Monday, March 25, 2013

In Love

Hey there duckies!  I'm sure all is well on your end...and if things aren't just know that everything will be in time.
Loves, I am so in love...with my job.  I know it's only been a week (and it's only training/orientation) but I absolutely love working at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Tomorrow will be my first day in my actual department--Bridal Registry--and I'm so excited.  My direct manager seems so fun and I feel like we're going to have a great time working together.  I think I'm an invaluable employee because I always put 100% into every task given, if it's just doing something on Microsoft Excel.
Oh! You know how every job comes with a manual about your company, covering topics like sexual harassment, fraternizing, and other important matters?  Well I read the entire manual and I found out something interesting.
I discovered that since I am now an employee of the company and that I mention the company in my blog, I must make a disclaimer.  Well, here is my official disclaimer as a Bed Bath and Beyond employee.

I, Antoine Gardner, an employee of Bed Bath and Beyond, as of March 18, 2013, hereby inform the readers of this blog that I am expressing only my opinion and no one else's on this social media platform.  I will not post confidential matters about my employer on this platform and everything posted here is solely my opinion and my opinion alone.  Thank you.

Anyway, now that that's taken care of let's get to something juicy.  Remember the hottie I was talking about last time?
Well he's just a great guy.  He's too young for my liking, meaning we can't even legally go out for drinks, but he seems like a real cool dude.  I would definitely enjoy being his friend outside of work, as well as being a cordial co-worker.  In addition, there's tons of eye candy at my store anyway to keep my entertained...but I will NEVER approach someone about pursuing a romantic/intimate relationship and/or fling because I don't fuck where I eat, for the most part.
I think I'm going to really enjoy this job because the people at my job are in my age bracket, for the most part, so I'll be able to converse and relate to them.  At my other jobs people were usually older than me and all they wanted to talk about was my youthful and crazy life or something old people talk about, like retirement, children, and their dislike of Lady Gaga.
In other news, I've developed a slight crush on someone and recently exchanged numbers with them.  He is so dreamy.
He's a "friend of a friend" and right when I met him I had a feeling he was a person that listened to "my kind of music."  We exchanged numbers and one day we both got really intoxicated--well, I can't speak for him; I know I was--and I shot him some texts telling him that I found him extremely attractive.  And guess what he said?  "Wow, thank you.  I think you're very handsome and you have a pretty smile."
Do you know how quickly my jaw dropped and how fast my face turned red?  Thank God he wasn't standing in front of me.  I probably would have tried to steal a kiss.  The fact that this dude even uttered those words, even if they were just friendly and platonic made me feel so...noticed.  He's one of those people who is as beautiful outside as they are inside, as far as I know.
Anywho, we kept conversing via text and then I asked if he was single.  He told me he was currently trying to get out of a relationship that wasn't working out anymore.
I feel a bit indifferent about this update because four things could happen:
1) He could hash things out with his significant other and they could get back with each other;
2) He could end things with his partner and he could just want to be single for awhile;
3) He could terminate the relationship and make me his rebound;
4) He could end things with his dude and end up not wanting to be with me.

Although, I wouldn't mind dating him as soon as he's available, I wouldn't want to pressure him into anything.  I'm not that kind of dude.  But I wouldn't mind getting to know him.  He seems like such a sweet guy and whatever choice he makes would be cool.  I mean, just being friends with him would even tickle my fancy.  Do you know how hard it is to find real gay friends in the city without them trying to fuck you?  It's damn near impossible.
But regardless of what happens, I'm just going to focus on me.  I've been trying to find a stable job and now I have it.  It's time to keep this job so I can attain my next goal, which is to move out...AND NEVER COME BACK!
(Okay, I mean never come back in regards to me starting my true independence.  I didn't mean I wouldn't come back to visit. I love my family!)
(The above picture isn't my family--obviously--but you get the point.)

Have you guys heard Justin Timberlake's new album?! Oh-my-Jesus-on-a-bicycle!
(I can't believe I found an image of Jesus on a bicycle.  The Internet, i swear.)
Anyway, back to JT's album!

"The 20/20 Experience" is a divine masterpiece.  I am proud to say that I am a Justin Timberlake fan because his musicianship has really matured and this album really showcases his vocal talents and musicality.  I was floored at how wonderfully every song flowed into the next.  (I'm currently listening to it right now actually.  I can't stop!)  He only has a total of 10 songs on his album, including his first single off the album "Suit & Tie," but the album is over an hour long.  The average length of a song has to be around 7 minutes but it doesn't feel like that at all.  Justin Timberlake has truly come back to the relevancy of chart-topping hits once again, like he never missed a beat.
Oh! I keep forgetting to mention this duckies.  I have an Instagram account and you should follow me.  I mean everyone in their right mind should.  My Instagram handle/username is Antoinelikesbeer.  (Click here or any mention of Instagram on this page to go to my profile to follow me.) I mean, if you know me, you know I love beer, especially Sapporo.
I think it's time for a new Word of the Week.
This Word of the Week is actually an acronym.
D.I.T.Y. (pronounced "dih-tee"): Did It To Yourself; getting yourself into a situation knowingly; not minding one's business; being nosy.
Ex: "Tommy, you got arrested because you were stupid enough to smoke a joint in front of your building and not inside like a smart person. You d.i.t.y.!"

Now for some Words of Wisdom:
"Most people talk about doing something with their lives, only to watch it without trying to change it for the better.   How do you expect to stand out and progress if you're sitting down?  Take charge of every situation you're in and make sure to tweak it so you end as the winner in every situation.  If you don't come out as the winner get off the floor, dust yourself off, and try again.  This is your life."

Okay my loves. I hope you all have a wonderful week and sexy weekend.

I love you for reading.

-Gabriel Anderson