Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I AM...Still Speechless

Do I have news for you?! Yesterday was such an eventful day.
I did my usual hours: 9AM-5pm at HarperCollins Publishers. But it felt so long. The hours dragged through so I was chugging coffee like no other.

Once 5pm came around I ran for that door because I had to walk to 63rd and Madison to meet my dad at work...he was holding the Beyonce tickets for me.
After that I had to hurry downtown to pick-up Monica from Penn Station. She recently cut her hair--she told me this on the phone before I saw her--so it didn't register at first. She did look different but I didn't mention it until she reminded me later. (I'm such a bad friend lol)
Anywho, we decided to hit up Chipotle on 34th Street between 8th and 9th Ave...where Graham met up with us as well.

It was fun being around my two favorite people: laughing, chatting it up, and enjoying each others' company.
Soon thereafter, Monica and I began walking to Madison Square Garden. On our way there was a Hamburger Helper vendor giving out free samples to people on the street; this was Beyonce's doing!

Beyonce recently partnered with General Mills and Feeding America to start the SHOW YOUR HELPING HAND CAMPAIGN to help fight hunger. To help the cause, click here to donate. The free samples were absolutely scrumptious.

When we actually got to our seats Monica confessed that she had never seen Beyonce in concert. I was shocked and slightly appalled.

And when she saw how close we were to the stage, she started tearing.
We were in Section 55; Row H; Seats 3 & 4.

And thank God we were close to the stage because Beyonce was phantasmagorical. When the concert started Monica started crying and I told her it was okay: our idol was on stage.
Toward the end of the concert Beyonce slowed it down and I started tearing. And when she started singing "Listen" I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. (I'm actually tearing right now.) She was so beautiful. I've never cried for an artist before...not even Lady Gaga.

Beyonce isn't just an artist. She is a living legend. To be in the presence of someone that can captivate an audience--an audience of Madison Square Garden proportions--so eloquently and fearlessly with their own creations, is a marvelous experience. During the concert I realized why I love Beyonce so much: she's the fire that motivates me to believe in myself.
Lady Gaga is who I want to be: glamorous, truly A-List, and defining new standards. However, Beyonce influences me to tap into my duende and let my inner-fire burn everyone around me. Beyonce teaches me lessons and Lady Gaga shows me how they can be utilized to follow my dreams.
The concert was magnificent: I laughed, I cried (three separate times), I danced, I sang along to all the songs, and I finally became myself again.

Thank you for bringing me back to life Beyonce! (Yaaaay!)

After the concert, Monica and I had a sleepover at my house.

We were both really tired from our exhaustive day...but that didn't stop us from chowing down before bed lol. My mom cooked us whole wheat pasta with shrimp and scallops, topped with homemade garlic pasta sauce. It was delicious.

Sadly enough, Monica and I departed earlier this morning because I had to go to work and she had some business to tend to in CT. But we did take the same train before going our separate ways.
Monica: I had a blast with you yesterday and this morning and I can't wait to see you again when we come back for Red Caps! I miss you already.


In other news, my SummerBoy Perry is no longer in commission...because he's fcuking crazy lol.
I don't think I've shared this with you duckies but I purchased Lady Gaga's issue of Rolling Stone back in May. I read the article and felt so in tuned to what she was saying. She said that she became a Pop Star because she would walk around delusional, thinking she already was a Pop Star. Duckies, if you can't tell I do that everyday lol.

So Perry told me the other day that Lady Gaga follows him on Twitter, just to rub it in my face. I didn't believe him...but when I checked his Twitter I saw he was telling the truth. He said that he tweeted her a message saying how much he loved her article in Rolling Stone and that he loves her music...and BAM, the next week she started following him.
I'm going to be honest, I didn't think that was fair. Perry doesn't really do anything with his life except run errands and go to auditions. I wanted Lady Gaga to follow me too. So I sent her a message saying I really liked her Rolling Stone interview because it inspired me to be me and I've loved her music before it became hot. Perry saw that and texted me (and I quote):


Isn't he crazy? Note: I only started following Perry on Twitter because he begged me for half a day. Plus, he's never seen Lady Gaga in concert nor has he ever met her. Why is he bugging out over a tweet? OH! I'm glad he's gone now too because he told me something very frightening the other day. He told me he hasn't had sex since December because once he starts he can't stop. That's usually not a bad thing...but he really can't. He told me he's never sexually satisfied if he has sex with just one person. He used to be a frequent sex party-goer. He said he would have sex for days on end, without tons of people: he would even miss work!

LOL, I tell ya the gay community is slim picking. They're either hot and crazy, too promiscuous to hold onto or just harmful to the eyes.

I just want a SummerBoy who doesn't need professional help, lol. I already have a pending husband.
(Yes duckies...I'm pre-engaged.)

You remember Nick?
Well I hear wedding bells coming in 2018.
My 20's are about me and Nick knows this...and he knows I still love him. And I know he still loves me because we call each other every night and we both say the L-word before we hang up.
I love you Nick!

Okay, enough of my life. It's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"To truly love is to truly free yourself from the world. Love isn't easy: it demands courage, selflessness, patience, and endurance. But in order to love others, you have to love yourself. Free yourself from doubt and make sure to show yourself some appreciation before you worship the heart of another."

Okay duckies, I have a lot to do today.
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga
Gabriel Anderson