Monday, March 9, 2009

The Slopes

Duckies, OMG. This weekend has been so sasstasic...and sometimes not in a good way. But I survived and that's what counts most. There was sooooo much drama. I felt like I was stuck in an episode of "The Hills."

(We'll call Hartford "The Slopes" since its always flooding.)

You know how "The Hills" doesn't have any real drama: someone getting hit by a car, declaring bankruptcy, going to rehab? No one even cuts themselves while chopping food in the kitchen.

Well that's exactly how it was this weekend.

More importantly, there were so many divine was insane.

Shout-out to Josh, Gideon, Andrea, Penelope, Victoria, Diana, Phillip, Sarah, Alyssa, Shane, Mara, Nik, Molly Red, Bill, Steph, Samantha, Alice, BB, Francis, Monica, Yunie, Rockstar, Graham, Evy and anyone else I forgot.

I had fun. Toward the end of Friday night Mara, Samantha, Alice, Francis and I were relaxing and conversing. All of sudden we spot some books Samantha has to read for her student teaching. These books were so emo!

I remember this one book: "Flyaway Home." It was about an impoverished father and son who lived in an airport because they couldn't afford to live in a house. It was so wrong and we were so into those books. It was like "The Pursuit of Happyness: Airport Blues."

Kids need to enjoy their lives before we ravish them with the uglies of the world: they are the future!

Anywho, the next day (Saturday) I went shopping with Monica and Yunie. It was magnificent.

I purchased a few (HOT) shirts, a ring and a chic facial cleanser. I had so much fun. It was a true adventure and my spirits are so high right now. I'm like two good deeds away from being Jesus' publicist. Wooohuh!

Later on in that night I hung out with the A-List kids and the jetsetters: we move the world!

We stayed in: gossiped and swallowed juicy news, poked fun at each other's beauty and spoke about our futures. It was marvelous. Soon thereafter Alyssa and I were having jam sessions to "If I Were A Boy" and other hits. (You are the true definition of a queen, darling.)

In other news, last night Sigma Nu had their (revamped) annual Steak Dinner.

It was scrumptious. My people-friends and I were in V.I.P. and we kicked back, soaking in the glamour. Ugh, the aura of class that exuded from the event was so regal. And the paparazzi were going Gaga at our tables.

Speaking of celebrities, there was a fabulous performance by "Fergie" at the steak dinner.

I loved your red dress, you sexy sugar-muffin; just wanna take a bite out of your supple face and sell it on eBay. Wooohuh!

Enough with the celebrity dishes, let's clean this post up with some "Words of Wisdom."

"The only person in the way of your dreams is yourself. Big dreams can be accomplished if you commit yourself to the task and do whatever it takes. Believe in yourself and love your life. Magical things will happen."

With that being said you beautiful duckies, it's time for me to hit the sack.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson