Friday, February 27, 2009

Another One Bites the Sass

Hello duckies. I am in a whirlwind right now. So much is happening and has happened within the past couple hours. Anywho, let's just dive right in.

Yesterday I found out that one of my professors has the same coat as I do.

I was sitting next to him in class and I saw his coat on the table behind us...and it was the exact same coat I was wearing! It was a tad bit smaller to accentuate his petite frame but it looked more chic in a smaller size. My personality drowns my coat, making it divine. (Woooohuh, I love my coat!)

In regards to yesterday there was a Men's Basketball game and they lost. I just don't get it. We have a strong team, everyone fulfills their place in the team's puzzle. Just because a couple players are not able to participate does not mean the puzzle should be disconnected. They need to believe in themselves.

More importantly, fans need to believe in them too. Students and ticket-holders leave right in the middle of second half and it does nothing for the team. In order for something to follow through you must be able to envelope it with confidence, pride, diligence and belief; mainly belief.
We can do this Hartford!

Anyway, before I found out my professor and I had the same coat I ran into this girl on campus. It was pretty random: I didn't know her name and she didn't know mine either. But out of this "blind conversation" she told me she abhors her Elementary Education studies she's been conducting. She's a senior now, mind you. I told her she should make a drastic change in her career path and she told me she wants to pursue Occupational Therapy (a.k.a. OT). She seemed so jaded and detached from her future, already, and I just wanted to hug her sasspression out of her.

But that would have been awkward because we didn't even know each others' names. But I do wish her the best. Follow your heart duckie.

In other news, on my way back from classes (last night) I passed this lady standing in front of a vending machine screaming "No! My M+M's are stuck!"
I looked through the vending machine glass and the M+M's were indeed stuck, one corner still latched onto the machine's distributing coil. She turns to me.

Lady: (in a demanding tone) "Help me."
Me: (puzzled) "Umm, this machine is heavy."
Lady: (unnerved) "So, help me. Shake it. My M+M's are stuck."
Me: (with hesitation) "Okay. I'll shake it I guess."

The machine was lighter than I though it to be. I was shaking it, violent. The other assorted candies danced in place while the M+M's teased us, never falling. Minutes pass and I decide to stop believing in this rude woman's plea. Miraculously, another male comes and offers her money.
Kid: "You want a dollar, ma'am? You're not gonna get your money back."

I walk away from them both. She was too sassy for me to assist her any longer.

Anywho, it's definitely time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"It's better to be late than left behind. Coming into something later than others throws you into a situation parallel to the initially planned schedule; simultaneously hindering immediate comprehension and (yet) enabling you to develop a fresh take. Don't make tardiness a habit though duckies. Just know that it's never too late to learn."

OH! In between blogging (this post) I had to release some earthiness, as we all do on a daily basis. After releasing, I discovered there wasn't any soap in the bathroom. (To think of it, there hasn't been soap in the basement bathroom this entire week!)

It's so gross, thinking about how many male duckies used the basement bathroom without washing their hands with soap. To ensure I wasn't fulfilling the stereotype I made my way to the second floor bathroom to utilize the soap there. I'm a clean duckie!

I just had a double espresso and I have to change the world today...well that's what the espresso is telling me.

Pete: You're aren't just important to me because of our common ground with putrid tendencies. You are adorable. You make me laugh when I'm stressed out and you have the tendency to keep me sane. Total bromance. Don't ever change. You're magnificent the way you are.

Okay duckies, I gotta run. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson