Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey duckies. Today I'm feeling so motivated to do anything with my life. I've realized that you cannot depend on others (no matter how much you love and trust them) because you never can predict the outcome of an event. However, if you are well-prepared and have everything in place, you have nothing to worry about. Speaking of having everything well-prepared I have to give props to Katelynn on the Real World.

In last night's episode Katelynn moved on with her life, not letting her dumb boyfriend hold her back. Of course, she was going through a lot because (I can only imagine) when you're transgender having someone there who is accepting of your lifestyle is hard to find; especially someone you can be very intimate with. You go Katelynn.

In other news, someone was trying to climb the side of a wall yesterday. I was sitting with my friend Edward, in our school's student union, and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone getting "bigger." I looked to my left, out of the huge stalker windows and he wasn't getting "bigger" he was climbing the! And without a fcuking harnest!!!

People are crazy. I'm not going to lie it did look like fun but I know my stomach would have pushed me off the wall.

So my first day of classes went well yesterday and my second day of classes (today) is going well. I found out that on my Monday/Wednesday class, I have class with so many of my favorite A-List colleagues; more importantly fellow blogger Rockstar and my fabulous big sister in Red Caps, Kris. Love you guys!

In other events, my fabulous madre is mailing me a Coach tote bag and a beige clutch (murse-alert!), since she didn't get me my Uggs for Christmas. How awesome is that?! I'm so excited.

I've held it long enough, let's get to the quote for Jan 22nd & 23rd:

"Life comes fast and only the prepared survive. It's better to weigh your options, in a realistic manner, when thinking ahead. Sacrificing a superfluous part of your daily routine is beneficial to success. Think smart, think ahead and think for yourself."


If you've been living under a rock (eww), his name is Barack Obama. He's basically the catalyst for change America has been longing for (a.k.a. the $hit lol). Anyway, I gotta get ready for my next two back-to-back classes.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson