Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm A Beautiful Pampers Baby, Bi$%h!

So for the past few days the stress of finals (well in my case final papers and projects) have made me doubt myself.  This is weird because I'm the most positive person in the world.  But then I started thinking about a story Mommy told me one day and it made me feel better. It goes like this...

One day we were in a waiting room for an acting audition (which we later found out was a scam, good thing I have a smart Mommy) and I was nervous while waiting to be called in so Mommy wanted to make me feel better.  She revealed to me a secret.  She said:

"You know when you were little Gabriel, everyone would always compliment you on your cuteness.  You were a gorgeous baby.  Well one day we were somewhere, I can't remember, and this agent came up to me and offered you a Pampers deal.  It sounded so perfect but he said afterwards, even after you left his agency, he would always have a 30% cut.  I respectfully declined his offer."

(I mean look at how beautiful I was as a child lmao...jk.)

I was so mad lol.  I could be dodging the paparazzi right now.  But I guess Mommy knows that I'll become famous on my own.  It'll happen soon, I can feel it.  But now whenever I'm down, I know that people saw potential in me when I wasn't even aware of fame, so I say: "I'm a beautiful Pampers baby!"  (Say it with me!)  "I'M A BEAUTIFUL PAMPERS BABY!"  You're so sexy and you know it, aow!  

I've been watching the Simple Life Season 2 on DVD for the last two days and I am in love with Paris and Nicole again.  I love when they sing "sada-saaaaaah, sada-saaaah." (Woooohuh, I am so tired now.)  I wanted to do homework tonight but my head feels heavy.  It's so big lol.  Anywho, let's get to the quote of the day for Dec 10th:

"Try something different today because life is about experience.  The more experience you have, the more knowledge you possess.  With that knowledge you'll be able to navigate through your dreams and you'll soon find yourself where you want to be."

With that being said, I love you all and I wish you eternal happiness.  Stay true pretties.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Some (Un)Needed Changes

Well hello there beautiful.  I know things are well because if you think positive thoughts, positive things will blossom in your life.  Today some things need to be addressed, besides the fact that the U.S. needs to develop a more efficient method of monitoring the U.S./Mexico border.  (Sorry I was in the library writing a paper on that topic for like 5 hours lol).  I need to bring forth the issue of people making themselves doormats.

Here are the signs of being a doormat:
1) Are you a person that'll take sh$% from someone and not mention a thing to them?
2) After taking sh$% from that person do you bitch about it to your friends, still without mentionting it to the sasster?
3) Do you bottle your emotions then explode in an unproductive manner without warning?
Well if you possess these three symptoms (sorry pretty) you are a doormat. 

Usually doormats are the nicest people but they just don't like confrontation because it makes them uncomfortable.  But guess what doormats?  Your make your friends very uncomfortable when you explode without warning or when you bitch about someone, without bitching at the right person.  Love yourself enough to stick up for yourself.  Take charge of your life and stop letting people dictate yours.

Another thing that needs to addressed is the fact that HawkCard.com no longer takes Visa and...they are now charging a 2.75% convenience fee for every transaction!  WTF?  We are all broke college students and that 2.75% convenience fee might summon the deadly overdraft fee that Bank of America is fond of distributing.  (If you don't have Bank of America, you're a lucky son of a squirrel.  If you do have Bank of America, may God bless your checkbook.)  
This change pisses me off because I only have Visa and now if I want to do laundry I'm going to have to go to the office (on the other side of campus) and manually fill up on Hawk Cash.  (For those unaware of Hawk Cash, it is the campus-currency, equivalent to cash and its accepted basically everywhere on campus and at neighboring establishments.)  It sucks because the office is only available on weekdays and it's not open 24/7.  My school is slowly transforming into The University of Doucheford.  I love my school though, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anywho, I was at the library today and I caught my reflection in the mirror and I noticed some back-fat.  It is time to hit the gym again.  I don't know how my back-fat came into existence but it's not staying.  I'm going to do some hardcore regiments over Winter Break; hopefully I'll come back a new Gabriel. No...I will come back a new Gabriel (positive thinking).  Also, I was interviewed by my suitemate Josh today about what's bothering me (for his sociology course) and it really opened me up.  I finally saw that talking to someone else about your dreams and issues helps a lot.  I might go see the psychiatrists on campus.  I mean it's free and after college you  have to pay thousands for the same service.  I love talking about myself so why not, right?  I'm going to start going next semester and I guess I'll share my sessions with you as well.

With that being said, let's get to the quote of the day for Dec 9th:

"If you do not address a pestering issue, it will fester and consume your life.  Rid yourself of a problem as soon as you can because there's nothing worse than a wasted moment."

It's getting late pretties and I need to start going to bed earlier so I can sleep in more.  Don't let the sass get you down.  Stay true kids.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson