Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SummerBoy Diving

OMG, duckies this weekend was fabulous. I hope you all had an amazing fourth of July weekend because I had enough fun for you all lol. I don't know what it is about fourth of July that makes us all feel so liberated and compelled to throw glamorous gunpowder into the air, drink like a sailor and dance--sometimes in our own rooms, alone--like we're being monitored. It's like a test of patriotism that we all know we're going to ace. Interesting...lol.
As you know my weekends start on Thursday.
This past Thursday I finally got a haircut--thank God--and afterwards I headed downtown to meet Graham, Eddie, Lisa and some of Eddie's friends from home. It was good to see Graham, Eddie and Lisa because they remind me of school and the beautiful people I love so much, including their spectacular selves.
We walked around: from Union Square to Penn Station to Port Authority. We were being very green lol.
Anywho, during our pedestrian travels Lisa, Graham and I decided to start a musical. (It hasn't been titled yet; we're still working on it.)

It's about three college kids and their adventures in New York City. So far we've gotten the finale down: a drunk cab-driver kills the three friends while they hold hands and shopping bags fly into the air, while the lights fade-out. LOL, so dramatic. You know you love it.
Unfortunately, Eddie and Lisa had to truck it back to New Jersey so they departed before the fun-fun stuff. Graham and I went back to his summer apartment on the UWS (upper west side) of New York. We watched TV, caught up on old times and enjoyed each other's company. It was very relaxing.

The following day--Friday--Gabriella, Mommy, Ronald, a few of Gabriella's friends, Ingrid and myself went to Camel Beach in the Poconos Mountains.

We were there for hours: tubing, swimming in the wave pools, getting tans, water-sliding, exploring King Tut's water kingdom (the picture above), water-racing, driving bumper boats and laughing at each other and ourselves.

It was a blast.
After Camel Beach we went back home to have a Sushi Sunshine Party in the backyard. It was delicious. We had Spidercrab rolls, California rolls, Dragon rolls, Shrimp Tempura, Eel Rolls and others.

Several hours later I received a call from Graham telling me there was a party going on above his apartment. At first I didn't want to go because I was exhausted from the water park...but I eventually gave in.
I'm glad I did.

The house party was being thrown by an NYU grad student...it was her birthday party! She had scrumptious food and drinks. The crowd was a grad school and a more established crowd that I was accustomed to...but I am more than capable of getting to know people, regardless of how we stand. I had a genuine blast at the party. I came in only knowing Graham and I left with several names and FaceBook friend requests.
(I didn't get home until 5am.)

The next morning (at approximately 7:15am) I was shaken awake by my mother, telling me to get ready for the sharks. Luckily I had my swimsuit outfit ready on my beige leather chair in my room and all I had to do was throw it on.
I went shark diving with Gabriella at this aquarium in River Head Long Island, New York. I think it was called "Atlantis."
Anywho, the aquarium was huge. They had sting ray exhibits--you could touch them because they clipped their stingers, sea lion shows, shark exhibit/diving world and tons more.
Our appointment to dive with the sharks was at 1pm.

Duckies, when I say life-changing, I mean life-changing.
Being in the water with such powerfully graceful creatures is riveting. I was simply in awe. The beauty and stealth of sharks and marine life in general is simply astounding. It was kind of eerie, I must admit. Being on land is completely different than being underwater. On land we're accustomed to sound and vibrations to determine how close or how far danger or intruders are from us. Underwater, a shark can swim right behind you and you wouldn't know it unless you see it. The only sound you hear underwater is the sound of your heart and your regulator. Other than that, you're left to connect with the beings that surround you. I wanna become a certified diver now.
Back to the tank, our regulator masks had mics so Gabriella and I had to watch our language because the instructor and the people surrounding the shark exhibit could hear everything we said. I was a good boy. LOL
But later on that night I wasn't.

On Saturday night, fourth of July, I let myself go. I wanted to break free of myself and run around the world with Independence on my sleeve. I called Graham, asking if he was doing anything and he invited me to this restaurant where the girls that lived above him were dining and celebrating the night. We met up with them at this Chinese/Spanish cuisine restaurant and we let the drinks flow.

We let the drinks flow so much that I did "Single Ladies" once again...but on the sidewalk. On West 95th Street and Broadway to be exact.

The night ended with love.

Speaking of ending, over the weekend I thought it would be a great idea to graduate school early. But I would have to sacrifice my minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing in order to do it. I completed my English major requirements but the only thing holding me back is my minor. However, after thinking about it I realized that employers don't really care how long it takes you to get your degree. If you have one you're golden...but if you graduate a semester early and you don't have anything planned...you're f%^ed.
I spoke to Mommy about it this weekend and it seemed all she really cared about was the money she would save if I graduated early. It's sad that we've come to the point in our relationship where she's ready to kick me out. But you know what duckies? When I become famous...guess who's going in a nursing home?!

I still love her but she needs tounderstand that being a great college student isn't easy and it takes a lot of endurance. Just let me enjoy my last year woman!
Plus, I'd miss my friends too much and I wouldn't know what to do with myself because I would be a recent UNEMPLOYED college grad. So until then I'm...

The new WORD OF THE WEEK is:
DASHING: The act of being an older age and effortlessly having others believe you are younger than what you are; the act of being mature yet youthful.
EX. Stacey Dash (lol)

Ex. (Boy) "I had no idea you were 37. All this time I thought you were in your early twenties. You're dashing."

Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"It is morally unethical to judge another for something they cannot control. People develop at different speeds and judging one because of this is awfully rash and premature. Don't be afraid to disagree with others but make sure you see it from their eyes and take your reasoning, into account, with a grain of salt."


Due to popular demand from duckies and people-friends I called Nick last night, apologizing about my writing him off because he isn't completely sure of his sexuality. We spoke for a bit and I must say...I was disappointed with the conversation. I was so excited about life and he seemed slightly passive on the phone. He didn't say anything exciting but he did say he's my biggest fan.
(We'll see how this round will play out.)

Okay duckies, I gotta get back to work. I couldn't come in yesterday so today is just ridiculous.

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson