Friday, November 21, 2008

Just the Clusters

Welcome back gorgeous. Sorry this blog is being posted so late. I had an extremely long day. I had an editing meeting from 12:15p-2:00p, class from 2:05p-7:25, dinner at 7:45p, I hosted my school's A Cappella Coalition (which I need to talk about) at 9:30p, then I hung out in some of my friends' rooms. Before I expand about today let me talk about what really rubbed me (I don't know which way) the previous evening.
While doing my radio show our special DJ was getting "loose" and wanted to talk about sexual experimentation. I did not want to talk about sexual experimentation on the air. Plus, Rockstar and I did not have her on the show for sex talk. From now on I'm going to look at her in a different light, like a "woah, adults aren't really that much different than us" kind of light. Whenever I see her now, I'm going to think about the wild time of the 60's and 70's.
OMG, I have a scary/unbelievable story to tell you! Well today while I was at my editing meeting, there was a sharp piece of table dangling underneath. I went to scratch my knee and the dangling piece sliced my arm. It was like a medium-deep gash. It burned like "woah!" Well I was patting it down with tissues and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Soon it started to burn. I got ordained this past summer as a reverend if you didn't know and I happened to be wearing a rosary.

(That's the rosary. You can't really see the cross in this picture but it's there. That's what I wore today to class too, isn't it nice?)

Anyway, back to the story. I thought to myself "it would be something if the cross stopped the burning." I put the cross on the cut...AND THE BURNING STOPPED AND SO DID THE BLEEDING. I was in total disbelief! I am not lying to you; I swear to you on the life of Facebook. I f#$%ing healed myself with my reverend powers. I'm a healer. I should have my own church called "Gabriel Anderson's Healing Sanctum." Ugh, I love my dreams.
(Back to today) So the other day I asked if I could host the upcoming A Cappella Coalition for my school. And since some of my good friends were organizing it, they complied; they let me host the show. However, I couldn't speak a word without them giving me looks or saying "moving on Gabriel." What the f$%k?! Isn't a host supposed to promote crowd excitement and get them amped for the showcase? Geez, I know I talk a lot but I really didn't get a chance to say anything without being interrupted. I think I'll just stick with DJ-ing my radio show with Rockstar; amateurs! (JK I love you guys but next time give me a looser leash.)
The rest of my night was pretty mellow. I'm in my room now, chatting with friends on AIM and I just ate my fourth (yes, I said fourth) bowl of Trader Joe's "Just the Clusters: Maple Pecan Granola" cereal. It's my anti-drug. (I wish I had some drugs right now! LOL, JK. Gabriel Anderson does not indulge in artificial happiness.) I just love this cereal so much. But I know my body is going to absorb this fiber real soon and I'll be blogging via toilet. (Sorry about the blogging on the toilet. Oops, I really painted the picture in your head just now, didn't I?) So before this fiber wants to break free let me give you the quote for today, Nov 21st:

"Never rely on others to make you happy. You are a strong, self-sufficient individual and if you can't make yourself happy, then others cannot. Love yourself thoroughly and happiness will ever be present."

Okay this fiber wants out. OMG...thanks for stopping by. Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson