Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The City that always sleeps

Hey pretties.  Sorry I didn't post an entry yesterday.  Since I've finished up my portfolios and papers I've been sleeping my ass off (literally because I think I lost 2lbs already lol).  I start my internship with HarperCollins in like 6 hours.  I'm sooooo exctied!  (Very nice.)  So many things have happened since I last blogged.  Let's just list the things so I don't forget to mention them:
  1. Friends Shout-Out
  2. Graham and NY Trip
  3. Sass Awards
  4. Backwards Eating
  5. Dinoshadows
  6. Dirty Quotes
Let's get to it!

1) Friends Shout-Out
Some of my dear, sexy friends have been asking me "what would it take to be shouted-out in your blog?"  I wanted to say something dirty, just to see their reaction, but I told them it doesn't take much to get a shout-out.  My friend Alice (a.k.a. wasty-face buddy) is such a delight and I'm shouting her out, aow!  Gupta, I really want you to model; gain 20lbs and I'll make sure to get you a deal with Elite Models.  Diamond...I love you, 'nuff said.  Graham (woooohuh) so many stories.  Matter of fact let me share one with the world.

2) Graham and NY Trip
Okay so one day I planned to go home (with help of my parents, because I can't drive) and my mother calls me (hours before she's supposed to come) like "oh, something came up so I can't pick you up. Find a way to get home."  W-T-F?  Honestly, Mommy?  Anyway, I spoke to my friend Graham (my savior) and he told me he was going to NY so he said he could drive me  home. (Yaaay!)  It was such a good trip.  We were jamming in the car, harmonizing and talking about life.  One of our main concerns is how people don't say words like "marvelous," "glorious," "stupendous," and "divine" anymore.  Those words are such phenomenal words.  But what wasn't phenomenal was our Chinese food break.
We stopped somewhere near New Haven (God if I really know where we were) and Graham decided he wanted some Chinese food.  So we go into this restaurant and it looks just like any other Chinese food place; menus, semi-dirty floors, big glass windows, little children running around, Jehovah Witness pamphlets...you know the usual.  So Graham orders General Tso chicken from this Asian-American waitress with a blood-soaked apron, and it takes like an hour.  Graham didn't really care about the wait but you know ol' Gabriel here doesn't really like wasting moments.  To pass the time Graham and I cracked jokes and had a blast...even when I got us lost in my own town lol.  Love ya Graham!  (I found out later that he didn't even like the food.  Those damn blood-soaked apron waitresses!)

3) Sass Awards
This past summer (2008) I was a Red Cap (shout-out to RCs '08) and I gave out the Shark Award (I made it up) after every orientation session debriefing.  (You usually get the Dolphin Award if you do something marvelous during the orientation sessions and since I didn't get one I made one for myself.)  Anyway, I want to plan an event (like legit) called "The Sass Awards."  There will be food and entertainment, and people will receive awards for their contributions to the world's sass.  (I'm going to really give this some thought.)

4) Backwards Eating
Some of my friends can attest to this.  I eat the wrong seasonal foods.  I usually get Frappuccinos during the winter, hot chocolate during the summer and other things that oppose the season.  It's crazy but not to me.  I just want my food when I want my food.  (I just wanted to share that.)

5) Dinoshadows
So the day before I left for Winter Break, my friend Monica wanted to see me before I left.  I went to her room and we chatted it up, while I coordinated how many outfits I was going to need for my internship.  All of a sudden Monica reaches for something and happens to cast a shadow over her lamp and we start making shadow puppets.  We were really trying to bust all the bag of tricks.  Amazingly, somehow we were able to make dinosaur shadow puppets and on top of that we started making dinosaurs sounds lol.  It was hilarious.   I was able to make a velociraptor and Monica made a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.  It was a great way to start my vacation lol.

6)Dirty Quotes
Since I haven't blogging in like two days I'm willing to share some (inspirational) dirty quotes with the world.

Dirty Quote #1: "Life is all about who you know and who you blow."
Dirty Quote #2: "Sex is sex and a mouth's a mouth.  Just close your eyes and it all feels the same."
Dirty Quote #3: "Shit happens...that's why God made toilet paper." 

Anyway, I've shared a mouthful and I think it's time to get to the quote of the day for Dec 16th:
"Fear is doubt taking the form of an insecurity, that hinders you from life.  Confront the fear whole-heartedly, surrounded by things that make you happy and I'm sure that fear will soon become a necessity." 

Okay, it's almost time for me to wake-up to head downtown to HarperCollins.  I am super excited.  I wish you all the best of happiness.  Stay true pretties.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson