Friday, February 6, 2009

I Know Who Sassed Me

Hello duckies. Yes, this is a delayed the fcuk what? You'll get over it because you know I love you. Anyway, last night was such an A-list event. I was with some of my favorite people-friends: Rockstar, Francis, James, Maria, Ariel, Sarah, Garret, Samantha, Ricky and so many others; love all of you! It was sooo fun. Rockstar and I were a mess; gabbing about movies and the glam life. We started talking about "I Know Who Killed Me,"

and it was basically the adult/emo version of "Parent Trap." That's all I'm going to say (for those who haven't seen it) but it's so bad that's it's good; I recommend a viewing ASAP!

In other news it was Mommy's b'day yesterday, Feb 5th!

You have no idea how much I love this woman. She's the reason I'm alive and so A-list. My NY friends say that she's way cooler than me (and I'm only going to agree because she's probably reading this right now is kinda true). I love you sooo much Mommy. You do so much for me and you are definitely my true, ride-or-die people-friend.

Speaking of people-friends, people are coming up to me like "WTF, is a people-friend Gabriel?" To further illustrate the definition of people-friend, I'm going to make it as simple as possible. Okay, think about the friends you have today. Think about how you met them; if they're your best friend right now, you probably met them randomly or not through your usual way of making friends. Somehow these "people" are now your "friends" and you cannot imagine life without them being a part of it.

That's what a people-friend is.

Back to the night of glam with some my people-friends, I've come to realize that I remind myself of Nicole Richie, like how she was portrayed in "The Simple Life."

I say this because I find myself saying the most random (yet appropriate) things while conversing and meeting new people. I love the limelight and I'm sure you know this, (I made peace with this a long time ago). I love being A-list, it's so fun; all the parties, the people-friends...divine!

Relating to the topic at hand, Rockstar reminds me of Paris Hilton...

because like Nicole and Paris, we work so well together. Paris was the one who always focused on things and Nicole was the one that always threw some "glamour-jazz" around the place. OoOoOo, new word of the week.

The Word of the Week is:

Glamour-Jazz: Mischievous acts that spruce up a situation; "bad" but funny actions; Gabriel Anderson's life.
Ex: "Whenever it gets boring in class, I always find myself throwing glamour-jazz into our class discussion, so people start laughing."

Anyway, it's best long enough that I haven't given you a quote of the day. Here it is for Feb (5th &) 6th:

"Appreciate the little things in life; the little things play greater roles in your life than you think. They make you smile and feel special. Life is full of spectacular little things so obtain as many as you can; drown yourself in happiness."

Okay duckies, I'm doing laundry right now...

so I gotta go; college-duckies will take your stuff out the machine and sass it to the ground.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson