Monday, June 18, 2012

Simply Smitten

Evening duckies.  I hope all is well on your end.  Things have been just magical for me.  Nothing has changed really...except that I have a SummerBoy.  Yes, Antonio finally seems to be coming around and confessed that he just wants one person to himself.
He's just the cutest and he's so entertaining.  We pretty much spent the majority of the week with each other and didn't get tired of each other.  We sometimes would see each other more than once a day.  I like this kid, like I can see him staying around for awhile and I'm not ashamed to say it.
One of my friends told me that talking about a "fresh relationship," regardless of what your intentions are, jinxes it...but I don't care about that superstitious shit LOL.  To think negatively about a situation based on an old wives' tale is frivolous.  I believe sharing our feelings is pertinent to being human.  Yes, I am sharing it with basically the entire world (I wish I had that many page views LOL) but I'm doing it in a very human way.  For those reading this now, I consider you a dear friend because not only am I dishing out private details of my life, I try to use them as examples of the human struggle. 
Oh my God! This might be a little early for the post but I'm ready for some "Words Of Wisdom."

"Nothing in this world is perfect but it's through the use of our imperfections that we truly see and appreciate the beauty in the world.  Fall in love with the atypical.  Kick boring out of your life and get a little spicy."

I haven't told Antonio that I've blogged about him and I don't know how I would feel if he found out.  So from now on I'm only going to share things that are really important or vital to the growth (or demise) of a relationship.  

The thing is we're not even dating.  I've just been seeing him for less than two weeks and he's left quite an impression.  I just hope everything goes well and that Antonio becomes more than just a SummerBoy...that's all I really want.

Anywho, the most embarrassing thing happened to me today.  I was at CVS today. I went there to by myself some enemas. 

Before you even judge me, hear me out.  As a gay male bottom I am obligated to have my "rear entrance" clear of all traffic whenever I plan on having fun back there.  In order to do this I have to buy enemas or saline magnesium laxatives.  I am a special case because I'm lactose intolerant and my favorite foods are rich in lactose/dairy.  Ergo, if I were to take any deliveries to the "rear entrance" before ridding myself of all the traffic...
You get the picture? LOL, I know pretty graphic but you caught my drift. Let's get back to the story.

To make the trip the least embarrassing I make sure to go to self-checkout and hold the box a certain way so no one can spot the items in my hand, when walking through the aisles.  I was buying a double-pack so I have to double my ninja hand concealment techniques.
I was inserting my coins to finalize my purchase and all of a sudden the last few coins got stuck.  I tried punching and shaking the machine to clear the jam, but "Hulking" it wasn't working.
I had to get the manager called over a few times before he finally came over to dismantle the machine.  Before he came over two employees came over to try and help and didn't have the key...but they did have enough time to look in my bag to see the big emboldened letters reading "CVS READY-TO-USE ENEMAS: DOUBLE-PACK."  (I do recommend the CVS brand over Fleet because Fleet makes your day about the bathroom and only the bathroom.)  But talk about embarrassing!  A 23 year-old man buying a double-pack of enemas and his coins get stuck in the machine and he needs assistance from the manager because he's holding up the lines.
I find it ironic that I was trying to buy something that would "clear traffic" when I was literally causing traffic in the store.

I was thinking about writing a book sometime in the near future.  I feel like it would be a best-seller because there are some things I haven't even told my soulmates or family.  Life isn't always pretty and I've seen and experienced some dirty things.  I think it's time to let everyone know that life goes on and beauty prospers.  Plus I have all the time in the world now being all unemployed and everything.  I mean J.K. Rowling was homeless and now she's a billionaire.
The only thing that frightens me about writing this book and getting it published is the reaction from my family.  I am not financially independent yet and if this book doesn't do well I might have to shack up in a shelter LOL.  You know what?!  Life is all about taking risks.  Jump into dark waters and if something eats you alive, at least you knew you had the courage to do it.
My precious show "Teen Wolf" is coming on soon so let me share with you a word that I've been using for awhile now.  Let's get to this week's "Word of the Week."

Glee (adjective): To describe someone as effeminate or slang for someone who is gay.
Gleeginator (noun): Someone so homosexual that he/she had to be the original gays of the universe.

Example: (glee) "Carol's son is such a fan of Broadway show tunes.  He sure is awfully glee.
Example: (gleeginator) "Why is everyone so surprised that Ricky Martin is gay?  Did you not see his wardrobe?  He paved the way for the gays; he's a true gleeginator!

Okay loves, it's time for me to go.  Make sure to check out "Teen Wolf" on MTV, Mondays at 10PM (EST).
I love you for reading.

Stay Sassy.
-Gabriel Anderson