Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello Coporate America

First and foremost...

Happy birthday Kevin Blohm! I didn't want you to sass me so I posted this before anything. I wish you the best 20th birthday ever. Also, what you wrote on your Red Cap evaluation sheet still warms my heart. Love you man! This is your day so rape it. (that was dirty lol)

Hello duckies! Today is such a turbulent Tuesday, turbulent in a good way though. My office phone is ringing off the hook, my inbox keeps getting higher and emails keep appearing every minute. But I'm totally fine with that. I'd rather be busy than bored out of my mind. I did sign up for this, this being Corporate America.

As an intern for HarperCollins I get to see the transformation of submissions: either they're returned to sender or they transform into a beautiful, selling manuscripts. Every day is different. There hasn't been a day where I had to do the exact thing over and over again. Everyone here is so friendly too. Maybe because I'm efficient. Plus, just about everyone here has a BlackBerry, so I fit right in lol.
However, Blackbird--my precious BlackBerry Storm--is disconnected once again.

I went home yesterday and asked Gabriella if her phone was disconnected too and she said no. She proved it by calling my phone from hers! The funny/sad thing about it we're all on a family plan and only my phone is off. It's kind of backwards that my phone is disconnected because I'm the one that uses it most. I actually bring my phone everywhere I go and I'm always out the house. It just makes sense to keep mine on. Gabriella just stays home all day: she can use the house phone lol, it still works.
I'm just so over living at home with my family right now. I live in a four-family house and my grandmother owns it...which means even my landlord knows all my business lol. I have privacy--to an extent--but we all know how nosey family members can get. Right after graduation, I know I'll have a decent paying job and I'll move out and be roomies with Graham (aka--follow him on Twitter--@rjjason). Note to Graham: Save your pennies. I want our starter apartment to go down in the books.

In other news, last night I stumbled upon the movie THE KITE RUNNER. I would always surf through channels and see it playing but I would bypass it. I though it would be lame but it is a masterpiece of a film.

The film focuses on the central character, Amir, and his childhood. Amir is a wealthy boy who has a servant named Hassan. When they were kids Amir betrayed Hassan, something quite devilish duckies. As time passes the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and Amir and his father flee to America. Years pass and Amir becomes an American-Afghan novelist and later discovers that Amir is murdered...but left an orphaned son, Sorhab. That's all I'll share about the movie. Even though it looks like I gave you the entire synopsis, there's a lot more to the movie.

(UPDATE: My dad just called me and said my phone should be on by the time I get home! Yaaaaaaay!)

Anywho, after THE KITE RUNNER I flicked through the channels and stumbled onto SHOWGIRLS. I'm sure you've seen it before but if you haven't seen SHOWGIRLS, you can borrow my DVD lol.

Some people think it's porn. Some people think it sucks. I love this movie!!! It teaches the vital lesson about the cutthroat industry of show business. The moral of the movie is no one is untouchable: even though you earned the job, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed it forever. Also, when in Vegas hold onto the banister, don't trust sexy singers as parties, and watch out for clear pearls on the stage lol. For those who haven't seen it, beware of nudity. Nipples and bush are on the prowl!

Speaking of nipples, I am growing tired of my moobs (man-boobs). They've been around for years and I'm now fed up with them.

Past boyfriends loved them and even implored me not to work on my chest because they had too much fun with them. (I did have a couple of stray boyfriends lmao) But since I'm single and every gay male seems to be a Greek God nowadays I think it's time to rid myself of them. I'm losing weight--due to working so much and cutting back on eating--but all that does is make them bigger. They look bigger because my stomach is going down and my moobs can do nothing but sag, exaggerating their appearance. I wanted to get surgery but since both my TV and the living room TV died around the same time, the procedure is out of the question for awhile. (We're not cheap when it comes to technology.) Hmmmm, looks like I'm gonna have to hit the gym in my basement. The things I do to keep up with the kids!

Speaking of kids, a few weeks back (as a joke) I ordered the video tour DVD of my school (University of Hartford) for Gabriella. She wants to go to Georgetown, like hardcore, but I wanted her to see my school too. We started watching it and I was so taken aback.

This upcoming Fall commences my Senior year in college: it went by so fast. Where the hell have the years gone?! Watching the "candid" students in the DVD tour made me think about all my memories on campus, my first impressions of my school, how I wanted to transfer within a week of me arriving on campus--only because I didn't want to write an essay lol--and all the friends I've made. I had to hold back tears because I started thinking about graduation...ahhhhhhhhh! University of Hartford is my home away from home and in most cases... I feel like it's my real home. I LOVE YOU UHA!!! Woooohuh! Getting all emotional over here.

Okay duckies, let's get to some Words of Wisdom.

"It is selfish and conflicting to love and hate something truly: it leaves you in a constant state of flux. In order to determine your true feelings about something--or someone--evaluate its pros and cons. Determine this by coming to terms of what would benefit your well-being in the long run."
Okay duckies, as much as I love you I have to go and do some work. (Not to mention it's lunch time and all I had today was a cappuccino.)

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true, tuned and glamorous!

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson