Friday, April 10, 2009

Taco Gun

Duckies, it has been a loooooooooooooooooong day. I am so drained. I got so much sleep last night; I slept for like nine hours but that didn't help. (Blogging at 3am doesn't help much either lol.) But you know what duckies?! I am not going to let it beat me down.

(*I am not the Black Ranger by default. I am a mix between Tommy and Kimberly. I'm Timberly, the Phite Ranger!)

Speaking of Power Rangers , I wish we had them patrolling my campus because OMG...there was a lockdown on campus today.

Today--at approximately 5:20pm--two armed vigilantes (STRANGERS) came onto our campus and held two students at gunpoint.

I'm trying to find an article on the incident and nothing is coming up. It was on primetime news in CT!!! (If you duckies have the link post it in this post's comment section.) For those who were held at gunpoint, I am so sorry that happened. I know one of your personally, through a certain on-campus job, and I am so sorry. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I know it's hard--with this happening and all--but think positive duckie, even when the world feels like it's closing in on you.

OH! We need a new "Phrase of the Week."
This week's is:
WTFIGO?! (pronounced wuht-duh-fee-go; you say it like "What the feego?!") - What the fcuk is going on?!; an internal labyrinth of confusing; total oblivion to your current state of being.
"Even though its the first episode of the 'Real World Road Rules Duel 2' I have no idea WTFIGO?!"

Anywho, in regard to the manner of walls closing in on me...I was stuck in a room for nearly a half-an-hour. My artist people-friend Steph and I were tired of all the noise and random people of this social gathering so we decided to go into Steph's room to relax. We were talking about Lady Gaga, art, good news in our lives and current events. I shared some of my poetry with her and she loved it! We're thinking of collaborating our arts soon!
She told me some awesome news about her future, too;congratulations babychild!!! I love when friends tell me wonderful things about their lives. It's just magical.
After the good news Steph and I were interrupted by our friends, banging on the door for us to let them in; they wanted to be A-List too. So Steph and I go to open the door...and it won't budge.

Unfortunately about a week ago someone forgot their cigarettes in Steph's room and trying to be a hero, a friend busted through the door, destroying the lock's functionality. So when we closed the door, not knowing the inside latch--on the actual door--was loose, we jammed it. Whenever we pulled on the door the lock went the opposite way, wedging itself in the door frame, disabling any type of movement.
We were yelling for our friends but they were in the other room conversing. This one girl was really annoying and didn't quote grasp the concept that we were locked-in. When she came to the door she didn't listen to us and she thought we were trying to lock her out.
Memo to you duckies: if I'm cursing at you, I'm being serious. And if my voice gets really calm and deep this means I want you to listen to me and comprehend every word because I usually have a doable solution. Don't be difficult and don't ignore me when I'm telling you to do something that will help us in the long run.
Being claustrophobic, I handled myself extremely well; I was very calm and I was actually helping Steph relax. (I knew it was gonna be alright babychild you!) What felt like hours later (it was only 30 minutes) the same dude who broke down the door before, did it again to get us out. We were finally free!

I went outside to get some air afterwards--stopping by another social gathering of my people-friends--and then I came back to relax with Steph. By the time I got back she was in her bed and watching episodes of "The Office." The fifth season of the American version of "The Office is hilarious!!!"

After watching the first episode of the fifth season of "The Office" I asked if we could watch HBO's "True Blood" and Steph said okay.



Steph loves the show. I must admit we were both falling asleep while watching it but Steph suggested we have a Season One Party before the second season comes out. I told her Rockstar loves the series too and she got really excited. I can't wait for our "True Blood" Season One Party!

With the recent news and sass, I think it's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"It is only how we deal the aftermath of events that we know how prepared we are for the future. Do not let anything stop you from enjoying your life, as long as you aren't doing any harm to others. Believe in yourself and you will prevail."

I forgot to mention that I have a Twitter account now duckies. Click here to follow me. Be like Nike...just do it! Graham actually made the account for me. (Thanks Graham!) He made it for me in the library and this is when I started conversing with Nelson.
Nelson is the fcuking man. He's so level-headed and generous. He had Taco Bell in front of him--which he wasn't touching and didn't open--and I was talking to Graham about how hungry I was. Nelson offered me his Taco Bell!!! At first I didn't accept the offer but my stomach replied "Gabriel, stop being such a proud A-Lister. When you're hungry, you're hungry!" I took Nelson up on his offer after the second time he offered it to me.

Nelson, I am in love with you dude. You're amazing. I haven't had that much time to eat more than one meal a day recently because I'm always on the move. I just want to thank you publicly and I want to share with the world how beautiful you are as a person. Thank you dude and thank you for being you. I might come stop by your library football game tomorrow.

Okay duckies, I need to go to bed lol. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson