Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Hello duckies! I'm back. I am sorry for the lack of posts. But today I feel like I'm on top of the world; life is giving me great vibes and rewards.

I have been swamped with so much superb life energy that I haven't been able to sit still. I'm finally chest cold-free and I feel awesome; Manufactured Defects called us On Air last night; I love life; I love Lady Gaga!

(SIDE NOTE: I feel kind of selfish but specially rewarded right now. This group needs a big pod computer and they asked how long I'm going to utilize the computer and I said I'd take a few hours. Guys, blogging is my life. Be considerate of my passion. K. Love you. Bye)

First thing, Manufactured Defects called Rockstar and I's radio show last night! (Shout-out to Josh and Jed for calling in!) They are such amazing people and we love them. Their music is amazing and if you didn't tune into the show last night you missed out on something spectacular.

Josh plays the guitar and does lead vocals and Jed (trooper!) plays drums and contributes to harmony and blending vocals. They are insane. We played their music, had a few laughs and it was an all-around Bromance. Rockstar and I are going to make them what they deserve to be. They are humbled and extremely talented individuals and the fiery passion that burns in them will soon devour the Billboard charts. Play on Man Def!

In other news, my friend Kyle is moving to Cali--with like the rest of the A-List crew--and we are always on the phone for hours. We were on the phone until daytime minutes 6AM! WTFIGO?! Anywho, we both have (get ready for it) psychic abilities.

I am not crazy (says the blogger with the demon inside of him lol). I always have impeccable timing when it comes to decisions I believe in. It's as if the world sends me a big signal for me to execute its will. It can be a bit mind-boggling and create a mass of anxiety in the middle of your chest--no I do not have chest problems lol--but it's amazing. I can give people positive energy...but when I'm mad I blackout. That's when Baklahdah takes his cue and punishes those who sass.

Anywho, I did laundry on Tuesday afternoon and OMG it made my life. I saw clothes that I haven't seen in ages. I forgot I had such beautiful garments waiting to be washed and worn. Wooohuh! So while I'm doing laundry I notice a spill of detergent and water: it was pretty much a slippery lawsuit waiting to happen.
Anyway, I'm walking back and forth, putting my wet clothes into different dryers--(memo to duckies: I usually have to use four washing machines and four dryers to complete one laundry session lol)--and people were darting across the laundry area to get dryers. But unlike everyone else, I had to be the one who slipped on the slippery cocktail. I didn't fall duckies, I did a gravity-defying split...twice!

It was pretty graceful and embarrassing...but I'm a survivor and I love life.

Ok. We need to get to the "Word of the Week."

The new Word of the Week is...
Pit-Stop Friends - People who benefit your life for an interval of years and afterwards your friendship falters dramatically; place holders for future people-friends.
"My pit-stop friends were the people that molded me. I am now a great people-friend to my fellow A-Listers because of it."

Wooohuh! Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom!"

"Never let yourself down. It is useless and malicious to believe that you can actually dissatisfy your own potential. Mistakes are the kisses of success. Success drives you and the true belief in yourself will extract success from your inner-self. Keep believing duckies."

OH SASS! I need to get Lady Gaga tickets.

She's coming to Six Flags on May 3rd and I was asked by a special gentlemen to go with him! (I will give you the scoop on his A-List status later.)
But anyway duckies I have to go. Quoron--sitting right next to me, so the group doesn't come over here and take this pod computer--and I are going to lunch now.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

