Friday, January 16, 2009

The End?

Good morning duckies! I can't believe today is the last day of my internship. To go out with a bang, I drank a sugar-free Red Bull instead of my usual Grande Caramel Macchiatto (in a Venti cup). I feel that today is going to be spectacular. There's going to be a pizza lunch/my farewell gathering/mailing session around noon today. I'm so excited!
I had the best time working for HarperCollins. I really don't want to leave but Hartford's calling. I can really see myself working at a place like HarperCollins. Everyone is incredibly nice, there's never a dull moment, I love books, there's free coffee & sometimes free lunch...what more could you ask for?! I would love to work under Daphne and Edie again. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity!

(But it's not hard to rip your pants at work.)

I usually bring my BlackBerry with me (wherever I go) and yesterday I had to go to the bathroom. My pants were kind of tight so my BlackBerry wasn't going to fit in my pants without them ripping. I decided to put my BlackBerry on the ledge of the urinal. Seconds later, my BlackBerry fall off the ledge, sliding underneath a toilet sectional. Luckily I have a hardcore hardcover case for my BlackBerry so it was fine. I tried bending over to get my BlackBerry but it slid out of reach. I go to my knees to stretch as far as I can and...CURSSSSSSHH

my pants rip, right in the crotch seam! WTF? Honestly?! I ran to the closest office and borrowed a stapler and I "resourcefully" solved the problem. Luckily, I was wearing Long John's (eww) so I wasn't scratched on my way home.

In other news Lisa stopped by my office yesterday...

to take a picture for my school's Career Services Newsletter.

Last semester, I had an internship where I was the Student Liaison for Career Services and I had to conduct interviews with students who are advancing their prospective careers, while still in school. Now I'm a Student Success Story, yaaaaay! Thank you HarperCollins; more specifically Edie, Lisa and Daphne. As said in previous posts, Lisa helped me get an internship at HarperCollins. I'm so glad I know her!

Anywho, I'm so glad I have amazing friends. Pete is like this hardcore athlete and I hinted that I wanted him to help me with my "I-can't-look-fat-in-my-21st-birthday-pictures" diet. Being the awesome friend that he is Pete said he'd help me out, like personal trainer kind of help.

My goal is to lose 60lbs (sixty pounds) before my birthday, August 19th. If I lose more that would be incredible. I told my friend Reggie about it and he told me I'm going to look anorexic. Reggie's a model by the way lol. I'm going to go through with this workout regiment because I trust Pete's judgement. He's going to kick my a$$ but it'll all pay off in the end. Thanks Pete!

Last night I saw something so funny/nauseating. On my way home I was falling asleep on the train (as usual) and when I finally opened my eyes, I almost threw up. There was a lady, standing right in front of me, wearing a "ghetto midriff shirt." It was a "ghetto midriff shirt" because it wasn't supposed to look like that.

I don't understand how she was outside like that. Like half of her bulbous stomach was bulging from underneath her Baby Gap shirt. She didn't even look pregnant and if she was that baby was freezing. (Side note) I love it when pregnant women look glamorous, like how Charlotte looked in "Sex in the City: The Movie."

(My apologies if you haven't seen the movie yet.)

Enough with the babble, off to the quote of the day (Jan 16th):

"Starting something is only part of the journey. Being able to work through the drama of a given task and finishing it with poise takes true character. Finish with everyone wanting more."

I started talking to this guy, Valentine, and he's a breath of fresh air. He's so sassy and witty. We're going to see "The Unborn" tonight. Hopefully I won't scare him away when he has to pry my fear-stricken fingers from his arm tonight.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson