Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Sassy Purpose

Hey duckies. Yesterday was a pleasantly enlightening day. During my African-American Rhetoric class, my professor asked if anyone had a blog; springing to action I shot my hand upward. She then inquired about the purpose and focal point of my blog. I responded, superficially, saying it was mainly focused on my life and what happens in a typical day. Immediately after saying this I was overwhelmed with shallowness. Was I really an arrogant narcissist begging for fifteen minutes of fame?
To clarify the purpose of my blog I wrote an email to my professor, after class:

"Hey Professor. I feel like I didn't give you an adequate description of my blog. My blog, The Sass Corner, is an appropriate portrayal of my life and my daily interaction with the world. It's focused on my life and my reflective insight on my day. At the end of my post I create inspirational quotes to enable readers to think positive, regardless of the circumstance."

Duckies, I blog because I love writing and helping people. Life is jazz; life is a jumbled compilation of beauty; life is tough and only the positive survive. Sometimes everyone needs a little reminder that we're beautiful.

As you may have noticed I do not have a hit counter on my page. At first the hit counter wasn't there because I didn't know how to install one on my blog lol. But then I realized that if I did put one here I would base my blogging off of my hits. I blog to share life lessons with the world so more people can love and appreciate this stupendous catastrophe we call life. I blog to inspire.

I blog for you duckie!
I'm glad my professor put me "on the spot" because if she hadn't I think I wouldn't have really known the true purpose of my blog. (Thank you Professor B!)

In regards to positive thinking, I recently lost the left glove of my favorite pair. (Rockstar was with me when this happened.) Upon realizing I lost a glove I said "Forget it. I'm not going to worry about it. It'll come back to me...or this is just a perfect excuse to go shopping(lol)."
So yesterday I was walking out of Auerbach Hall and I look down and there was my glove!

This glove wasn't in its cleanest state, it was lost for a week. But luckily I was on my way to my room to start my laundry.

(My glove is clean and ready to take on the world.)

Do you see what happened duckies? I thought positively about the situation instead of running around in a state of panic. When in doubt think happy thoughts.

Anywho, I think its time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"Hating something is taking the easy way out; loving something is the hard part. When you hate something you dismiss its value for insignificant whereas love takes patience, compromise and fidelity. 'Hate' is a strong word but 'love' demands characters."

OMG, I haven't given you the word of the week.

"The Word of the Week" is:
Sudge- To cast judgement onto another; to sass harshly; being a d$%k or a bi%^h.
Ex: "So what if I like getting Starbucks everyday; don't sudge me! Let me live my life."

Okay duckies, I have to start some homework that's due in less than four hours. (As said before, its not procrastination if you plan to do it later.)

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson