Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've made Peace that I'm a NightHawk

Duckies, hello there! I've finally made peace that I'm a major nighthawk.

The "Word of the Week" is:
NightHawk - One who functions efficiently and effectively when the Sun has set; functionally nocturnal creature; Gabriel Anderson.
Ex: "I can never really get into the hustle-and-bustle of the morning. I like doing work at night; I'm a nighthawk!"

It's after 1AM and I am so energized. I am so in love with the mysteries of the moon and routine cloak of darkness. I feel so nefarious.

Speaking of nefarious, I cannot wait to see "Haunting in Connecticut."
I know you've all seen the previews for the movie: they're everywhere and scary as $hit.

I'm scared of it already by the frequent previews leaking into PrimeTime TV trailer-commercials. Wooohuh!
Please don't take my soul, Mr. "Creepy-Tattoo-Possessed" man.
On the note of scary, I forgot to tell you ...MY BLACKBERRY STORM CASE IS BROKEN!
(The phone is fine...but the case is defeated!)

When I was in the city waiting on my train (subway for non-New Yorkers) platform and everyone was looking at me...peon papparzzi!
Anywho, I tried to be debonair and walk to the last train car, entranced to my BlackBerry's playing of Lady Gaga.
I was a few steps away when my BlackBerry fell out my pocket and scattered like legos: the case opened in half (as it usually does), the BlackBerry battery back fell off and one half of the case's corner was broken.
>>>DEVESTATION! I lost about 17 Cool points that day.

But to get my cool points back Rockstar and I are having our weekly radio show:
"Rar-Rar w/ Rockstar and DJ Squiggz" will be on Wednesday night, 9pm to 10pm:
(Any and everyone)
>Listen/watch us at
(On campus ONLY)
>Channel 5 on your TV
>105.3 FM (if you own a lol)

In other news, I'll be hosting they "Day of Poetry: Poetry Slam" on April 6th!

The Day of Poetry is April 6th! The Poetry slam is going to be at the Hawk's Nest and it starts at 7:30pm!
Immediately afterwards, is an open mic (around 9PMish). This means you can share your work with the world (of Hawk's Nest lol).

Don't be afraid of poetry duckies; poetry is a form of literature, conveying an experience on an elevated level.
(That was sooo deep lol)

On that philosophical note, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."
"To disassociate yourself from a culture of lackadaisical habits, you must evoke a sense of self-appreciation. Ask yourself if this is worth becoming and if it's affecting you negatively, remove yourself from the situation. Every action has a consequence."

I would like to give credit to Steph Lab who called me a NightHawk tonight: give her a hand. She helped develop the "Word of the Week." Love you girl; congratulations on your successful presentation yesterday!
Graham, I had a marvelous late night snack at Konover. Gossip is so juicy, especially if it's over cookies and sandwiches. Ride or die!
LOL okay duckies, I have some homework to do.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson