Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday

Hey sexy! I hope you duckies had enough fun this weekend to carry you through the week because today is Monday!
Who am I kidding?! I'm so tired. But you know what duckies?! I'm pushing through and keeping busy.
This weekend was pretty chill for my tastes though. On Thursday evening...I stayed home.
Graham called me and invited me down to the Village to hang out with him and Roger. (Mind you he called me around 10:45pm. I was in my pajamas and I was half-awake when I answered his phone call. Plus, it would have taken me an hour to reach them, that's if the trains' weren't being a$$holes lol.)
I declined the offer...and I'm glad I did because all I remember is waking up hours later, with my BlackBerry under my cheek lol.
The thing is duckies, when you become A-List and busy, you're more exhausted than you think. You're always busy and doing something and when you get a chance to rest...your body is like "Yes!!! Time to rest. Initiate system shut-down!"

On the following evening, Friday, Elle Fox paid me a visit and we chatted it up a bit. Then we decided to go to the park near my house to get our childhood fix: we swung on the swings!

We had a blast.
Immediately afterward we hopped in a cab and went to Graham's apartment. He was doing homework so we had to stop him from doing such blasphemous things on a Friday night.
The three of us laughed, drank, watched crap TV and ravished the beautiful creature we call the night.

Being the hard-working man that he is, Graham fell asleep around 2AM...but Elle and I were wide-awake. I wanted to go on an I needed to go on an adventure, ergo, I suggested we go to the 24hr Starbucks down in Union Square. Elle was a bit reluctant at first but she agreed when she saw the desire in my eyes.
We took the 2 train downtown and when we got on the was completely empty. Elle and I didn't think it was creepy. We saw it as a time to express our creative selves through dance!
At first it started off with swaying and lip-syncing lyrics.

Then we started dancing hardcore.

Then it escalated into hanging upside-down from poles, pole-dancing, running back and forth on our "contained metal stage," jumping from seat to seat and pulling out the big moves: the elite freestyle choreography.

We were jamming lol.
Our 2am train dance had to be one of the most invigorating experiences of my life!

When our stop came along we trucked it over to discover it was no longer a 24hr Starbucks! They changed their hours and it so happened that they closed at midnight on Fridays now.

Elle was pissed! (And so was I.)
We ended up picking up two medium Iced Mocha McCafes from McDonald's. They were pretty good but it didn't compare to the dark roast of Starbucks. (I want a grande Caramel Macchiato so bad right now. YUM!)

Duckies, I'd like to take a moment to thank Elle Fox. I felt in my bones: she didn't want to go to Starbucks at 2am because she was tired. But when you're a true friend, you don't complain. Elle, I want to thank you for being such a doll for joining me on our coffee adventure. I had a blast jamming with you on the train and I love everything about you. You're always there for me and I appreciate you. Call me and I'm there...but you know this already chica lol. I love you Elle!

Anywho, the following day, Saturday, guess what I did? I slept the day away again lol.

I was tired from that late night coffee-adventure-run. But I did happen to watch "Max Payne: The Movie."

The game was awesome and the movie is just as amazing. The concept is crazy and it makes you think about friends, who to trust and the nefarious deeds "good" companies do under the radar.
Go check it out!

In other news, I stumbled upon a new SummerBoy on Saturday night!

We'll call him Richard.
Richard is a very attractive 21 year-old from the Bronx. I'm just starting to get to know him and I must say...I am very impressed: his parents raised him well.
He has an impeccable body, a quick mind and he has goals. Duckies, I don't even think he should be called a SummerBoy because that comes with bad connotations and implies that he's only worth a season of my time.
Richard is a SunKing, one who reigns supreme in Summer and shines just as as fiercely during other seasons.
The weird thing is Richard is also a summer Leo, he wants a bulldog, we have the same exact Dell laptop, we love "True Blood" and we're both hot lol.
If time reveals a platonic relationship between us, I wouldn't mind. He seems too genuine a person to let go just because we didn't build a "boyfriend" relationship.

Anywho, on Sunday evening...I invited Jamal over.
Now duckies, I thought it would just be a "1-2-3-fcuk-me" but it wasn't.

Until yesterday I forgot how I felt when I was with Jamal.
Not only did I not care about him standing me up a couple weeks back--because he was so close and so warm against me--I was willing to start-over with him. (This could have been the result of the amazing sex we had once he came into the house lol).
It was nice to nestle into his supple, smooth body for an evening...but I have to remember that Jamal is an ex for a reason. He's crazy when he's not around me but when he is, he's as harmless as a 100% cotton teddy bear.
As much as the idiotic part of my brain wants to hold onto our expired relationship, I have to remember that Jamal is full of sassbreakers.

The new word of the week is:

Sassbreaker-1) Acts of sass that push your buttons so far that you're simply "over it."
2) Sassy and tired excuses.
3) Dealbreakers

"I can't believe Jamal invited me to his apartment and didn't bother to let me in. I'm tired of his sassbreakers."

Okay duckies. Enough of my life. Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"The common cause for mistakes is misinformation. Mistakes are bound to happen but if a simple question could have prevented a mistake from happening, then maybe you should inquire about life a little more. Never be afraid to learn duckies. Questions help you grow."

I wrote a poem about my Union Square experience with Elle Fox on Saturday. I won't share it with you today because I have to get back to work. (I'll give it to you duckies tomorrow.)
Before you go, make sure to check out Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" and "Broken-Hearted Girl" music videos.
She's brilliant...and so are you!

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned. Happy Monday!

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson