Sunday, November 30, 2008

The World Runs on Sass (Sass Update #3)

Why are you so gorgeous? I mean God wasn't playing around when he created you...stop putting me to shame. Okay, let me stop. You're gorgeous but God definitely took time with me. (Love you!) Anywho, I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, mine was incredibly laid back. I am so disappointed with the recent SNL episodes. Without Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey, the show is just going to Hell. Furthermore, these new cast members aren't all! I really don't like that new, crazy cast member Nancy Wilson; she sucks! But nothing beats how crazy my parents get when it comes to Thanksgiving Break traffic.
As you may know I cannot drive. I do not have a permit, license or the knowledge to drive. (I'm from New York City. I can take a bus or train wherever I really need to go; DON'T JUDGE ME!) So back to my parents, they are the best and the craziest. I was back on campus today (November 30th) at 11am. We left my house around 8:30am. Who the hell does that lol? But guess what? That's actually the latest I've returned to campus after Thanksgiving Break.
On the last day of my first Thanksgiving Break as a freshmen in college, I got home around 4:30am from partying in the city. (Hey, I like to party! Don't sass me.) I went to bed as soon as I got in the house and immediately fell asleep. At 4:36am (I kid you not) my mother walks into my room screaming: "Antoine! Wake up! We gotta beat traffic. We gotta get you up there before everyone else gets the same idea. Get up!"
Do you know how much I wanted to sass her with my fists? I was so angry. But then again, I did stay out late the night before I was going back to school. Anywho, I ended up being back on campus at 8:30am. Ridiculous. There wasn't any car in sight on the highway. It was just us and the road. The Sun wasn't even awake yet. But all sass aside, I love my parents to death and I don't care how early they drive me back. But it wouldn't hurt if they didn't sass me before dawn lol.
Oh! I have a sass update for you. On our way back to campus today we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for our daily coffee fix and the clerk was such a sasstress! But get this, her sass was toward me only. My dad ordered his stuff (before me) without any sass and then she asked:
"Is that all?" I interjected, asking "may I please have a medium iced coff-..." then she cuts me off and asks my dad what he wanted again. How dare she? I would have dunked her face in all those donuts behind her if I wasn't so tired from my city festivities. She was just jealous that I had future that didn't involve brewing coffee and preparing processed flatbread sandwiches. Anywho, she took my order eventually (after taking my mother's order). She made me a Hell of a medium Hazelnut iced coffee. I didn't thank her. Sorry, she sassed me and God occupationally-sassed her. She is now in the doghouse.
Speaking about my future I can't wait for it to tackle me with glamor. And when thinking about my future I can't help but think about my past; more specifically babysitting my little sister Gabriella. She now has a babysitting job and she had to babysit these two wild children this past Saturday. My mom and I just listened to her scream "LISTEN!" like a hundred times. But occasionally a "shut-up," "stop it," "stop hitting him," or "you sit over there" was sprinkled between her frequent hollering. I love her to death.
With that being said, it's time to give you the quote of the day for December 1st (OMG, it's December already):

"Procrastination is poisonous. Waiting until the last minute to achieve something adds stress to your life; plus life is meant to be lived in the 'now.' Don't wait to the last minute to take charge of your life. It starts now."

I'd like to give a shout-out to my new friend Eddie. He's awesome by the way. LOL, okay kids it's time for bed. Don't let the sass get to ya. Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sass 101

Hello you gorgeous creature.  I'm sorry to say but I'm not feeling like myself today.  My day (summed up) was basically me walking around the house.  I think my ex's are still on my mind.  Alfred (my ex-ex; two boyfriends ago) and James (my ex; most recent ex) are on a relentless frenzy since I'm back in New York.  They keep trying to get in touch with me on Yahoo Messenger, Facebook IM, AIM and my baby a.k.a. my cellphone.  They are going crazy!  I understand that I'm a drug and all but good God leave me alone; you're an ex for a reason.  In situations like this its best to ignore the negativity and surround yourself with positive energy.
(F$%k you negative energy!)
Anywho, a lot of people, commercials, tv shows and movies are starting to say the word "sass" now.  Every time I hear someone say "sass" I know my eyes twinkle.  I just love saying and hearing the word "sass."  Say it out loud ("sass").  Say it again ("sass") Louder...("SASS!")  Okay, now I really want you to say it because I know you haven't said it yet.  Say "don't sass me."  From now on whenever someone talks back to you, speaks to you with a tone or has an attitude I want you to say "don't sass me!"  But make sure to accompany it with a gesture; maybe a stern, expressive face or forceful hand movement.  (It's probably best to practice these gestures in the mirror so your S.D.A. -sass deflection action- is on point.)
Anywho, I just finished watching season one of HBO's "True Blood" and I found out that I have to wait until Summer '09 to see the second season.  I am soooooo over it.  But I am not over the quote for tomorrow, Nov 29th:

"Giving up is the easiest thing to do but enduring the obstacles thrown at you takes character.  However, sometimes it's best to end habits that won't benefit you in the long run.  Weigh out your options and...quit responsibly."

Before you go, Gabriella helped me out with a photoshoot and I'd like to share these photos 
with you.  (I love Gabriella so much!  Thanks for the photos lil' sis.)  

(this is my favorite shot.)

(this is ascension-chic.)

(Well hello there.)
(this one is soooo sassy. I mean look at the sleek umbrella.)

I put my heart into these so don't sass me lol.  I feel so much better now that I'm sharing my life with you.  Thank you for being you.  I wish you all the best in your endeavors.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson

Thanks for giving blood

Have I told you that I love you recently? Well I do.  This blog is going to be awfully short because I'm blogging on my friend's computer right now; shout-out to Mitchell for letting me use his Mac.  (I am Macally-incapable by the way.)  Today was a really relaxing day.  I woke up to the smell of macaroni & cheese and other goodies.  Then my mother and I watched "Fairly Odd Parents," right before she left for work (tear).  Soon thereafter, my grandmother hollered for Gabriella and I to join her and our grandfather in her dining room.  I was very selective this Thanksgiving.  I had mac & cheese, stir-fried strings beans  (with caramelized onions), candied yams, a turkey leg, apple cider, egg nog and two dinner rolls.  This is considered a little bit since I also visited my uncle's house after we ate in my grandmother's dining room.
In addition to my elaborate dining today I've recently started to watch the HBO series "True Blood."
(You've probably seen these ads everywhere.)
It's about this town in Louisiana and how the react and interact with vampires coming into mainstream America.  In the series somehow scientists have created a synthetic form of blood that gives vampires "blood" without the cost of human life.  It covers many themes like racism, sexism, sass, sex, politics and more.  It's a great series and I've been trying to catch up with the series with my HBO OnDemand so I won't be in the dark when I return to campus.
With that being said, I'm gonna give you the quote of the day (Nov. 28th):

"In order to experience something new and beautiful it usually requires us to leave our comfort zones.  Don't be afraid to be yourself.  You're beautiful and you are capable of anything you believe you can achieve."

I wish you all the best on Black Friday because I am staying home.  No old ladies are gonna shank me for a cashmere sweater at Nordstrom.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fried Ice Dreams

(In regards to my last post, I apologize to the eloquently-mannered blind folk that govern themselves with humility.  Your obnoxious counterparts need to SEE your brilliant example.)

It's nice to see you again good-looking.  I'm just getting in from a long night out.

(I'm eating Breyers Fried Ice Cream right now and it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.)  

My night went like this:
First I went video game shopping with my uncle and mother at the GameStop store by my house.  I got the new Sonic game, "Sonic Unleashed."  I can't wait to play it tomorrow.  I picked up a pillow speaker from Radio Shack too.  I can't wait to jam to Beyonce in my dreams! ("If ya liked it, then ya shoulda ring on it. Woah-oh-oh!"  If you don't know where these lyrics are from, I am disappointed.)  I planned to meet up with my friend Aiden, downtown at his job but before I left to meet him I looked at my bed, to see two free AMC Movie Theater movie passes.  Santa is real because no one confessed to who put them on my bed.  Anyway, I picked them up and sprayed on my cologne
 (Narciso Rodriguez) 
to be sassed by my mother, asking: 
"What cologne do you want for Christmas?  I'm over this one." 
LOL, we both laughed together because she's the only person that can sass me without question. 
During the train ride to Aiden's job this guy came onto this train with bandages and a hospital bracelet.  He looked so nonchalant with his smiling girlfriend and his pink socks.  He looked a mess.  But this mess was incredibly feminine, effortlessly masculine and powerful, all rolled into one package.  He reminded me of Brad Pitt from "Fight Club," when he wears that women's bathrobe around the house.  Bandage-bracelet guy was sexy and he knew it.  You go Glenn Coco!

 (Brad Pitt in "Fight Club," wearing his messily-sexy women's bathrobe.)
Later on I met up with my friend Aiden and we had a ball, as we usually do.  We caught up on old times, new times and planned future times.  (He is truly my other half.)  We saw "Role Models" and it was pure laugh-out-loud hilarity, from start to finish.  I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.  Jane Lynch's character said "don't sass me" during the movie and I couldn't control myself.  I almost fell on the floor.  But what happened after the movie floored me o' so gingerly.  
My ex-ex (that means to ex's ago) Alfred keeps telling me these false dreams that I've recently stopped believing.  He keeps saying the same s%$t but I'm not giving him life anymore.  I'm not looking back again because I realized why he's an ex-ex.  The past is meant to be acknowledged, not relived.  Speaking of looking back let's get to the quote for today:

"When envisioning a goal, do not create a back-up plan.  Back-up plans invite failure and they influence less concentration on the success of the goal.  See it through and success will come."

On my way home my dear friend Scott was on the train.  I was so shocked to see him; I couldn't stop smiling.  He's changed for the better and I love when that happens.  He's still sassy and sarcastic...but I love that about him.  Scott, you're a beautiful person and it was delightful to see you.  Good-lookings, I'm gonna call it a night.  Happy Pillaging-of-Native-Americans Day c.k.a. (commonly known as) Thanksgiving Day.  So what if you eat a lot; you deserve it!  You're beautiful.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Night on the Town

What's going on beautiful?  I'm just getting in from a marvelous night on the town with Gabriella and our mother.  My mother (because of her Optimum Rewards card) gets four free tickets for any movie of her choice, every Tuesday.  (VIP, what, what?)  We saw "Twilight" and it was pretty good.  My sister reads all the books (she just started "Breaking Dawn" this week) and she hated the movie.  So for all you Twilighters out there...I'd advise not seeing the movie.  All in all, as I am ignorant to the detailed plot of the books.  I enjoyed it very much.  But what really got me in a twist was after the movie we went to Boston Market for dinner and they ran out of chicken.  What kind of s@#t is that?  Boston Market prides themselves on their chicken and they have the nerve to run out?  Do not sass me with your incompetence, Boston Market of 23rd Street (btw 7th and 8th Ave).  Speaking of sass, there are some other things that need to be addressed:
  1. "Pull" Handles on the Inside of the Bathroom Door
  2. Blind New Yorkers
  3. Marijuana Commercials
"Pull" Handles on the Inside of the Bathroom Door
After every movie just about every moviegoer (men and women alike) runs to the bathroom.  I don't frequent ladies' restrooms but the guys usually don't know how to aim for the water.  (It would suck if you had to poop after a movie because everyone would know you were pooping and you'd most likely have the wettest seat in the house.)  But what gets me is bathrooms try to keep it as germ-free as possible with the automatic sensors on dryers, faucets, urinals and toilets.  But when it comes to doors, why is there a fu%^ing pull handle on the inside of the door?  I just washed my hands and now I have to take the germs of everyone else with me before I leave the theater?  WTF?  I don't want that souvenir.  Luckily, I had my winter gloves in my pocket to "shield" the germs.  Get it together movie theater architects! 

Blind New Yorkers
I apologize if any of you are going blind or are considered legally blind (how are you reading this, by the way?) but I am tired of blind New Yorkers.  They think they own Manhattan.  When I'm on the train they beat me with their walking stick.  If I'm walking they obnoxiously make it obvious that they're blind, by swinging their walking stick in the air, 180 degrees.  
I'm tired of dodging your disability!  (Don't you need that stick on the floor to guide you anyway?)  I know you're blind and all but you don't have to be visually-able to walk in a straight line like the rest of us.  Stop zigzagging into me.  Use your magical walking stick!  Oh and this one lady (who I found out was blind when I saw her obnoxious walking stick) had the audacity to stop right in front of the MetroCard turnstile to put on her gloves, hat, scarf and (get this) tie her shoes!  Yes, this blind lady did all of that in front of me, WITH HER WALKING STICK IN THE AIR!  Yes lady, we know you're blind.  But we know you can hear us saying "excuse me" because you're blind-a$$ is in the way. (Wooooohuh!  I'm sorry.  I just needed to get that out.  I'm over it.)

Marijuana Commercials
I am so sick of these marijuana commercials that keep making marijuana look like the worst thing to do.  Sometimes these commercials don't make any sense.  I was talking to my friend Monica (and her roommates were there as well) about these ridiculous claims about marijuana.  What about heroin, crack, cocaine, E, shrooms and the other dangerous drugs?!  Why are these extreme drugs being left out of mainstream television?  We all know marijuana is bad but (I hear) it isn't the worst drug in the world.  I want to see a commercial about the hazards of crack.  I want to see a commercial about the day in the life of a crackhead.  Show me"Kyle the crackhead" smoking crack rocks in an alley, while his kids wait for him around the corner to be fed.

LOL, sorry guys.  (Let me take a deep breath.........okay.  I feel better.)  New York brings the sasster out in me.  With that being said I believe it's time to lighten things up with the quote for today, Nov 26th:

"Happiness is not an event.  It is a series of good choices.  Choose your happiness wisely because at the end of the day, you're going to have to deal with yourself."

Happy Nov. 26th!  Sass at your own risk.  Oh and don't do drugs; artificial happiness is the worst happiness.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson

It's called a Vacation, not a "Sasscation" (Sass Update #2)

Hey pretties, it's me again.  I have a few things to get off my Gucci sunglasses, that I'd like to address.  But before I get into them, I'd just like to thank you all for not sassing me...but if you are watch your back.  I do not tolerate sass of any sort.  Thank you for being you though.  It's time to vent! 

Silly Parents, He's Not My Boyfriend
As "welcoming" as my parents are of my lifestyle, they sure seem to be different people when the "boyfriend-in-question" is gone.  They're always asking "so how's your friend ?" or "are you involved with him?" I mean wtf? I am not involved with every "alternative man" that comes into my house or that I mention to them.  If I don't say "oh yeah, we're dating" leave your sass labels in your heads because if they come out again, I will embarrass you.  Family is not safe from my wrath.

A Thankless Giving
So I've recently found out that my parents are going to be working on Thanksgiving. WTF is wrong with the world?  If I had known they were going to be working, I would have went elsewhere for Thanksgiving.  However, my grandparents live in the same house with us but Thanksgiving is about dining with the entire family, not just your grandparents.  All I have to say is I better be getting my Dune Men's Rockville Uggs and new Storm Blackberry for Christmas. (I'm over it.)

Sass, in general
Just don't sass me (period)

Anywho, Gabriella and I went to the dentist for our semi-annual checkup and everything went well.  I love when our dentist compliments me: "Oh, you have such beautiful teeth."  I usually reply "I know.  I just like making your job a lot easier."  They usually laugh or give me sassy eyes.  I don't really care for either reaction.  Gabriella is growing up before me eyes and it thrills me.  She's becoming such a promising young lady.  I can't wait until we both move out of the house so we can both pencil each other in for lunch in SoHo.  
(With all the sass recently thrown my way, I poured myself a drink.  I call it "The Fruity Goose": 1/5 Grey Goose, 3/5 Orange Peach Mango, and 1/5 Tropicana Orange Juice.)
With that being said, I'd like to give you the quote for Nov. 25th:

"Never stop being yourself because you're afraid.  If you can't be yourself, then who will?  You were made a certain way for a reason.  You are beautiful so strut your stuff today."

Don't let the sass get you down.  Be yourself and if anyone sasses you, f%^k them.  Not literally, but you know what I mean.  LOL, oOoOo I'm dirty.  On that note,  stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Life on the spin cycle

Hello again.  (God, you're beautiful.)  I am back home in New York City and it's been marvelous.  I haven't really done anything thus far on my thanksgiving break.  However, laundry and cleaning house (literally) is a handful.  First, I need to share with you my feelings about coming home.  As college students know parents have the tendency to redesign your room when you're away at school.  Well in my case, my entire family has had a hand in the designs.
(this is not a picture of my actual room...but you should get the point)
My little sister's Coach sneakers and knitting material were in my room, my mother's Bloomingdales bills were on my desk, my uncle's bank statements were on my desk as well and my little sister babysits two messy children, that frequent my video game collection and bed.  This is highly unacceptable!  I don't go into their rooms and leave my belongings where I please; the nerve!

Anyway, life in the big city is as good as you make it and I'm washing clothes,  go figure.
Do you see how beautiful my city is?  It's gorgeous!
I just wanna say when I'm 26, in my loft in SoHo, approving the final manuscript layout for the next issue of Details Magazine to be published the next day (since I'll be editor-in-chief), I'm sure I won't be doing my own laundry.  I hope you all have goals and wish to achieve them sometime soon because a wasted dream is the worst thing to own.  With that being said, here is the quote for today, Nov. 24th:

"A goal's main purpose is to be achieved.  If it isn't achieved then it becomes a wasted idea.  Never lay a goal to rest because someone else might have other plans for it."

You better chase those goals until they become reality.  That's what I'm doing and I wish you all the best with your goals.  Make a million a reality.  Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just the Clusters

Welcome back gorgeous. Sorry this blog is being posted so late. I had an extremely long day. I had an editing meeting from 12:15p-2:00p, class from 2:05p-7:25, dinner at 7:45p, I hosted my school's A Cappella Coalition (which I need to talk about) at 9:30p, then I hung out in some of my friends' rooms. Before I expand about today let me talk about what really rubbed me (I don't know which way) the previous evening.
While doing my radio show our special DJ was getting "loose" and wanted to talk about sexual experimentation. I did not want to talk about sexual experimentation on the air. Plus, Rockstar and I did not have her on the show for sex talk. From now on I'm going to look at her in a different light, like a "woah, adults aren't really that much different than us" kind of light. Whenever I see her now, I'm going to think about the wild time of the 60's and 70's.
OMG, I have a scary/unbelievable story to tell you! Well today while I was at my editing meeting, there was a sharp piece of table dangling underneath. I went to scratch my knee and the dangling piece sliced my arm. It was like a medium-deep gash. It burned like "woah!" Well I was patting it down with tissues and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Soon it started to burn. I got ordained this past summer as a reverend if you didn't know and I happened to be wearing a rosary.

(That's the rosary. You can't really see the cross in this picture but it's there. That's what I wore today to class too, isn't it nice?)

Anyway, back to the story. I thought to myself "it would be something if the cross stopped the burning." I put the cross on the cut...AND THE BURNING STOPPED AND SO DID THE BLEEDING. I was in total disbelief! I am not lying to you; I swear to you on the life of Facebook. I f#$%ing healed myself with my reverend powers. I'm a healer. I should have my own church called "Gabriel Anderson's Healing Sanctum." Ugh, I love my dreams.
(Back to today) So the other day I asked if I could host the upcoming A Cappella Coalition for my school. And since some of my good friends were organizing it, they complied; they let me host the show. However, I couldn't speak a word without them giving me looks or saying "moving on Gabriel." What the f$%k?! Isn't a host supposed to promote crowd excitement and get them amped for the showcase? Geez, I know I talk a lot but I really didn't get a chance to say anything without being interrupted. I think I'll just stick with DJ-ing my radio show with Rockstar; amateurs! (JK I love you guys but next time give me a looser leash.)
The rest of my night was pretty mellow. I'm in my room now, chatting with friends on AIM and I just ate my fourth (yes, I said fourth) bowl of Trader Joe's "Just the Clusters: Maple Pecan Granola" cereal. It's my anti-drug. (I wish I had some drugs right now! LOL, JK. Gabriel Anderson does not indulge in artificial happiness.) I just love this cereal so much. But I know my body is going to absorb this fiber real soon and I'll be blogging via toilet. (Sorry about the blogging on the toilet. Oops, I really painted the picture in your head just now, didn't I?) So before this fiber wants to break free let me give you the quote for today, Nov 21st:

"Never rely on others to make you happy. You are a strong, self-sufficient individual and if you can't make yourself happy, then others cannot. Love yourself thoroughly and happiness will ever be present."

Okay this fiber wants out. OMG...thanks for stopping by. Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm HarperCollins

Hey sexy, how are things?  I know everything is splendid because I know you believe in yourself.  I need to do my homework assignment for my Foundations of Argument's due tomorrow at 2:05. (I'm over it.)  Anyway, today I found out that I am eligible to receive a Winter Internship (like this winter) with HarperCollins.  If you happen to live under a rock, HarperCollins is an internationally known publication company.  One of my frikking textbooks for this semester is published by them...THEY'RE BIG!  I had an informational interview with a very lovely recent graduate (a couple weeks back, in New York) and she was everything spectacular.  She even referred to me as "fabulous" in an email...flattered, I am.  
Today was a productive day.  I got a lot of work done and I cancelled practice for my secret on campus. (Shut up, keep it to yourself.) radio show, that I co-DJ with blogger Rockstar, was so weird today.  When we got into the studio, the show before us didn't seem as peppy or as rowdy as they usually are before we go on.  As soon as Rockstar and I got into the studio we became overwhelmed with such lethargically-negative energy.  We had a special guest DJ, "The Job," and she was stupendous.  However, the show was so off.   We had several instances of prank calls and we didn't feel right in the studio.  We took a break (we ran around in front of Hawks' Nest) to rid ourselves of the energy and we immediately felt better.  Anyway, enough of the negative energy, let's get on with the quote for November 20th:

"Never let a person's words hinder you from believing in yourself.  If you give them that power over you, you fulfill their belief, which then negates your beliefs.  Words have power but thoughts are actual things.  Be positive."

With that being said, love yourself guys and don't let negative energy get in your way.  Rockstar and I know this first hand...we ignored it and look at us now;  we're f$c%i&g awesome!

Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Show Me The Flurries!

What's going on beautiful?  Today hasn't been the greatest day because God keeps playing with my emotions.  Some whacky meteorologists said we were gonna see flurries today.  I love Winter.  And what's a winter without snow?  It's called Hell!  SHOW ME THE FLURRIES!  But yet they're haven't been any new signs of flurries.  (I'm in a meeting right now for my radio show but I'm hardly paying any attention.  I think I'm going to apply for the Operations Manager position...wish me luck.)  
Again, as posted earlier today Dante sassed me...but after reading my post he tried apologizing.  (I give it a day or two and I'll be over it.)  Today basically sucked.  Nothing happened.  The women's basketball team won again; AOW!  I'm so over today.  Let's get a start on tomorrow with the quote for it, (Nov 19th):

"It's not hard to be happy on somedays but it takes a true champ to be happy everyday.  Don't dwell on the bad things.  Cherish the good times and let them possess you."

I'm sorry that today's blog hasn't been as fruitful as the rest.  Oh!  I just remembered...

there's this old lady trying to swim across the entire Atlantic Ocean:
WTF?  Honestly lady do you really wanna show off that much?  Some of us can't even swim in a 3ft pool, let alone a frigid ocean with sharks!  At first I thought this lady was going to swim with the sharks like "hey!  Rar-Rar! Don't bite me, I'm just showing off."  But she has this underwater-electric-kevlar-cage- protection thing, that I'm sure will malfunction and a weird death will occur on top of the Atlantic Ocean.  The headline will read "Old Lady Eaten by Rar-Rar."  oOoOo, I'm so sassy today.  I do apologize.  Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful.  But yeah, I'm over it!

Gabriel Anderson

Sass Update #1 (Dante)

So I forgot to tell you guys that I report on the incidents of sass throughout my day.  I could care less how people feel being called out on their sass because they should know not to sass me.  It's 11:22AM and I've already been sassed.

Sass Update!
This past late night/early morning a friend and I were conversing (via AIM) and he suggested that we go out for breakfast when he gets out of class in the morning.  He told me he'd call me by 10:30AM.  I wake up around 10AM to get ready to start my day and I text him about 3x and he doesn't respond.  I figured maybe he was waiting there for me or something.  Come to find out this idiot didn't go to class and didn't call me to cancel breakfast.  
I dined at the local dining hall BY MYSELF!  Who the f%#k does that?!  No offense to people who frequently dine with a party of one but that's not my cup of tea.  (Take-out is acceptable for parties of one.)  If people say let's do something and they flake out on you, without the common decency of a heads-up, "I'm sorry I'm a lazy-ass and I can't pick up a phone," then maybe they aren't worth your time.  Dante you suck...and YOU'VE BEEN SASSED.  Welcome to the doghouse.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Oh No He Did Not!"

I woke up around 2:30pm today. I wasn't hungover or anything. I just don't have classes or anything really important to do on Mondays, Wednesday or Fridays. Let me stop lying...there's always work to do, especially if you have two internships, classes, a bountiful social life and a campus secret. (You provably know it already so keep it to yourself pretties.) Anywho, I had to run some errands for Career Services today (i.e. interview someone for the website.) It was quite fun. But on my way back to the room I heard some weird noises. I honestly thought someone was being murdered in my apartment. I was hesitant to unlock my apartment door. Come to find out, one of my roommates that's hardly around was singing. Being the little creeper that I am I recorded him. (Audio is totally legal. Take that law students!)


I hope you guys got your kicks out of that because I had to deal with that for hours. Anywho, people have been upset that the inspirational text messaging has ceased. But guess what pretties?! You are not paying my phone bill. Read it and believe it! (I feel like I'm being a little sassy today...I apologize if I've offended any of you. But if I have...this blog probably isn't for you; love you though.)
Beyonce's album is coming out on iTunes in less than 120 minutes (that's two hours). I am so excited!!! My friend Larry and I were conversing about Beyonce's PR and how much of a fool they are. All of Beyonce's new album (in its entirety) is on her MySpace page and have been available for legal ringtone downloads for Verizon, for the past few weeks. WTF? I mean I love that I have a feel for the album that's coming out in less than two hours but get it together PR person. Sasha Fierce, fire them ASAP. I should be your PR! I would never do that to you. I love you!
(Woooohuh!) I had to let that out, I'm sorry. I just saw the men's basketball team lose to UCONN; there was like a 40 or 50 point lead for UCONN. At least we tried. Oh it snowed today for like 5 minutes! I was almost in tears. I LOVE WINTER! It holds my second favorite holiday...CHRISTMAS! (My first favorite holiday is my birthday, Aug 19Th, and my third is Halloween). Anywho, it's time for tomorrow's inspirational quote. Here it goes:

"Make sure to smile today. Smile at people you know and don't know because something as simple as a smile can mean the world to someone in need. But don't just gape your lips, make sure to make every smile as precious as the last."

On that note, I want you all to keep your heads up and make sure your roommates take singing lessons. Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Time for Change (Rev Phelps. Quote for Nov 17th)

Hey sexy. I know everything is going extremely well with you because that's how your life should be everyday. Anywho, this weekend has been such a hassle. I had to go to two basketball games, Friday and Saturday. On Friday the men's basketball team lost by one point. (BOOOOO, Qunnipiac! You got lucky!) On Saturday, of course the women's basketball team slaughtered Dartmouth because when don't the women win? Other than that, as usual UHA was a walking, breathing, inebriated wasteland with Lil' Wayne blasting through every one of our school's cheap windows.
My suitemates and I are starting to really get along; we shoot the shit more often then ever now. This is cool. (For all my gameheads out there, we were playing God of War 2 again for the umpteenth time this weekend and it's still amazing. I can't wait for God of War 3 to grace us with its presence.) For all those who look forward to Reverend Phelps' inspirational business day text messages I do apologize. Verizon sucks when it comes to mass texting so I figured BlogSpot would do the job with more efficiency and with less headaches. I am going to write the quote of the day, the day before so people can see it. So for example, today's blog (Nov 16th) will have the quote for tomorrow (Nov 17th). But remember the quotes will only be provided for business days. I'm sure you guys can take care of yourself on the weekends. The quote for tomorrow (Nov 17th) is:

"People who can't accept change are usually the ones who can't function without a comfort zone. Break free of those insecurities and experience life without boundaries. You are the only thing standing in the way of your beautiful future."

You better love that quote because I do. I have no idea where these quotes come from but they're always in my head. Maybe this is the start of my career as a life coach, who knows? But right now my heart is set out to be the editor-in-chief of Details Magazine by 26. Speaking of fashion (Details is a heavily-dependent fashion magazine), I love today's outfit so I had to take some photos. I have to get ready for a late dinner with a dear friend of mine so I'll leave you guys with these sexy pictures.

Two of my friends told me they look like Gap ads...I am flattered lol. Well anywho, I'll talk to you guys later. Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow., is this really happening?

Hey gorgeous,
It's Gabriel again.  Today was such a delight.  Over this past summer I was ordained as a reverend and since then I've been trying to be inspirational to others.  I like helping people out with little things because its the little things that get us through the day.  I just got my phone charger back from NYC and thank God; my baby is back in my life!  Anywho, I wanted to share today's inspirational text with you (well its yesterdays text, Nov 13th, '08.)  The text goes as follows:
"Returning to an unfinished task may seem impossible to complete but to quit a task is to give up on a dream.  Never give up on a dream for they are blueprints to your future."

Dreams are meant to be followed.  Cherish your life and fulfill it with things that bring you unlimited happiness.  Be a sexy sunflower or a fabulous strawberry.  (Ugh!) Its now 3:37am and I think I'm going to call it a night.  But remember to keep it red, wild and sassy you gorgeous creature.  See you later.

Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Popping my blog...

Hey you,
It's 6:17am...(omg it's 6:17am) and I decided to officially start a blog. I love to write and being able to share it with the world thrills me. This feels like I'm starting a soon-to-be treasure. I am typing with a ferocity that no one possesses. I think this calls for a celebration. I want to write a poem for you. I'll call it "Smile." Here it goes.

I treasure your lips,
for when they part,
beauty is born.
I never knew something
so simple would do this for me.
your teeth shine like
a warm promise.
my lips now mirror yours and
euphoria dries my tears.
everything feels better now.

I hope you enjoyed that. It's now 6:22am and my eyes are stinging with need. I shall see you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Gabriel Anderson