Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A-List Updates

Good morning my sexy lil' duckies. I'm not even going to ask you if everything is "alright" because I know it is. Life is beautiful and if you're having an ugly day, you better show God your receipt lol. Anywho, the train ride to work was so weird today. First this sketchy-looking guy kept starting at me...

and whenever I knew he was looking I would roll my eyes. This stopped his staring for about two seconds...then he would continue! It got to the point where I rolled my eyes so much I caught a slight headache. (This is what happens when God shows off creating you; people just never know when to quit.) A few stops later he gets off (thank you Jesus) but I guess the "obnoxious quota" wasn't filled on the train because a group of 20-something ladies run, to sit in the space next to me.

The girl closest to me smelled like a cocktail of discount perfume & 'pleather' and kept bumping me because she was telling an intense story (no, I wasn't eavesdropping). The bumping got annoying after awhile. But I didn't say anything because all of them were really pretty. It's hard for me to tell pretty girls what they're doing wrong; I appreciate beauty too much. But if they had been ugly (woooooooohuh!) they would have felt the wrath lol.

In regards to (yesterday's) A-list news, one of the barista's at Starbucks is always so nice to me. He's always like...

"Hey, how are you?" "See you tomorrow," or "You again?!"

LOL, little things like that make my life.

In addition, I had a business lunch, with an alum from my school (University of Hartford), who actually helped me get my internship with HarperCollins. Amazing, right?!

We went to this chic little spot called Mangia; it was divine. She had me cracking up, sharing stories about New Year's Eve and Hartford. I had a great time. Plus, she took care of the bill. She's such a phenomenal woman. (Thanks Lisa!)

I learned how to make a Milky Way Latte at work yesterday.

This little package (above) has so much flavor. (That sounded so dirty lol) I love Milky Way Lattes! It felt like God was juggling my taste buds.

OH! SASS UPDATE (not for me but this guy who was driving a Range Rover last night).

As you know New Yorkers are always in a rush (myself included; ask any of my friends how fast I walk). So on my way home a bus decided to try and 'beat the light," only to block the light for the opposing side of traffic. So this guy driving a Range Rover decided to try to ease up on the crosswalk, after the light turned red. All of a sudden, a lady wearing this hot mink, starts walking in front of the Range Rover and...

violently slaps down on the Range Rover's hood...AND GIVES THE GUY A "WATCH IT B*TCH" FACE! Everyone of the corner (including myself) just looked at around at each other like, "Did that just happen?" It was hilarious! What makes it more hysterical is the guy driving the Range Rover backed-up a little.

Speaking of backing-up, I was taken aback yesterday because my supervisor told me they're throwing a party for me this Friday.

Isn't that exciting?! I was so surprised. Plus, she complimented me on my work ethic. I felt so appreciated. I'm going to miss this job. Hopefully I'll get a job with HC this summer.

I've kept you waiting long enough, let's get to the quote of the day (Jan 14th):

"You are what you say you are. Saying something aloud gives life (belief) to the said statement. Say positive things (no matter how far fetched you think they may be) and watch them appear before your eyes."

I have something to share two things with you. These are not sexy.

I hate Long John's. I think if they were called "LJ's" I'd wear them with pride. Today I'm wearing them and I'm sweating like a lamb in a slaughterhouse.


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY GRAHAM! I love you man! BROMANCE lol! Don't do anything I wouldn't do (which means you can do whatever the hell you want lol).

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson