Monday, December 22, 2008

Sass for Sale at Bloomingdales

Well hello beautiful. I know all is well. I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit. I usually buy something that gets me in the spirit but my recent splurge on family gifts has made me cheerier than ever. Plus, in the office kitchen (I'm at work, on my lunch break, blogging) there are always holiday cookies.

I took like five! They're so good and every bite I take gets me closer to Santa; he's real by the way. (Maybe the white powder on the cookie was crack) But I don't care. I'm so happy. Oh! There was some sass this weekend.

As you know I love shopping and my favorite store in the world is Bloomingdales. So I asked Mommy (love her) if we could go shopping...and she said yes! I got a purple Joseph and Lyman crew neck sweater, a Burberry Teddy Bear and the new Burberry cologne, "The Beat." I'm wearing "The Beat" right now and it smells so good. It makes me wink at myself in the mirror; rar-rar! the sass mobile!

A very close family friend is having a baby shower in January and we were looking for a gift. We went to the children's floor of Bloomy's and we saw these adorable Uggs for infants! We picked out the small baby pink ones, with the laced back. They almost made me cry from their beauty. Well anyway, we were sifting through the boxes and suddenly a Bloomy's clerk reaches in front of my mother, without saying "excuse me." It wasn't like a "I'm going to reach for this and not be in your way" type of reach. It was "OMG, you're in my personal bubble" reach. My mother didn't notice but I did. Seeing this I got my family's attention asking:

"You know what I don't miss about New York?"
"What?" my mother, sister and Grandmother asked in unison.
"The fact that people don't say 'excuse me' anymore," I replied, looking directly into the clerk's eyes.
The clerk tried to give me a sassy expression but her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. A smile curled my lips and I knew it was frightening to see. The clerk quickly averted my glare. I looked away from the embarrassed clerk and said:
"Gabriella and I will be downstairs looking for more Christmas gifts. Our cell phone are on."
And with that, we went down the escalor. I had my S.D.A. fully-functionally! (For those who are sassily-challenged, an S.D.A. is a sass-deflective-action.)

Other than that nothing much has happened. I am rekindling the flame with my ex Nick. He's such a gorgeous creature. Anyway let's get to the quote for today, Dec 22nd:

"Adding unnecessary weight that drags you down won't help you or the person who's weight is on your shoulders. Tend to what you can and when you have spare time (and strength), lend a helping hand."

My lunch break is now over. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true kids.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson