me a couple hours ago and I told him I had to post it on here.
I have no idea what was said before he started filming but I know we all started laughing even more because of the way I tried to compose myself afterwards lol. Gabriella and I are a mess: I was even sweating from laughing so hard. Check it out!

Anywho, let me give you want you want. Duckies, take these "Words of Wisdom."

"In order to maintain success and happiness you must find a balance between work and play. Of course this is easier said then done; make sure you know your limits and are able to reserve time for leisure. Work is fine and fun is just as important: make sure to apply moderation to both."

Okay duckies, I need to do some reading (yes, I'm a night owl) before I head to bed.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson