Saturday, March 14, 2009

Duckies, I apologize

We just lost to Vermont and I am incredibly sad.  I just wanted to complain about my vacation being taken away (by the NCAA tournament) but I really wanted to travel over Spring Break with the team.  
Tomorrow will be the longest ride home...but I'll think positive thoughts.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

Spring has officially broken

Hey duckies. I apologize for the "missing post," the one that should have been posted yesterday. Last night happened too fast and I was knocked out when I returned from Alyssa's birthday bash. I had so much fun. The food was divine. We were so A-List that people kept coming up to our table to converse. This one little girl thought Alyssa was a princess (sooo cute) and the couple at the table next to ours were taking pictures of Alyssa. Paparazzi!

It was such an A-List event; just about everyone on my BBM contact list was there lol.

OH, OH, OH! At Ginza I got a call from my Dad and he told me my BlackBerry was back on!

It was such a great way to end my meal.

Afterwards, Rockstar and I (because they're such amazing individuals) played boardgames with Justin, Becca and Jordan. I think the boardgame was Quelf.

It's sooo much fun because its so random. I forgot how I lost the game but I didn't even care because we were laughing so hard; I was oblivious to the world last night because I was feeling so A-List with the endless amount of fans and A-Listers calling my phone.
More on that topic, I always forget to give my publicist, Jessy Cat, a shout-out.

I ran into her in the library yesterday: she is always on-the-go and always ready to lend a hand, even when she has tons to accomplish. Jessy Cat, I love you and my life is so much more pleasant and easier with you around. Thanks duckie!

As you may know (if you stalk us University of Hartford students) our Spring Break started today.

Due to unfortunate events I am still on campus, working for my secret job. Let's just say by this time of the year my school spirit is running on empty; I need SoHo in my life!

But negativity aside, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."
"Standing (alone) against adversarial forces is more rewarding than blending in with a follower's crowd. It is only when we stand strongly alone that we are able overpower the evil in the world. Trust yourself."

*To all those duckies who are (or already have) venturing out of the country, be safe and don't put your life in the hands of strangers...unless they offer you sugar-coated drugs, yaaaay! lol jk jk.
*To every other duckie not celebrating Spring Break out of the country or do not have anything planned, enjoy this break to the fullest.

There is this new band Rockstar and I, (mainly Rockstar), discovered. They're called "Manufactured Defects."

Their music is so new-age Pop/indie-grunge. (Think Lady Gaga but three males). Their website is Make sure to check them out!

I am off to bed duckies. My eyes want to see what my brain has cooked for dessert...I hope it isn't a nightmare lol.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson