Monday, March 18, 2013

Going GaGa

'Ello duckies!  I hope all is well on your end because everything is fantastical on mine.
(I don't think you realize how hard it is to draw/write in pink paintbrush strokes, like that.  I'm even proud of myself.)
Duckies, I am so tired because I sat through my first day of Orientation at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I was there from 8:45AM until about 2AM, just listening to people speak for hours...but I know I'm going to love my job!
Not only does the job seem like so much fun and the people seem so new fellow co-workers are sooooo hot, especially this one dude.
God, I really hope he's not like younger than 21 because I do not plan on robbing the cradle: not my cup of tea, thank you very much.  

He's so gorgeous and we had to sit close to each other the whole day and I was literally in heaven because he has the most gorgeous smile and I can tell he's a cool guy.  Plus, he kept trying to talk to me during Orientation and kept laughing at things I laughed at too...okay maybe because actual funny things did happen during Orientation.
We had to watch this video about training (i.e. standing on ladders, how to properly lift boxes, open boxes, etc.) and you know how most training videos are so tongue-in-cheek corny and old.  Well he and I (and the other cool kids) were laughing pretty much the entire video.
The jokes weren't like "The Big Bang Theory" or "GIRLS" kind of funny, but the lack of comedy and overall trying to make a joke happen made the video funnier than its original purpose.  It was more like we were laughing at the video than with it.
Oh my jumping jack Jesus, did you guys see the season finale "GIRLS" last night?  I cried legit THREE times watching it. 
(If you don't want to read about any spoilers than you should skip all of the red colored text.)

I cried when Ray and Shoshana finally called it quits because Shosh couldn't put up with Ray's lack of "ambition."  I kind of agree with Shoshana's "plight" though.  I feel as though Ray didn't really like anything but her, as she stated, and had no interest in bettering his life.  Granted, I'm 24 going on 25 in August but I'm trying to make shit happen with my life.  Ray is in his early thirties and still hasn't gotten his shit together or even had an inkling to what his shit should even look like.
Another part where I cried was when Marnie stopped dicking around and admitted to Charlie how she really felt about him and he said, "That's all I ever wanted to hear."  Like seriously?!  Marnie and Charlie are the cutest couple because Charlie is so handsome and endearing, whereas Marnie is so beautiful and timidly blunt (if there's even such a thing).  Sorry to jump to last week's episode but Marnie's version of Kanye West's "Stronger" was fucking hilarious.  Click here to watch it! LOL
(Did anyone notice Shoshana in the background, while Marnie was singing? She's in this picture if you look closely.)
And the last part that made me cry was when Adam ran (and took a train) to Hannah's house because he knew she wasn't in her right state of mind.  Mind you he did this shirtless and he practically "FaceTimed" with her until he had to kick down her front door and pick her up in his big, strong passionately kiss her.

I was so moved by last night's episode of "GIRLS" that right after watching it, I ran into my younger sister's room and said, "That was so beautiful."  But while saying it I couldn't hold back my tears and I started crying and she was like "Awww, you're really crying right now?!" I laid my head in her lap for like twenty-seconds and let out my silent tears and tiny bursts of laughter...but between those tears I felt a wash of loneliness.  

Although "GIRLS" is fictitious and well-written, I wish my life were more like it.  I can relate to pretty much every character on the show.  I can say that I have a mental disorder that effects my daily life.  I can say that I have a father that didn't pay much attention to me when I was younger.  I can say that I used to push people that truly loved me away sometime ago.  But now I can say that I want that real love: the love that hurts and makes you do nice things for them, even though they called you a name ten minutes ago.  I was so moved by that episode of "GIRLS" that I wrote a poem; more like spewed my raw emotions onto my iPhone.  I entitled it "Together," like the title of the season finale of "GIRLS."

Speeding toward the light and promise of you,
I can only feel my wings taking turns lifting my heart.
You are the answer.
I am the world.
Love for us isn't forever.  Love for us is now and tomorrow. 
My love burns for you and you cool me down with the simplest of touches.
I need to roll in your desire and wrap myself in your need.
This is forever us.
Together, we are.

So yeah, I was definitely feeling the love bug last night.  I've been single for quite awhile now and I'm just tired of playing the single, slutty game where I just find temporary romance, only after fucking someone's brains out.
Meaningless sex has become such a common thing in my life that sometimes I have sex just because I don't feel like masturbating.  But you know what?  I need to stop that!  If I want to find love I need to shut off my hormones and start thinking with my heart and not my...

Oh!  I saw this word the other day and I thought I'd share it with you as a "WORD OF THE WEEK."  (Yeah, that was random...but you should know me by now.)
Askhole (pronounced "ehsk-ho-la") - One who asks for advice when in dilemmas, only to go against it; one who does the opposite of what is advised.
Ex: Person 1 - "Henry always does the same thing.  If you tell him to stay home, he'll want to hang out.  If you tell him to hang out, he'll want to stay home."
Person 2 - "Oh child, don't you know Henry's a big ol' askhole?"

I guess I should get to some Words of Wisdom while I'm at it.
"In order to achieve happiness, you must create it.  If you focus on not having it, you will only attract the opposite of happiness.  Think happy thoughts.  Laugh until you're lightheaded and crying.  Life is yours to take, one smile at a time."

My best friend Elle Fox just called and informed me she just got an apartment!  This is her first apartment as an adult!!!
I'm so proud of her and this new step in her beautiful journey she calls life.  GO ELLE!!!

In more news, in regards to me moving out I'm giving myself an extension, only until January 2014.  I figured that my birthday was too close for what I'm asking.  I don't want a roommate...
(so I can do everything naked)

 and I want exquisite furniture.  Plus, I want to renew my membership at Planet Fitness...
and I would like to activate my iPhone 4 or upgrade to a better version.
In addition, student loans are so far up my ass that I can taste the bill collector's breath when they call my house.

Anywho loves, I'm going to get my things ready for day two of Orientation tomorrow and then head over to celebrate with Elle.

I love you for reading.

-Gabriel Anderson