Monday, June 22, 2009

Magical Mondays

Morning my precious duckies!
Isn't today just remarkable? Most of you might disagree because you may dislike Mondays. There's actually a physiological reason for your dislike.
The energy you have today is not from last night's's from Saturday night's!!!
When you go to sleep your body stores energy for the day after tomorrow. (Example: When you go to sleep on Saturday night, you're actually storing energy for Monday!!!)

It's so weird, right?!
Choose your sleep habits wisely duckies.

Anywho, this weekend was utterly magnificent. (My weekend starts Thursday night, which makes it even more magnificent!)
On Thursday evening I hung out with my dear people-friend Elle Fox at Central Park and that was simply gorgeous. We chatted it up, laughed, slipped on wet rocks--that was me lol--and discussed our future. Hours later our friend Nikki joined us at Elle's house and we had a little dance party on Elle's patio; simply divine!

Just the three of us, having a ball.
Our friend Sabrina came along when the night was surely dying but it was good to see her nonetheless.

On the following evening, Friday, I had made plans with Jamal...which was irrational on my behalf.
Remember how I said he was a maniac? Well some things don't change. He's still unstable (and sexy) but you know what they say: "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...fcuk you bitch!)

We were texting and calling each other all day, on Friday, (he contacted me first mind you) and everything seemed fine until he invited me over. In his own psychotic way, he was being incredibly indecisive: telling me to come over and when I actually got in a cab and WAITED for him outside of his apartment building, he didn't even come downstairs to say hello!
His dad is staying in his living room because his dad is going through a terrible divorce and he doesn't know his son is gay. Jamal was afraid his dad might find us cuddling--in his room, that does have a functionally lock on it--and then he'd be "outed," so to speak.
A blind man can see how gay you are Jamal!

But this is what I get for messing around with future psych ward patients.
Woooohuh! lol

Luckily, right before I was about to take the train home Aaron called me and asked if I wanted to go out to our favorite bar, Limmericks.
(Yes, Aaron and I have reconciled and we are back to being great friends.)

So I met up with Aaron and a slew of our other friends and we danced the night away. It was so A-List: table-dancing, shots of Jose Cuervo, jukebox bumping, cigarette smoke and realizing the beautiful people around me were still my true people-friends. Simply breath-taking!

The next night, Saturday, my people-friend Antoine (from Queens) threw himself a graduation party. I saw so many old friends and teachers. It was so A-List. When I walked through the door everyone knew who I was and if they didn't they knew me before I left. Antoine's mother cooked a feast for the Gods and the DJ was on point. Graham forced me to request Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and then Naomi stripped me of my hoodie and made me dance in front of everyone.
People were trying to take photos but my friends kept the paparazzi at bay. (My new friend Kimberly did record a video of me on her BlackBerry but I have yet to see it.)
On the whole, it was a great event. High school friends and college friends alike laughed, drank, danced, took new photos for their FaceBook accounts and remembered the times we all still cherish to this day.
It's superbly cleansing to examine the past when we're so close to what lies ahead.

Speaking of Beyonce, Monica and I are going to see her live tonight at MSG!

I excited! AHHHHHHHH!
Plus, Monica and I are having a sleepover at my house.
I've been brushing up on my lyrics and I'm ready to jam tonight. (I promise I won't upstage Beyonce at her own concert; this is her job. I'll just sway my hips and sing-along. I won't push people out the way to dance in the aisle to "Get Me Bodied" this year lol.)

Speaking of dancing, I haven't been able to stop listening to "SummerBoy" for the past few weeks! And speaking of SummerBoy, I'm still waiting to pick one.
Yesterday, I started talking to a new one....we'll call him Perry. Perry is this very sexy, Hispanic male who is incredibly humorous and adorably sassy. He calls me Sookie because, as you know, I love the HBO series "True Blood." (Last night's episode was phenomenal by the way.)
Well, even though we've only started talking for no longer than a day, I find him to be very suitable and...well-put together. He may even be boyfriend material. However, I am not rushing into anything because relationships demand time & attention, and if you rush love you'll be forced to suffice with an unhealthy dose of lust.

Plus, I loooooooooooooooooove being single. But if the right guy comes around, I'll devote time to him.
Stay tuned for more Perry and other SummerBoy updates.

In other news, I've been thinking about my next move after my Senior year runs its course. I'm going to NYU for grad school but I was thinking of moving into a beautiful brownstone with one (or two) of my stable people-friends.

I want to live with either Graham or Elle...or maybe both.
I need to introduce them to one another. They both have special places in my heart and I think the three of us would make a great team. Not to mention, the three of us are so A-List individually that when we're together, outsiders might fall to the ground and weep from the sheer beauty of our unity.

LOL, enough of this.
It's time for the "Word of the Week."
The new "Word of the Week" is:
Twassing- To use a demeaning tone via Twitter; to sass via Twitter; anything Gabriel Anderson writes on his Twitter.
EX: "When someone leaked Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" before she gave the OK, she was furious. She was twassing everyone, all day!"
(This word of the week was inspired by my dear friend Alicia.)

OH! I almost forgot.
Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"When disagreeing with another duckie remember that we all have our own opinions. Our opinions are what we believe and if they happen to conflict with our own, it doesn't make them any less of a person. Even though this is your life, others have lives too and they have the right to follow different routes. Be considerate and take time to understand the ways of others."

Okay duckies, I just received another assignment at work. It's time to show them how beautiful Mondays can be!
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson