Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SoHo Extravaganza

Hello duckies. I know you're feeling well because that's how life should be spent. But today one of my dear people-friends almost saw her glamorous life's end.
Alyssa is down in Florida (I think) with her grandmother and cousin and she spent her day at the beach. Up in the Northeastern region of the United States of Sassica, I was at my NY people-friend's house: Elle Fox.

Today I finally fell in love with her sassy dog Tyler.

He's always giving me sassy eyes and ignoring my commands. But today he was being very friendly and attentive...but not as attentive as Alyssa's almost-murderer.
Anywho, Alyssa BBMed me and our conversation went along these lines:
Alyssa: Rar-Rar! I was just swimming in the ocean and a D-List rar-rar tried to attack. I got out just in time.
Me: OMG, that's so scary!
Alyssa: I was with my grandma and my 3 year-old cousin; this old man was like "get outta the water!"
(Alyssa cont.)
We start swimming and running and I look over to see a dark gray fin heading towards me.
Me: OMG it wanted to use you for fifteen minutes of A-Listness.
Alyssa: I can see it on the cover of US Weekly: "A-Lister beats-up shark, proclaimed hero among geriatrics."
Hahahah, oh Alyssa.

Speaking of A-Listers, you will die (I hope only figuratively) when I tell you who was on the train with Elle and I today. Effing gorgeous Kerri Russell was sitting across from us on the 6 train.
Elle and I looked at each other at the same time and laughed. Kerri is gorgeous; she looks the same in person, if not more striking. We deemed her celebrity of the week because we respect her so much more for taking the train with us up-and-coming A-Listers. You go Glenn Coco!

After we got off the train Elle & I got our Starbucks fix and roamed the glamorous land of SoHo. We hit up some shops (Old Navy, Uni Qlo and street vendors). But after a few hours of wandering Elle remembered that she promised to meet up with her other people-friends; we departed after she and I went to my Mom's office. (We're just that A-List.)
Anywho, after Elle left Mommy and I shopped until we couldn't carry anything else.
We (well, Mommy) spent some heavy bucks.
I got about 4 shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 pair of hot casual shoes, 2 pairs of jeans, and a Spider-Man pillow. (I couldn't find Batman so Spider-Man swung in and saved the day.)
Enough about me, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."
"Never blame present failures for past unfortunates. The past is a tool that molds us into the beautiful person we are today and the future is chosen by our actions. Every action has an equal reaction; do the present wisely."

OMG, I have some super-duper A-List news to tell you. So one of my people-friends Maria has taken the semester off to prioritize her life (kudos to you duckie) and in doing she started writing. So far she's written 70 pages...but guess what?! Maria knows the right people and she's in the process of getting her book published!

(Duckies I am not poking fun at Maria. She told me via Facebook that she really needs a copy of this lol.)
Maria, welcome to the elite club of A-Listers; congratulations duckie!
To the rest of you duckies, keep following your dreams...while I meet mine with closed eyes tonight.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Wake-up and sass the city

Hello duckies. It's quite divine being home, I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Today I was awakened by a BBM, from Mommy, asking which restaurant I wanted to bless my presence with. Of course I chose Carmine's (my favorite restaurant in the world. I just found out that there's one in the Bahamas; Pete go there!) but I was overruled by Gabriella, Ronald and Mommy. Instead we went to Saigon Grill,

which is divine in its own right. The meals are inexpensive and the food is marvelous; sometimes my taste buds can't control themselves when I'm there. I'm usually very talkative at restaurants but when I'm at Saigon Grill I hone in on my meal.

But before diving into our delicious meals Gabriella and I endured a journey, to say the least. We had to take a train and then a bus to meet our parents downtown. And like any NYC bus it was crowded, so crowded that the guy standing next to Gabriella (unintentionally) had his crotch near her face.

Gabriella BBMed me, saying: "OMG, I have lost my personal space to a crotch." Hilarious. The guy was on his iPhone, oblivious to Gabriella. I was watching him to see if he was a pervert...but this guy was too busy playing games on his iPhone; he was a typical New Yorker.
Anywho, after dinner we stopped by Dunkin' Donuts to get our daily caffeine fix and then (because Gabriella likes watching it on the big-screen HD-TV in the living room) Mommy, Gabriella & I watched "Gossip Girl."

I don't really follow the series but whenever its on I am so engrossed in the characters' A-List quarrels. Last night's episode was very enticing but due to Saigon Grill, Mommy and I fell asleep on the couch, as Gabriella continued watching with the company of our cuddling bodies.
After realizing I was falling asleep I went to my room to take a nap. Now I'm up and awake. I'm watching "Death Sentence" starring Kevin Bacon...

and it's so bada$$. I think I may have discussed my feelings about this particular film in the past (who knows?) but every time I see it, I'm fearless. It makes me wanna kick every scumbag's a$$. Wooohuh!
Okay, before I go AWOL, here are some "Words of Wisdom."
"Choose wisely when selecting your company; they have more of an effect on you than you think. If your company uses and drains your essence there won't be anything useful left for yourself."
"Death Sentence" is almost over and the ending is my favorite part.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson