Monday, February 23, 2009

Elle's $30 BlackBerry

Well hello beautiful. This past weekend was amazing. I didn't do much but I loved it. Sometimes the best opinion comes from alien eyes. (That was a random quote lol).

Speaking of alien it's been awhile since I've gotten a haircut and I like the way it looks. I look fresh. Anywho, I decided to go back to the barbershop on Saturday. (Remember I left the barbershop because Gabriella and Mommy were leaving too, on Friday? Back to the barbershop!)

I had to wait two hours to get my haircut because my barber was so slow and he had the nerve to be on the phone for most of the time.

Plus, someone farted in the shop and didn't confess. (I swear it wasn't me duckies. I have pride in my gas.)

Later that evening, all fresh and clean, Elle and I decided to hit up this chic lounge for a couple hours.

We spoke about our glamorous futures, had a few adult beverages, had a heart-to-heart and roamed the city...while dancing our way to the Starbucks at Union Square.

When we got there, two baristas (one who obviously needed to stop lying to himself about this sexuality) were arguing over a male barista's (the "gay" one) choice to end a relationship. The "gay" one said he ended it because the girl was checking his phone, MySpace, Facebook and pockets (on a daily basis), to see if he was cheating on her. Gay or not, that would drive any person away.

Elle and I were laughing at their frivolous arguments...until she checked her purse and realized she lost her BlackBerry!

(Que the dramatic music!)

We immediately backtracked our steps, Starbucks in hand, but Elle's BlackBerry was nowhere to be found. I kept telling Elle to believe that it would come back to her because negative thinking would only worsen the situation. She tried believing in it until we both got tired of searching for it. We parted ways, going home soon thereafter, but I didn't give up. During the car ride back to Hartford I texted Elle's BlackBerry saying:

"Hi, if you have my friend's phone her name is Elle and her house number is (can't post it here duckies). Please be the beautiful person that you are and call to return her phone."

A couple hours after I got back on campus Elle texts me saying a lady found her phone and (with my help) was able to call her house to return it. Elle's parents drove her downtown to get her BlackBerry. (Only the true A-list are driven around.)

All Elle had in her wallet was $30 so she gave it to the kind woman.

The woman wasn't expecting a reward, she was just happy to see a BlackBerry back with it's owner. Yay happy endings!

In regards to happy endings, Aaron (my ex-people-friend) called me today. I didn't pick up because I'm so over that unproductive duckie. He left a message saying:

so I can know to stop calling you."

WTF? Honestly? If your so-called best friend hasn't been returning your calls since 2008 then you should take the hint. Aaron, I'm sorry but you just added stress to my life. I wish you the best with everything.

Okay duckies, I've held it off long enough. Here are some "Words of Wisdom."

"Biases are just familiar perceptions; you really can't blame people for hiding behind known territories. But when people try to force or envelope their biases upon you...then it becomes a problem."

By the way, I am in love with "The House Bunny."

(It's playing in the background right now.)
It's one of those movies that you can watch over and over again without wanting to OD on Pepto bismol.

Duckies, it's time to cuddle with my pillow. I wish you the best. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson