Monday, February 16, 2009

When In Doubt, Dress Accordingly

Hello duckies. I should be reading for class right now but I like doing my work right before class. It's not procrastinating if you plan on doing it last minute. lol Anyway, this weekend was an experience to say the least. More importantly, I'd like to share my ultimate sass experience, which happened this past weekend.

So I was A-list party hopping this past weekend and I ran into a friend of mine, Millie. Millie was telling me that our mutual friend Skyler was at this party and she wanted me to come. I'm never up for missing a party. I walk Millie to the party and Skyler opens the door and hugs Millie, only to converse with her. I try to spark a conversation between the two of us:

Me: "Hey Skyler. What's up? Are you gonna let me in?"
Skyler: Hugging Millie into the door's threshold, "You weren't invited."

Then he slammed the door in my face!

At first I thought this was play-sass but after waiting outside the door for 30 seconds I found out that Skyler wasn't joking. He didn't let me in. I texted him telling him he was dead to me...which is true. You're dead to me Skyler.

So the next day he tries apologizing to me ("I'm sorry. I was drunk and it wasn't my party. I was a guest.") but I'm not hearing it because he only tried apologizing to me through other people or only when other people are around. Fcuk you Skyler. If you were really sorry you would try to pull me to the side and apologize one-on-one. When negativity enters my life I dispose of it as soon as possible. Therefore, you're out of my life. I wish you the best Skyler.

In other news, I'm at the library right now and it's been so random today. Within the first twenty minutes of me sitting down one guy asks me:

"By any chance would you have an iPod charger?"

(It gets better.)

Then another guy starts a conversation with me:

Weirdo: "I don't have my school ID with me, could I borrow your card to print something?"
Me: "Ummm, I don't have any cash on mine, so no."

I really didn't have any cash on my school ID. But come on?! I never saw you a day in my life and you're asking me for money. HA! Nice one duckie.

I think Connecticut's aggravating me lately because I haven't been home in a month. I'm going through with withdrawals and I decided I'm gonna go home this Friday!

I'm so excited. I get to roam the city as late as I want. I get to hear hobos sing for money on the train. I get to hear Puerto Rican babies cry in grocery stores. I get to escape from this bubble they call Hartford! Yaaaaay!

But you know what I miss too? I miss working out.

I used to workout before my afternoon classes and I would feel so amazing afterwards. The endorphins would get me through the day and I was looking hot. Like hotter than I do now. (How marvelous is that?!) So yeah, I gotta hit the gym and finally start my "I'm-not-gonna-look-fat-in-my-21st-birthday-pics" diet."

Anywho, last night I made a new friend. His name is B! (like the E! Channel) and it was weird how close we got in the matter of hours. He's such a chill dude and we have eerily similar qualities.

It's always fun to befriend and to be around people who are actually doing things with their lives too. Amazing!

Oh! Duckies, I have a theory; listen up!
Mondays suck right? Well pretty much every weekday sucks (except Friday). So I figured something out so weekdays are bearable. When in doubt, dress accordingly.

Dress how you want to feel, whether it's sexy, distinguished, shy...whatever. If you dress how you feel your garments will send out messages (of your choice) to the universe and they will be answered. Try it!

Okay, I've waited long enough to give you some "Words of Wisdom." Here it is:

"Never assume the motives of others. People function off of different principles and no one is the same. Feel things out before you prematurely judge another. And you know what they say when you assume; you make an ass out of yourself and I point and laugh."
(Well that's what I say about assuming lol.)

Anywho duckies, I need to get back to my homework. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson