Friday, December 19, 2008

Paper Cuts

Hey guys!  Yesterday I got my first paper cut (go figure).  I forgot that when you work fast with paper, you get sliced.  Injury by literacy, oOoOoOo. lol  There was another holiday party last night and I wasn't feeling it again.  It was so hot and I couldn't drink (like everyone else was doing). Ugh...I still love my life.  Yesterday I started doing other things;  I sent out checks to authors, filed more stuff, mailed books (that aren't coming out until August) to critics for quotes, sent out rejection letters (awesome) and then I had homework.  I basically had to read a submission and (kinda) determine whether it should be published or not.  I know, intense right?

I feel like today will be a great day.  I love the snow and the weather channel is telling me we're going to get a lot.  I hope it doesn't snow a lot before I get to the office though because my off-terrain Uggs are in my office.  (I'm still shocked that I can say "in my office.")  I have an appointment later with Apple because my (sh)Ipod isn't being recognized by my laptop anymore.  I reserved an appointment at the Fifth Avenue Apple store @ 6:10pm....if you wanna stalk me here's your chance lol.  I'll be wearing my shades because the paparazzi is vicious this time of year lol. 

Anyway, let's get to the quote of the day:

"When something let's you down (I know it's hard but) move on with your life.  Life is too short to depend on irresponsible things.  Don't waste another moment weeping over spilled champagne; go and get another bottle!"

It looks like I'm getting thirsty from that quote lol.  Anyway, I gotta pack my lunch for work before I head out.  I wish you all the best of happiness.  Stay true kids.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson