Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost & Found

Hello duckies! Boy, do I have some news to share with you. I hope all is well because life isn't worth sweating petty things.
Anywho, I'm not the greatest today. I woke up and I swear someone hit me in the throat with a hammer while I was sleeping last night.
This could be in large part to the festivities that occurred last night...or the fact that my diet is kicking my a$$. I'm on the New York birthday diet. What I do basically is eat a substantial-sized meal in the afternoon--around 1pm--and if I'm hungry later I'll eat fruit or something low calorie.
Gabriella calls it the Starvae diet...aka starving myself. But I'm not starving myself if I'm eating when I'm most hungry right?
More importantly, I was so drained from work last night that I fell asleep asking Graham for the address to our friend Kelly's going-away party. I almost didn't go but I was so exhausted...but I'm glad I did!
Kelly, Natalie, Carrie, Dani, Graham and I hit up this spot, Ultra Lounge, last night.
At first the bouncer wasn't going to let Graham and I in because we were wearing "sneakers," (that's if you call silver shoes with rubber soles well over $90, sneakers). But thank Gaga our sexy lady Natalie loosened his mind. He let us in...and we only paid half the cover charge!
The lounge was hot: A-List decor, nice crowd, great music, superb drinks and people-friends galore.
But duckies, remember how I'm taking the Gaga Pledge? Well, I think the news got out.
I was dancing with the crew--drink in hand--and this one girl, who's sitting down, pulls my arm to lower me to her level.
(Conversation, verbatim)
Girl: "Hey," pulling my arm, "what's your name?"
Me: "My name is Antoine," lowering my face to hers. "What's yours?"
Girl: "My friend and I like the way you dress."
Me: "Awww, thank you baby girl. You look nice too."
I pick up my glass and continue dancing. A few minutes later, I feel another tug on my arm again.
Girl: "Where did you get those titties?"
Me: "Jesus."
We both laugh.
Girl: "Let me get some," touching my chest, trying to massage the nipple as I back away laughing.

Duckies, I understand I am attractive and all (thank you Mom, Dad and Jesus) but unless I give you permission (or if I think you're on my level or higher) please refrain from groping any of my exhibits. I am a natural museum, the more you touch, the more worn I become. Grope with consideration, please.

I had fun nonetheless, even after being molested by a stranger. We danced--even did a Soul Train line--drank and savored the ambiance.
After jamming at Ultra Lounge Dani thought it would be nice to head down to another lounge called APT, in the meat packing district. She hoped in the car with her beau and zoomed away...while we waited for a cab. But her beau dropped us a $20: he's okay in my book lol.
Our cab driver was nice and he let out us a block away from the lounge. Unfortunately, he pointed in the opposite direction of the lounge and we followed his directions, whole-hearted. We were soon lost in the meat packing district.
During our lost travels, we discovered we all were hungry. Trying to find APT we stumbled onto a pizza truck. Yes, I said a truck that sells pizza.
But duckies...the pizza was divine. I devoured my slice before we crossed the second block from the pizza truck.
(There's a number on the truck to call. You better order now duckies. It was truly divine.)
Anywho, when we got to APT people outside kept saying "it really looks like someone's apartment."
LOL, we were in the meat packing district so I'm sure it wouldn't have looked like the picture above.
Security was tight so I couldn't get in. Dani stayed a little while after with her beau And because the crew was only down for group things, we decided to hop in a cab and go home.
I appreciate Kelly, Graham, Carrie and Natalie. They really wanted to go inside of the lounge but since I was unable to, they didn't have a problem leaving. Those are true people-friends. Let's give them a round of applause duckies.
Okay, enough of my life. Let's get to some Words of Wisdom.
"You cannot serve two opposing parties and expect to be treated as a pure-bred equal: it is unfair and hypocritical. You're either on one team or the other. If you choose to play for both teams, you'll grow tired and eventually run yourself to the end. Just make sure the team you're on is what you truly want and believe in."
Okay duckies, my editor's assistant is out until the 20th so I have to work, work, work!
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.
Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson
PS. Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams' video is finally out! Watch it here!