Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Sassy

Hello duckies. Yes, it's been awhile and I apologize.
There's been mucho slack on my part.  But today I'm feeling very productive, hence the blogging LOL.

The most productive thing I've done today is finishing my Vision Board.  For those duckies that are like "what the fcuk is a Vision Board?" I'll let you in on a hidden treasure.  The book "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne is full ways on how to achieve your goals; I mean everything!  In order to keep yourself on track and to achieve your goals Rhonda suggests creating a Vision Board, which is basically visual reminders of what you want out of life.  It could be goals you want to achieve right now, the distant future, before you die, whenever!  So at this point in my life I just want to get "the show" started already.  I want love.  I want money.  I want to be famous...but I don't want to change myself or compromise my morals for it.  I want to be remembered as a man of my word and a man of serenity.  I want to be the person you can come to spill your guts to, without judgement.  You can cry on my shoulder and you can get snot on it too.  

I am a being of love and I want to let love in.  I want to show the universe how precious I am.  And with that being said here is my Vision Board...

Do you like it? It's full of my dreams. Just by looking at this you are helping me achieve them. Excuse me while I ask the universe to make reality of this board.*

Dear Universe,
This is my formal invitation to let everything on my Vision Board come into my life, but only through my interpretation and what I've specifically asked for; nothing more, nothing less. Well, I love a little improvisation, only the good kind though.  Let's make this happen!
Yours Truly,
Gabriel Anderson

My Vision Board is made up of symbols, metaphors, and face value items.  Welcome to my dreams duckies.

*(As soon as I put this board up I felt a wave of new energy come over me.  And I lie to you not, some of my dear friends that I haven't spoken to/seen in awhile started conversing with me via phone & FaceBook IM. This stuff really works!  If you want tips on how to welcome things into your life via "The Secret" feel free to email me.)

Speaking of dreams my best friend Elle and I are creating a web series soon.
It will be coming out Fall 2012.  The working title we have for it is "Fame & Rainbows." We've already got some footage of us being our crazy selves and some magical moments too.  I'll keep you posted with more news on that.

In more news, I recently applied for New York City's Teaching Fellows Program.  The program gives those who've never taught before the opportunity to teach students in high-need communities and schools.  I thought it sounded like such a good cause so I decided to sign up and try it out.  I made it all the way to the interview and everything.  I won't hear anything back until July or August though, regardless if I get the job or not...that's the part that sucks.  Overall, I think I did fairly well during the entire process.  If I become a teacher I know I'm going to be impressionable and willing to go the extra miles, even if it means spiking my coffee with a 5-hour energy everyday and dedicating my weekends to developing lesson plans.
...probably not my entire weekend because everyone needs a break. It's called a weekEND for a reason.

OMG! Have you guys been hearing about these crazy mofos sniffing/smoking bath salts and going all flesh-eating zombie on people?
Sorry for jumping to an entirely different topic but this is scary.  There have been two related incidents, one in Florida (involving a man named Rudy Eugene) and another (involving a man named Alexander Kinyua) in Maryland...both of them black men. All I have to say is...come on!  Black people were doing so great this year.  Obama's most likely to get re-elected, Hip-Hop Squares is now a show on MTV2, Drake got PUNK'D (and it was hilarious) but then here come the black zombies.  Stop being stupid, put the bath salts down, and eat an animal lower in the food chain.  Dammit. 

I had to let that out.

Okay, back to happy thoughts.

Since it's June I'm currently wading in the waters to find me a SummerBoy.
I would LOOOOOOVE to have a yummy guy like that...but I need to hit the gym LOL.  There's this one guy I think I might wanna make my SummerBoy, but he's already told me he doesn't want anything serious.  But playing around is just fine with me too LOL.  
We had some fun yesterday: you know smoking and sexing.  It was divine!  I don't know if it was the greenery or the rush of sex but I just couldn't function as a proper citizen of life for at least five hours afterward.  His name is...we'll call him Antonio.  He's so cute and I didn't find out how hilarious he was until yesterday.  I was close to tears just listening to him talk and do impressions from his favorite TV shows.  God, I wish he was looking for something serious because I would wrap him up and run for the border, whatever the hell that means LOL.
It's been awhile since I did this so I think The Sass Corner is way overdue for some "Words of Wisdom."

"It is only when you truly love yourself that you can let others into your heart.  Forgive those who have wronged/sassed you in the past and give them a hug.  Remember we're all human.  (But if that skank is a repeat offender, smack them and strut away.)"

Okay my loves, I promise to blog more often.  I think it may become a weekly thing or more daily like it used to be, who knows?  I love you all and thank you for reading.

Stay Sassy.
-Gabriel Anderson