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Monday, April 13, 2009

I Have Risen

As blasphemous as this blog post's title sounds duckies, I have. I have been in bed practically all weekend. I didn't even go to class today. I was so under the weather. Deep breaths would lead to coughing fits, laying in bed would cause sweating, staying up to watch a movie would drain me...I was a mess. I am now regaining my health. I had to commit myself to homemade rehab; my body convinced me that it was time.
Due to my health, traveling was an absolute "no-no" so I had to stay on campus this weekend. I couldn't greet Jesus with my family.
And you know what?! Campus was a wasteland. I literally saw a bag of Doritos tumbling in the wind, across the campus' village lawn. That never happens duckies! I was in No-Man's Land.
Luckily, Michelle, Ari, Cris, Shoshana, Steph, Debb and Lauren were here to save me...although the true survivors of the weekend were Ari, Michelle, ShoShana and Cris. These girls helped me regain my strength. They told me to relax and I did. I finally relaxed duckies. We watched "The Devil Wears Prada," a little bit of "Friends with Money" and "The House Bunny." The hardest decisions I made all weekend was my outfit choice. Despite my lack of wellness (style should not take toll because of your physical well-being) I changed more than once in a given day. Like I said before duckies, dress how you want to feel: accentuate your ego, caress your desires and wear your psyche around your cuff-links.
Anywho, these fabulous ladies made my weekend bearable and festive. Michelle, I love our adventures and how much we love fresh air. Thank you for coming to my room--so I wouldn't have to go alone--to get my DVD collection case. Steph, thank you for being my center this weekend. I'm so glad you like "True Blood" now. Ari, baby girl I love that we both have an obsession with Beyonce, (thanks for trying to wake me up with "Halo"). Cris, I love your crystal and your beautiful presence (we need to hang out more). All I have to say is...
Oh! I got some juicy news. Somehow Nick is trying to get back in my life (not the biggest shocker) and he told me he's getting a full-ride to Yale's graduate program, plus a stipend next year!
Congratulations Nick! I am so proud of you; chase your dreams!
But I have a confession.
I love hearing good news from friends and sometimes I get carried away when I hear great news from past lovers. However, as A-List as you are, it's never going to work out. Every time we get back together its fine for a couple months then we're both looking for the best way to break it off. I think friends would be the best option right now because we can still converse and stuff. But anything further than friendship, at this moment, doesn't seem manageable. Of course it'll take work from both our ends (especially mine because I still have deep feelings for you) but I need to move on and test the waters. I'm only twenty-years young and the world wants more than a sample; they want all of Gabriel and I'm ready to bare as much as necessary!

Duckies, there was some hardcore dabble about marriage coming from Nick's side of the phone. But I thoroughly explained to him that my 20's are going to be about me. As much as I would love the idea of being the only one among my peers, in a semi-committal semi-stable relationship, I would much rather prefer enjoying my individual star lifestyle. I love you enough to not take this any further duckie.
Speaking of leaving before the Feds come in and bust the joint down (you'll understand if you watch the movie I'm about to mention), I am in love with the movie "Boiler Room."
After watching this movie...OMG, life is so clear. I know exactly how I'm going to shoot up to international stardom. In addition to my clear, cookie-cutter career choice my reasoning is impeccable. I can see through so much of society's acceptable bull$hit that sometimes I confuse myself because (in my head) I explain it so well that it seems ridiculous that I once saw the world as something unbeatable and impossible. The world is yours duckies...take it all and forgive others (only once and a half) lol!
In regards to taking it all, I wish I had a maid on campus, that could clean my apartment and efficiently take care of my laundry. I am very anal-retentive when it comes to my clothing because image is everything to me. If you can't take pride in your outfit then you shouldn't wear it. I am recovering from a chest cold and I was decked out in my black leather Calvin Klein shoots (shoe boots), black and white striped Adidas track pants, grey Red Cap t-shirt, huge black wool scarf, black peacoat and matching black skully cap. I looked damn good for someone coming out of a sickness-induced coma. Back to business, I wish I had less pride so I send my laundry out.
I love my stuff smelling like me, fresh. Ergo, I don't think I'll ever have anyone else do it again (unless I'm really sick). I love you Mommy but my laundry is a crucial part of my life. My clothes--sometimes, as superficial as it sounds--define my personality. My wardrobe is usually spunky and fun...just like me.
Wooohuh! Okay duckies, I think it's time for some "Words of Wisdom."
"Love your life. No matter what is happening, love it for the things you foresee in your future. Love your life because you're alive. Love your life because it's belong here for a reason duckie! Love every second because you can feel how beautiful it is to be you."
Sorry duckies but we need to start loving our lives more. Being sick, I am jealous of my bored days. When I was bored I fully capable: inhaling deeply without feeling the shaky remembrance of the mucus harbored in my abdomen, going about everyday liberties without the promise of draining my energy, laughing without being bombarded with harsh coughing. When I cough I feel like my throat is being force-fed coarse stones.

But I still love life duckies. This is merely a temporary pit-stop. Now it's time to relax and treasure. In a day or two I'll be attacking the world again, as if nothing happened.
Babychild! I forgot to mention that Alyssa and Rockstar were phenomenal at their lip sync performance today. Alyssa invited me to come see her performance for our school's annual Greek Week ceremonial/social event--and her sorority was matched-up with their soulmate fraternity--being held at Konover. The performances were superb but Alyssa's routine won 1st place.
I'm proud of you duckies!

Mike: Graham told me that you joined my FaceBook group "Gabriel Anderson Friends" and he quoted you--in a text--saying "I don't just join any group." I feel honored that you joined duckie. Tell your friends, spread the gospel of Gabriel Anderson. I love that you read it and I am glad that I can share my life with you. Thank you for being a treasured ruby. I truly appreciate you.
Graham: Sorry Monica and I took forever to meet you at Konover today. We were lallygagging for quite a bit and we lost track of time. Plus I'm sick so we had to walk at a moderate know with the whole thing of my chest being consumed by biggie lol. Anywho, I had a blast with you and Monica tonight. Thank you for making me laugh. Laughter is the best cure for any ailment. But always remember...CUT THE CORD! LOL
Monica: Babychild! You are my ride or die! Freshmen year, I remember coming up to your place all times of night and we would converse about life and you would always bring up that you heard me singing Beyonce earlier in the day. It sucks that we're not married anymore but its for the better. You know I only "enjoy" women after 3am on Saturdays nights! ONE NIGHT ONLY, aow! Love you.
Rockstar: Rockstar! We were BBMing each other and I found out you're sick too. Why are we sick? We don't deserve this one does. I'm guessing this is God's way of making us take a break from our A-List lives. I wish he was more subtle; maybe he'll mess with the reception of our BBM? Now that I think about it losing BBM is worse than a chest cold. We're surviving and I might wanna move to Cali with you in eight months. Wooohuh, get ready for it baby boy! (Or maybe not...we'll talk lol.)
Courtney/Innocent: OMG, Innocent. I couldn't believe you came into my room today, knowing I was sick, just to check-up on me. You were not afraid of the impending doom of the lurking germs in my room. You were concerned for my health and you braved it all. Courtney, you are such a delight to have in life. I am so glad I have you as a friend. You are a remarkable person and I can't wait for more Bad-A$$ and Innocent Adventures. I love you.
Okay duckies, I am too drained to do anything else but sleep right now. I'll probably do my laundry on Wednesday instead of tomorrow morning. Oh well! I still love life...just not enough to have my throat raped by rocks again lol.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Friday, April 10, 2009

Taco Gun

Duckies, it has been a loooooooooooooooooong day. I am so drained. I got so much sleep last night; I slept for like nine hours but that didn't help. (Blogging at 3am doesn't help much either lol.) But you know what duckies?! I am not going to let it beat me down.

(*I am not the Black Ranger by default. I am a mix between Tommy and Kimberly. I'm Timberly, the Phite Ranger!)

Speaking of Power Rangers , I wish we had them patrolling my campus because OMG...there was a lockdown on campus today.

Today--at approximately 5:20pm--two armed vigilantes (STRANGERS) came onto our campus and held two students at gunpoint.

I'm trying to find an article on the incident and nothing is coming up. It was on primetime news in CT!!! (If you duckies have the link post it in this post's comment section.) For those who were held at gunpoint, I am so sorry that happened. I know one of your personally, through a certain on-campus job, and I am so sorry. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I know it's hard--with this happening and all--but think positive duckie, even when the world feels like it's closing in on you.

OH! We need a new "Phrase of the Week."
This week's is:
WTFIGO?! (pronounced wuht-duh-fee-go; you say it like "What the feego?!") - What the fcuk is going on?!; an internal labyrinth of confusing; total oblivion to your current state of being.
"Even though its the first episode of the 'Real World Road Rules Duel 2' I have no idea WTFIGO?!"

Anywho, in regard to the manner of walls closing in on me...I was stuck in a room for nearly a half-an-hour. My artist people-friend Steph and I were tired of all the noise and random people of this social gathering so we decided to go into Steph's room to relax. We were talking about Lady Gaga, art, good news in our lives and current events. I shared some of my poetry with her and she loved it! We're thinking of collaborating our arts soon!
She told me some awesome news about her future, too;congratulations babychild!!! I love when friends tell me wonderful things about their lives. It's just magical.
After the good news Steph and I were interrupted by our friends, banging on the door for us to let them in; they wanted to be A-List too. So Steph and I go to open the door...and it won't budge.

Unfortunately about a week ago someone forgot their cigarettes in Steph's room and trying to be a hero, a friend busted through the door, destroying the lock's functionality. So when we closed the door, not knowing the inside latch--on the actual door--was loose, we jammed it. Whenever we pulled on the door the lock went the opposite way, wedging itself in the door frame, disabling any type of movement.
We were yelling for our friends but they were in the other room conversing. This one girl was really annoying and didn't quote grasp the concept that we were locked-in. When she came to the door she didn't listen to us and she thought we were trying to lock her out.
Memo to you duckies: if I'm cursing at you, I'm being serious. And if my voice gets really calm and deep this means I want you to listen to me and comprehend every word because I usually have a doable solution. Don't be difficult and don't ignore me when I'm telling you to do something that will help us in the long run.
Being claustrophobic, I handled myself extremely well; I was very calm and I was actually helping Steph relax. (I knew it was gonna be alright babychild you!) What felt like hours later (it was only 30 minutes) the same dude who broke down the door before, did it again to get us out. We were finally free!

I went outside to get some air afterwards--stopping by another social gathering of my people-friends--and then I came back to relax with Steph. By the time I got back she was in her bed and watching episodes of "The Office." The fifth season of the American version of "The Office is hilarious!!!"

After watching the first episode of the fifth season of "The Office" I asked if we could watch HBO's "True Blood" and Steph said okay.



Steph loves the show. I must admit we were both falling asleep while watching it but Steph suggested we have a Season One Party before the second season comes out. I told her Rockstar loves the series too and she got really excited. I can't wait for our "True Blood" Season One Party!

With the recent news and sass, I think it's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"It is only how we deal the aftermath of events that we know how prepared we are for the future. Do not let anything stop you from enjoying your life, as long as you aren't doing any harm to others. Believe in yourself and you will prevail."

I forgot to mention that I have a Twitter account now duckies. Click here to follow me. Be like Nike...just do it! Graham actually made the account for me. (Thanks Graham!) He made it for me in the library and this is when I started conversing with Nelson.
Nelson is the fcuking man. He's so level-headed and generous. He had Taco Bell in front of him--which he wasn't touching and didn't open--and I was talking to Graham about how hungry I was. Nelson offered me his Taco Bell!!! At first I didn't accept the offer but my stomach replied "Gabriel, stop being such a proud A-Lister. When you're hungry, you're hungry!" I took Nelson up on his offer after the second time he offered it to me.

Nelson, I am in love with you dude. You're amazing. I haven't had that much time to eat more than one meal a day recently because I'm always on the move. I just want to thank you publicly and I want to share with the world how beautiful you are as a person. Thank you dude and thank you for being you. I might come stop by your library football game tomorrow.

Okay duckies, I need to go to bed lol. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Dear Duckies,

WAIT! My dear people-friend Cruella Diva has something to say.
Go ahead Cruella...
You are too kind Cruella. Thank you for the compliment on my 101th post.
I, Gabriel Anderson, have such good news! I'm so excited about this post because today beautiful things happened. My fame is increasing: prancing and slithering around your ears, waiting to sting your senses. I felt like a unicorn eating skittles.
First Thing: Today I was helping Margaret with the speaker equipment she let me borrow for the Poetry Slam--which had a magnificent turn-out--because I'm a gentleman. (Thank you!) Well on our way out of my school's radio station, WSAM the station's Program Director, Ernie, told me:
"You and Rockstar are doing a really good job at the station. You guys are playing new music and bands are listening. Manufactured Defects sent you something in the mail. Here are CD's, stickers...and a contact note--a note with contact information--from Josh-Ua, the lead vocalist."

Duckies, do you know why Manufactured Defects sent Rockstar and I free stuff? We played their music on our radio show and people liked it. We love it! Rockstar and I played it at parties (always an adventure because "that guy" is there, being a dick), on our radio show (Rar-Rar w/ Rockstar and DJ our apparel), gossiped with our A-list friends, and we blogged about it. But more importantly, Rockstar and I called Josh-Ua on my BlackBerry today...and OMG! He is so tranquil-tempered and enthusiastic. Josh-Ua is chasing his dreams in a swamp of unemployment and 401K; he's ready to ravish the music industry. He is a very modest guy: his smoothly masculine tenor voice slid through my BlackBerry's speaker.

I won't give out anymore information. Check out our radio show tomorrow night (April 8th) from 9pm to 10pm on the station's site to hear more. You can see if Rockstar is wearing his favorite purple sweater and black and white pashmina or me with my beige and brown wool Coach scarf: caressing your neck like a cloud's promise. There's a webcam in the studio. It looks like an anorexic R2-D2!
SECOND THING: I had a meeting for my new position as a preceptor--which is an honored peer advocate that assists professors in courses--around noon today. I was fueled only by a tumbler of Nespresso black espresso, with sugar. Cream wasn't an option today. The lecture hall was cramped with faculty members and preceptors. Structural suits held faculty in place and slick leather briefcases sheltered next semester's dreams. The preceptors were dressed to impress a blind man. Most wore the regular college outfit: t-shirt, ordinary denim jeans and dirty Nikes.
I, on the other hand, looked like a "Harfvard" Law Student on casual Friday.

I wore my Calvin Klein black leather boots, my dark-wash Buffalo jeans (cuffed over my boots), blue and white pin-stripped Arrow dress shirt, black and silver crisscross Savile Row patterned tie, navy blue Borrelli skully hat, brown and beige wool Coach scarf and a dark tope GAP thigh-length trench coat. I had my chocolate light brown Coach tote bag, carrying textbooks for five and a half-hour shift of class after the meeting today.
The meeting went well. When everyone started openly discussing the duties of a preceptor the heat in the room brushed against your forehead and you could feel the intensity biting the air. Some faculty were giggling into the ears of their preceptors; some were victims of the academic banter from jaded faculty; one was taking notes on their Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm, using the Memo Application. I love my phone. When my BlackBerry's battery dies, a part of me shuts down; my phone rings me to life.
Speaking of life, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"Compartmentalizing an emotion is like caging a wild beast. Every second it's locked away is a second it grows into something feral and uncontrollable. In contrast, if you let it free its animalistic instincts will embrace its sole purpose and explore its limits. Break your emotions free and watch them flourish."

OH! In my previous post, I forgot to mention my petite and perky friend (and Resident Assistant) Alex snagged me a room with the biggest closet in the dorm suite I'm going to live in next year.

Thank you Alex; you're a doll!
I'm tired duckies but I don't know what I'm going to write for my Art of the Personal Essay class. Professor T. Stores is teaching it and she expects nothing but the best.
She wants us to examine our own ways of interaction with the world and how we identify the person we think ourselves to be. My mind creeps through my laptop screen and onto paper, but sometimes my brain speaks faster than my hands can comprehend. My blog is wrapped around my life; it suffocates from the heat of my brown eyes reading the pixels, of each letter of every word. Blogging is my personal essay.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gabriel's Confessions

Hey duckies. Before I get into the juicy details of my life, I just want to let you know (again) that I'm hosting tomorrow night's Poetry Slam and Open Mic.

The Poetry Slam takes place April 6th (tomorrow!!!) @ 7:30PM @ Hawk's Nest. This poetry slam is closed; only those who participated in the preliminary round can compete. However, immediately following the Poetry Slam--around 9PM--there will be an Open Mic session. Bring your friends, family and yourself. Get some food and be merry. Bring your talent and show the world what you got! (I better see you there duckies!)
Anywho, this weekend was a blur, an absolute blur. I was having so much fun this weekend with so many people I love. But I noticed some of my people-friends have been down & out recently. They've been complaining about stress and responsibility and when I give them advice they think I don't understand. Duckies, it's time for some confessions.

I wasn't always happy with my life. There was a point where I actually hated myself.
When I was fourteen I couldn't stand being myself: I hated myself for being gay, for being overweight, for everything. I was the mean kid in school because I wanted people to feel how I felt behind my cruel smile. Years progressed and I still hated my life.

When I was seventeen I was on the Atkins Diet (it's a quick fix diet and a death trap) and I lost soooo much weight. I was a twig. I was getting attention from everyone and I was constantly being flooded with compliments about my weight loss.
Well soon thereafter, the diet stopped working and I stopped losing weight; my body started stabilizing my weight. I wanted to lose more because I wanted to be even skinnier. Sadly enough, I turned to bulimia to fix this.

I only did this for a month...but I lost almost 15 pounds (and my face fat) from gagging food out of my system. I only stopped throwing up because I thought my parents knew I was and I couldn't believe I had gone this far for superficial beauty. (But who doesn't strive for thinness nowadays?!) Oh and my parents didn't know--I told them when I got to college that I used to be.

I wanted to be skinny because all of the hot gay friends I had were skinny; I wouldn't allow myself to be the fat gay friend. And since I couldn't get any skinner I hated being gay. But I really hated being gay because I was afraid of how my parents would look at me afterwards. I am the grandson of the pastor of my church...I can't be gay. It isn't allowed.

When I got to college I was finally able to be myself: fun, out-going, loving, spontaneous, loud, It wasn't until my sophomore year in college that I "came out" to my parents. I mailed them a letter, telling them I was gay and how much it eats my up inside that I couldn't be the straight son all parents want.

Luckily for me my parents took the news well and my Mom left me a voicemail on my phone--immediately after she opening the letter--saying:

"You're so gay (laughing on the phone). I had a feeling you were gay but I didn't want to push the issue. But I want you to know that I love you. You're my son and I will always love you."

I cried when I heard her voicemail. All the weight of the years self-loathing finally removed itself from my life. I started loving myself before that moment but after knowing my parents (and Gabriella) loved me for me...I finally felt free from myself. I stopped letting others determine the love I had for myself because I'm the one who has to deal with myself everyday. Why should I hate someone as beautiful as me?

I don't know where I'd be without these beautiful people. I love them more than love itself. (Of course I love my other family members...but these three are my rocks.)
I am now in love and married to myself lol. I can't get enough of my everything. But it's not a conceited or arrogant love: I just love everything about me, even my imperfections. I appreciate life so much. It's so precious and too fast to spend every minute hating yourself. I love my life.
Thank you for letting me share this with you duckies. I wanted to share that part of my life with you because I want you to know that life is incredibly beautiful. But it's only as beautiful as you make it.

(I can't hold it back any longer) Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"No matter how deep the stakes are, there is always a way out. Love your life like it's never been loved before. Appreciate your imperfections because they make you what you are today. If anyone gives you $hit because you're being yourself, it's only because they envy your contentment. People hate what they envy and they envy because they can't get what they want or want to be. Don't let anyone stop you from loving life...even if it's yourself."
As said before this weekend was a blur.

I hung out with Matt, Haley, Tracie and Lauren on Friday night. We played improvisation games, Catch Phrase and had a great time. But on our way to the Village Market, Matt picked up a rock and chucked it at the pond next to it. It made a loud splash...followed by the cries of ducks!

If you ever see Matt with a rock in his hand, smack it to the ground. He's a duck murderer. LOL...jk. Love you duckie!
Also, it's always a pleasure to be around Lauren because she's so upbeat and amazing to be around. We cracked jokes the entire night and couldn't get enough. Love you duckie!
Haley...knaptime. ('nuff said lol). I love you.
OH! I went through the housing selection process for next year's rooming assignments. As stated in an earlier post Garrett, Josh & I will be living together. We didn't snatch a room where we anticipated but we're happy. (We wanted Nate, our present suitemate, to live with us next year and he bailed on us. At first he said yes but he bailed on us this past Thursday, telling us he promised to live with other people. He sucks at life...the end! lol)

But I'm so happy I'm living with Josh and Garrett because they're two amazing individuals. There isn't a dull moment when we hang out...and I am not exaggerating. This weekend we played "Street Fighter 4" all day, probably more than 8 hours straight.

Believe it or not, we enjoyed every second of it. We were cracking jokes and kicking each other's a$$. It was a great weekend.

In other news, one of Graham's friends, Jay, came up on Friday, to stay the weekend. I am in love with kid: it is such a delight to be in his presence and he is extremely generous. He is so fun, positive and A-list. Not too long ago Roger, Graham and I took him to the bus station--thank you Graham for driving--and he is now on his way back to New York.

This is such a long post lol.
Before I go I'd like to thank Rockstar, Jordan, Alyssa, Kendra, Diamond, Monica, Graham, Jay, Roger, Josh, Garett and everyone else I'm forgetting for making this a spectacular weekend. I love you all dearly.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Live, love & Lady Gaga
Gabriel Anderson

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sass or Dare

OMG Duckies; I'm so scared. I'm at the library blogging right now and all the computers and lights flickered! I feel like I'm in Jurassic Park!

Anywho, before the lights flickered Kari, Steph and I were enjoying Starbursts--courtesy of Steph--and it was just magical.

As you know Starburst come in wrappers and I didn't feel like going to the garbage can, even though it's less than 10 feet away from my computer lol. So Kari dared me:
"Throw it from your seat and if you miss you have to shout 'I farted,' standing on your chair."
"I'll do it but I'm not standing on the chair."

So I aim for the garbage can--not believing in myself--and I miss. And immediately after, I get out of my seat and yell:

Good times!

(Its still raining outside but that has not stopped my internal-sunshine!)

I'm listening to Lady Gaga and the Original Broadway Cast soundtrack of the musical "Wicked"

so I'm keeping my spirits up. But I am tired duckies. And so I Baklahdah.

On our Wednesday class of Gender Activism, Rockstar and I were bored with the class discussion--as usual--and we decided to spice it up. Rockstar always throws (intentionally-offensive) curve balls in class, just to spark the embers under every one's feet. (It's so funny seeing the reactions from people in class...BRAVO Rockstar!)

Since he never means what he says (like "Women need to chill out") I decided to speak up in class too. The topic somehow changed to our Professor's anger issues (we hardly speak about anything gender-related) so I said:
"I don't get angry. My demon, Baklahdah, does. I blackout and my friends tell me my eyes glow."

As if a flip switched, everyone got really quiet--which is a rarity--and the only thing that broke the silence was Rockstar's laughing. I soon joined in and then everyone did too; class continued eventually.

In other news, yesterday I was invited to stop by Alyssa and Kendra's place to chat about our A-List lives and enjoy the feast they prepared. They made so much food and I was so hungry...thank you ladies!
We chatted, we watched deleted scenes from "Twilight" (they were sooooo them!), then we ended the night with "Sex and the City: The Movie."

I haven't seen the movie in ages and OMG...I miss it. (Whoever borrowed it from me, I'm coming to your place with a shotgun! JK...or am I?)

Anywho, we are way overdue for some "Words of Wisdom." Let's get to it!

"The best thing to be is yourself, regardless of the consequence. If you lie to yourself--by disregarding your true character--you're always going to have be on guard for cracks in your facade. Believe in your inner-beauty and people will love you for you."

OH! I forgot to mention that I'm hosting a Poetry Slam on April 6th (this upcoming Monday) at 7:30pm at University of Hartford's Hawk's Nest. Afterward (around 9pm) there's an open bring the talent, the sass, and the ferocity duckies!

Okay, even though my internal-sunshine is beaming brightly I need to go back to sleep.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson