Friday, January 30, 2009

Lady Fingers

Duckies...I already know what you're thinking. I have been extremely busy and I apologize for this late (hybrid) post. (You're beautiful by the way.)
I am not feeling quite like myself. There's like nothing going on today and I'm one of those people who find themselves lost when they have nothing to do.

Anyway, (woooohuh, I'll get over it) I got stuck in the smallest elevator yesterday! I'm claustrophobic and the fact that this elevator was half the size of a normal elevator (and I was in it with four other hefty people) didn't help at all!

The elevator was stuck on the floor I was supposed to get off on (the 4th) and the door wouldn't open. The air was on in the elevator but I felt like I couldn't breathe. I started sweating and almost started hyperventilating. Luckily, (I guess this happens just in case it does get stuck) the elevator stopped making noise and slowly went to the ground floor. When those doors opened I ran out as fast as I could and almost cried as a complained my way to class. I am never getting in that closet-elevator again; I almost died from anxiety.

in other events, one of my ex's (Kyle) hit me up online and the conversation was going extremely well...until he told me he's having a baby!

Kyle is only eighteen and I have no idea what is wrong with him. He says he still wants to be in my life but I don't think I'm cool with that. He told me having a kid doesn't have anything to do with his personal life. WHAT THE FCUK?! When you have a kid...they become your personal life! I tell ya, kids need to know when to stop playing doctor lol.

Other than that, people all over campus are getting sick; not like common cold sick but influenza, bronchitis, and "I-feel-like-dying-would-be-better-than-this" kind of sick.

I'm sorry but I can't afford to get sick. Plus, my body and I have an agreement; we don't "do" sick. (SHOUT-OUT TO ALL MY SICK HOMIES! It'll all blow over soon...just like your noses lol.)

Speaking of affording, I've discovered that I'm near broke today.

I love you Mommy (thanks for sending the Coach satchel) but I am finally feeling the recession; I don't believe in the recession though. My family has steady jobs: medical, retail, billionaire advisers and etc. Mommy keeps forgetting that fun at college requires money. (LOVE YOU LADY!)

Speaking of money, I had a phone interview with HarperCollins today and it went really well.

My interviewer was asking a lot of tough questions like "what did you do to prepare for this interview?" "what intrigues you about HarperCollins?" and stuff like that. LOL, these are probably typical phone interview questions but the way in which she asked was...a little sassy. I've just been getting sassed left and right recently, but you know what?

(That's what HE said.)

In today's news, I went to Chili's with Graham, Monica and Brianna (in celebration of Brianna's recent b'day). It was good. All the food was incredible. It was cooked so perfectly; breaded and as succulent as ever.

(Woooohuh, I was just saying some really "fat" and sensual things. I apologize for the visuals lol.)
But yea, I had a blast of course. I was with my favorite, diverse people-friends. Love that!

"The Word of the Day" is:
"People-friend" - Persons whom you cannot see life without; the best buddies ; gossip "hey girl" news crew; family.
Ex: "I had a marvelous outing with my people-friends, at Chili's."

(If you haven't noticed, I created the word of the day from what I was just saying lol.)

Enough of this; I gave you many a story to tell: here's the quote of the day for Jan 30 & 31st:

"If you let a foul 'by,' it develops into something horrid and unappealing. When you see something foul, say something aloud to extinguish the lack of dignity toward others. Be a sassy citizen."

Okay duckies, I think it's time for my A-list behind to roam campus for my A-list people-friends.

Mommy, Alyssa and Monica, you duckies really helped me get through this day. I love you and I can't wait to see your beautiful faces.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Gabriel,
Gabriel Anderson

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Beauty and the Rar-Rar

Hello duckie. You're marvelous in every aspect of your life. And by the way, you're beautiful on the outside (as well as inside) because you know that's what people look at too. Wooooohuh!

In recent news, Dante transferred but we still converse over the phone and chat via AIM. He's such a great son-son and an awesome person all around.

He always tells me how his day goes and we help each other get through things that get us down. It's such a productive, family-like relationship. It's beautiful. (Miss you Dante!!!)

Anyway, I've been watching "True Life" recently and it made me so appreciative of my life. The people on the show are always going through the worst situations.

It's either their family doesn't support their lifestyle, they're on drugs or they're just genuinely fcuking up. It's so intense and raw. I'm so glad my family loves me, is supportive of everything I do and encourages me to follow my dreams. I love you guys soooo much. Plus I'm so grateful that I'm only addicted to shopping. I worship you VISA lol.

Speaking of shopaholics, I love meeting new people who are shopaholics and who share commonalities with you. It's so fascinating to meet people like that because when you're in a set clique you tend to forget about the outside world.

When you get the chance to meet other people, the world seems more connected and more accessible. This is why I have such big dreams...that I will achieve, soon. I love my life and you should love yours as well.

Speaking of loving, I am slowly falling in love with my suitemates Xbox360. I love that console. I know that if I purchase that console, I wouldn't leave my room. I would be a little robot; I'd do my homework so I could play the game all night.

I'd be a slave and I'd be cool with that lol.

Anyway, enough of my babble. Let's get to the quote of the day, Jan 29th:

"Never worry about stipulations when it comes to things you want to do. Do whatever you like, you live once. However, this doesn't give you the right to act without responsibility. Know your limit so you'll be able to do what you love forever."

Shout-out time!

Molly Red is one of my good friends and she recently got initiated into her dream sorority; go Molly Red! She is such a fabulous person and I think she's awesome at life. If you ever need help on how to rock at life, look at Molly Red because she is always on the ball. I love you Molly Red.

Okay I have a lot to do in the morning. I'll talk to you duckies tomorrow. I wish you all the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

My Life, in 3-D

Hello duckies. For someone who can't shut-up about their life, I have no idea what's going to be the central topic of my personal essay...which is due tomorrow! (I really hope it snows!) will snow; positive affirmations! Anywho, I received a picture text message (from Gabriella) of a new addition to our family.

Her name is Jada (a.k.a. alien, to me). She weights 8lbs and 1 oz. Honestly, she scared me when she was in Joy's (like my 2nd mom) stomach. She would move around so much and toward the end of the could see her moving. It was gross. It reminded me so much of an alien. Whenever Gabriella and Mom would worship Jada (through Joy's stomach) I would backup into a corner and pray they didn't get attacked lol.

In other news, one of my suitemates thinks he's a rapper and refers to his room as "the studio." Dude thinks he's making music but he's just making noise.

It was cute last semester but now it's just annoying. It's like 1am (right now) and this dude is hardcore rapping. Don't you have homework to do? Or is rapping and annoying your suitemates your homework assignment tonight? Stop sassing me with your "gangsta" $hit!

Speaking of business, The Nest definitely lost business from me today. Recently they've given students the option of door-to-door delivery and many students have taken part in this new treasure. However, I was not pleased. I called the delivery operator (to be put on hold like four times, for her to converse and laugh with her co-workers) and to top it off, she forgot to put my order in!
About forty-five minutes pass by and my food is nowhere in sight. I call The Nest back and a guy picks up, puts my order in and he got my food delivered to me within 5 minutes. (Thank you Mr. Efficient. Screw you Ms. Laughing Hyena!) Anyway, when I did get my buffalo chicken salad, it was just a pile of dry lettuce, sprinkled with tiny pieces of chicken and a little bit of cheese.

They forgot to include the blue cheese I ordered as well but I wasn't going to go over there to complain; that defeats the purpose of door-to-door delivery.

(OMG, my suitemate just started rapping again, WTF?!)

Anywho, for those who read the post before this one, I spoke about my radio show being back on air soon. Well, due to unfortunate circumstances we won't be back on air until further notice.

Yes duckies...I am highly upset and disappointed with the lack of professionalism and promptness of the radio Gods.

Since we're on the topic of "Gods," I'd like to thank the powers-that-be for giving me 20/20 vision. However, I do like wearing glasses; 3-D glasses to be exact.

I think 3-D glasses look so cool but I don't like the lenses so I pop them out and wear the frames. When speaking to my dear friend Rockstar about it he said something insightful, along the lines of:
"Wear them. You can just wear the frames because life is in 3-D anyway."

Rockstar is the Socrates of pop culture. Thank you for putting my life into prospective.

Anywho, let's get to the quote of the day for Jan 28th:

"Life in unpredictable and no one can predict the future. It's up to you to prepare yourself for things to come. However, if you prepare for the worst, the worst will come. Prepare yourself for positivity and your day (and life) will be beautiful."


Happy B'day Brianna! Today is your day so take it and use it as you please. (If you sass me...this might be your last birthday lol. I love you!)

Okay duckies, I'm growing tired and I have to get this personal essay completed. (Wish me luck!) I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Gabriel Anderson Show

Hello duckies. Sorry I didn't blog last night. I was tired. Celebrities never get a break, unless they cancel appointments lol. Anyway, I know all is well because life is beautiful. It's full of different people and marvelous my Rhetoric of Gender Activism class.

Yesterday we got into a hardcore discussion (basically) about "who has the right to teach?" I said sometimes it takes the polar opposite to teach a class because if the "opposing" or "alien" point of view takes time to educate themselves (without declaring an authoritative position, tastefully of course), that says something of their character. (Wooohuh, that took a lot out of me!)

In other news, I had a meeting (yesterday) for soon-to-be aired campus television show.

(I know right?! Me on TV?) My producer, Melody, and I were brainstorming ideas for segments and we we couldn't contain our hysterics. People were looking at us like "WTF?" but we didn't care. We were making magic!

Speaking of magic, tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 28th, from 9pm to 10pm) Rockstar and I will be back on the radio. Rar-Rar w/ Rockstar and DJ Squiggz is back and I know tomorrow's show is going to be magical.

(If you haven't joined our Facebook's the link:
Plus, if you're on campus you can listen to us on TV (Channel 5) and on the radio (105.3 FM). If you're on or off-campus you can watch/listen to us online at Make sure to see if your computer is compatible with the online-player before 9pm (the start of our show) so you won't miss the magic. Some people told me their computers sassed them and they couldn't watch us.)

In regards to sass, I've recently developed a caffeine addiction so I went to the market to buy some caffeine products, the other day. I get to the counter and I ask the female clerk for the caffeine pills and she says:
"Those are bad for you."
Mind you, I (kinda) know this girl...and SHE SMOKES PRACTICALLY A PACK OF CIGARETTES A DAY. WTF?
That's like having Osama-Been-Sassing telling you to respect all people.

The nerve, I tell ya!

In other news, I finally got to see my good friend Lily last night. We picked up some dinner at The Nest and whenever we're's a fabulous mess and a half. So she's filling me in on some hot gossip and I found out the person we were gossiping about was sitting right behind us!

Lily didn't know until I brought it to her attention (because she was facing me, not our entertainment) and we immediately changed the subject. Luckily, the topic of our gossip didn't hear us and...we're just too glamorous to care lol. I love gossiping about people who are within earshot lol.

But anyway, enough of this spectacular babble. On to the quote of the day for Jan 27th:

"Regardless of what you do, people are going to be...people. No one changes overnight and you shouldn't expect them to. It's up to you how you deal with their personality. Choose your company wisely."

Anyway, I have to do some homework before class. I wish you all the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monica, Monica, Monica

"Where have you been? Grandma's been raped!" lol. Sorry duckie. That's one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite shows, "Summer Heights High."

It's a show where Australian comedian (and writer) Chris Lilley "portrays" three people, from Summer Heights High. It is soooo funny. Rockstar and I are always throwing quotes, from the show, at each other. If you haven't seen any of the first season, here is the homepage (and some previews from the first season) of the show: I can't wait for the second season to air!

Speaking of shows, I finally caught up on the new season of "America's Best Dance Crew." I got excited halfway through the second episode, which was aired Jan 22nd (I believe) because Mario Lopez said something to JC Chasez like:

"I see that sass hasn't left ya JC!"

I nearly died when he said that because so many people are using the word "sass" nowadays; I'm so happy!!!

In other news, Monica was sassed by her wisdom teeth and she had to get them taken out on Friday.

But even though Monica went through so much pain, before she came back to campus she (well her mom) made a cake...and saved me a piece!

It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I ate the piece of cake in like 45 seconds; defukkinlicious!

Speaking of delicious, I know I missed a delicious birthday dinner.

Bill celebrated her birthday last night, at a chic restaurant in Hartford and I wasn't able to make it because I (absentmindedly) signed up to pass out flyers, every hour on the ungrateful freshmen!

(Note: All freshmen aren't ungrateful...just that fugly girl who sassed me. You know who you are and I know where you lurk, you sass beast! lol)

In regards to "knowing," I am sick of people calling me from blocked and unknown numbers.

It's scary and disrespectful! I know, sometimes you can't help it if you call from a house phone. However, all you have to do it press #86 and it unblocks the number. If you're reading this and fall guilty to this crime...STOP IT or I'll sic Gabriella on you. (Love and miss you Gabriella!)

Anyway, let's get to the quote of the day for Jan 26th:

"To say that you're 'trying' to do something is setting yourself up for failure. Saying you're 'doing' something declares accomplishment, which brings forth the thought of success. Say you're 'doing' something today and I bet you success will follow."

I'd like to give a shout-out to two very special people: Alyssa and Bryce.

Alyssa, I want you to know that you're gorgeous (inside and out) and I'm honored to have the privilege of being your friend. Don't let the little things get you down because if you do, you're gonna miss the big, beautiful things life has to offer. Stay beautiful!

Bryce, it was pretty random how we started conversing today but I'm glad we did. I'm glad everything is going well on your end and I know (if you believe it) your future will be fabulously promising.


HAPPY B'DAY BB! I love you and I'm glad to have you in my life. You are phenomenal and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful BIG. I love you!

Well duckies, it's time for me to go to bed. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Friday, January 23, 2009

Falling Bathrooms

It's nice to see you again duckie. Life has been dandy and it's getting better with every moment. This semester is going to be interesting and very time-consuming. I'm taking six classes (one of them doesn't start until March The topics of my classes range from (male) vagina monologues, deformed babies, Obama's speech, professional editing, and a timeline of my life. How awesome is that?! However, one of my classes starts at 7:30pm...

on a Thursday evening. Like how ridiculous it that?! On the other hand, my philosophy is I'm going to sacrifice a bit of my college nightlife for the chic adult socialite-status I am to gain, in years to come. Other than that all is well. OH! I received a call from the HR dept. of HarperCollins...for their summer internship program!!!

They would like to conduct a phone interview; it's scheduled for 11am on Friday, Jan 30th. (If I don't pick up the know why lol). My life is falling right into place!

Speaking of falling, the other day I was outside of my apartment (on campus) and this was when it was sort of "hot day" (for Winter) and ice was melting all over the place. Anywho, I look above my buidling's side exit door and I gasped like 83 year-old woman with asthma. There was an icicle, the size of a chair, hanging above the door!

Like wtf?! Someone is gonna die. It's not gonna be me (lol) because I'm not going out like that. I'll kill that icicle before it kills me lol. But seriously, facilities...GET ON THE BALL!


I'd like to give a very special happy birthday to Bill because she's now a part of the 2-1 club!

HAPPY B'DAY BILL (even though I kind of partied with you tonight lol)!

I'd also like to shout-out one of my favorite people, Monica. She said I forgot to give her a shout-out on my blog (on her birthday, Jan 12th). I called her though (that's more heartfelt). Anyway, let's wish Monica a happy (belated) birthday!

I'd also like to shout-out Graham, Roger, Carol, Matt and Annie for being awesome. I had a fabulous time chatting and laughing with you guys tonight.

In other events, I just got back from a party and I really had to use to restroom. So I come to back to my apartment, hanging my coat and placing my accessories in their proper places and on my way to the bathroom I notice Nathan isn't in his room (his door was wide open). Ignoring that I try to open the bathroom door...and I burst in on Nathan dropping his kids off at the pool.

He quickly slammed the door shut. I was so embarrassed, until we laughed it off, minutes later. (Sorry Nahtan!)

We are so overdue for the word of the week. Let's get to it.
The word of the week is:

U-Hoes: Promiscuous persons that attend a university; people who have true scandals; sluts.
Ex. I can't be seen in public with Shannon anymore because just being around that U-Hoe makes me look slutty.

On with the quote for Jan 24th and 25th:

"If thoughts aren't shared and explained then the reasoning behind the thoughts become lost. Speak your mind and elaborate; people can't read your mind! Plus, everyone doesn't think the exact same way you do."

Okay, It's late. I have a life to live in the morning lol. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey duckies. Today I'm feeling so motivated to do anything with my life. I've realized that you cannot depend on others (no matter how much you love and trust them) because you never can predict the outcome of an event. However, if you are well-prepared and have everything in place, you have nothing to worry about. Speaking of having everything well-prepared I have to give props to Katelynn on the Real World.

In last night's episode Katelynn moved on with her life, not letting her dumb boyfriend hold her back. Of course, she was going through a lot because (I can only imagine) when you're transgender having someone there who is accepting of your lifestyle is hard to find; especially someone you can be very intimate with. You go Katelynn.

In other news, someone was trying to climb the side of a wall yesterday. I was sitting with my friend Edward, in our school's student union, and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone getting "bigger." I looked to my left, out of the huge stalker windows and he wasn't getting "bigger" he was climbing the! And without a fcuking harnest!!!

People are crazy. I'm not going to lie it did look like fun but I know my stomach would have pushed me off the wall.

So my first day of classes went well yesterday and my second day of classes (today) is going well. I found out that on my Monday/Wednesday class, I have class with so many of my favorite A-List colleagues; more importantly fellow blogger Rockstar and my fabulous big sister in Red Caps, Kris. Love you guys!

In other events, my fabulous madre is mailing me a Coach tote bag and a beige clutch (murse-alert!), since she didn't get me my Uggs for Christmas. How awesome is that?! I'm so excited.

I've held it long enough, let's get to the quote for Jan 22nd & 23rd:

"Life comes fast and only the prepared survive. It's better to weigh your options, in a realistic manner, when thinking ahead. Sacrificing a superfluous part of your daily routine is beneficial to success. Think smart, think ahead and think for yourself."


If you've been living under a rock (eww), his name is Barack Obama. He's basically the catalyst for change America has been longing for (a.k.a. the $hit lol). Anyway, I gotta get ready for my next two back-to-back classes.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dante's Bowling

I'm glad you stopped by duckie. Yes, I know. I've been slacking a bit on posting daily entries. But duckies, the life of a celebrity is never done; you aren't going to be happy until I have to be hospitalized for exhaustion. (That would be so cool by the way. Very A-list!)

On the topic of exhaustion, I am tired of looking for love.

I of all people should know this, since I am an avid believer in "The Secret." It's such a good book. (If you haven't heard, read or owned's the link: Anyway, back to me. Love isn't meant to be found. Love is meant to ravish you when you least expect it. Love is when your emotions rape you of logic and you can't seem to stop smiling whenever you hear your lover's name.

On the other hand, I (think) just like the idea of a boyfriend, to be honest. But when I do "stumble" onto a boyfriend, I want a trophy. I know looks aren't everything (for others) but I don't want anything that will hurt my eyes either.

Speaking of horrible news, my son-son Dante transferred. He's (officially) a non-University of Hartford student. I flipped out on him (so bad) when he delivered the news...because it was two days ago. I was loony like Bridezilla-style. I asked myself why I was being such a d*ck and it all made sense. I love Dante (BROMANCE!) so much that a day without him is a day without complete euphoria.

I love you Dante. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Even though we were on the phone not that while ago...DON'T BE A STRANGER!

On the topic of friends, Monica, Graham and I made a Wal-Mart trip and I was the self-appointed iPod DJ. I got them onto the newest single by the Ting-Tings, "That's Not My Name."

(Here's the music video link: The Ting Tings are so hot.) The song is so catchy and by the time we reached Wal-Mart we were all jamming, adding our own little sassy ad-libs. It was a blast.

Speaking of blast, the other night several friends and I went bowling. It was the $hit. I only scored 98 (what am I blind?)...but I was in third place. Everyone in the bowling alley stared at us whenever we bowled because we were genuinely cherry and overly enthusiastic, no matter how many pins we knocked down.

It so happens that all of us who went bowling are Red Caps. (orientation student leaders who wear Red Caps and are the best people you'll ever meet. SHOUT OUT TO RED CAPS '08!) We had to tend to Winter Orientation today (for Spring freshmen and transfer students) and it made me miss past summer orientation sessions. Shout out to class of 2012 and transfer students. Welcome to Hartford and the first day of the rest of your life!

In other news, I think someone tried to break into my room. I was washing one of my knives, left in the sink by someone other than myself, and I noticed these weird scratch markings near the tip of the knife. On my way back to my room something tells me to look at my door's lock latch and I see identical markings on the latch that were on my knife!!!

I know someone better cut this $hit out because I will go Sasha Fierce on you, dancing on your face without missing a count of choreography to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Speaking of my apartment, my mystery suitemate left his rice cooker on the counter, with rice in it...since last semester. For some strange reason, I take off the lid and stuck my fingers into the be welcomed by sweaty feet-scented, month-old rice!!!

I have no idea why I drove my fingers into the (seemingly-solid) rice. It smelled like a basketball team had an orgy with hot, safari wildebeest lol.

Off to good news, let's get to the quote of the day for Jan 21st:

"Lamps are tools that illuminate a path for people to follow. Instead of following the "lamps" of others light your own path; lead by example."

I'm back in the flow so I'll be able to keep up with the posts. Okay, I'm legit falling asleep. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson