Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Fame Ain't For the Faint of Heart"

Hello duckies: I'm back! Ugh, it's been such a long time since I blogged. I feel like I put you up for adoption or something.
Anywho, it feels great to be back. More importantly it feels amazing to be a senior in college: "amazingly indifferent" seems to be a bit more accurate.
As a Senior, it's relaxing to look at freshmen chaos because it was only three years ago that I contributed to it. I miss the beautifully random (protected) sex, freshmen roommate issues, late night chats over Ramen Noodles, making my name on campus and trying to fight sleep.
(If any freshmen who attend the University of Hartford are reading this, hear are some tips.)

1) Do not wear your UHA lanyard around your neck. You look like a wandering puppy.
2) Don't be afraid to ask questions. (I ask questions everyday. Learning opens doors.)

3) Remember that you're here to learn, not party. (Yes go party but make sure your GPA is intact don't wanna be enrolled at the school longer--or shorter--than need be.)

4) Get out of your comfort zone! (Explore, reach out, and enjoy!)

5) Call your parents more often. (They are always willing to give you money. Tell them you love them too...they love that lol)

In other news, my internship with HarperCollins was phenomenal. I had an absolute blast. I learned more this past Summer than I ever have in my life. I worked in corporate offices, updated international databases, contacted authors and was simply A-List and divine.
Speaking of divine, did you happen to see the VMAs duckie? Marvelous! Drama! Fame! Kanye! Beyonce! Gaga! Wooohuh!

A couple of days ago I was conversing with my colleague counterparts about the VMAs and this one girl said something pretty disturbing. She called Lady Gaga covers her face because she's ugly and said she's crazy.
Duckies, you know what's comical about this statement? The girl has the same physical attributes as Lady Gaga: teeth, eyes, and stark face. But I don't see her as ugly. I see her as Lady Gaga's apprentice: an typical beauty that redefines the current societal views on beauty. They both are model pretty, with a dose of the fierce, underlying conventional beauty.
Additionally, the girl had no idea the message Lady Gaga was trying to present to her.

"Fame" is a vicious beast that needs too much attention, 24/7 maintenance, and demands greater than any can fathom. Fame is very much a live and it needs to be respected and taken in doses. It can devour your soul! Some people actually die trying to obtain it and some go mad when fame reaches them: prime example, Kanye West.
The fame killed Kanye West on Sunday, September 13th, 2009.

I know this for a fact because I met Kanye West in 2003. As you know I was a top performer with the Boys Choir of Harlem back in the day and I had the chance of recording a song with Kanye West. He was such a nice man: very humble, talented, charismatic, humorous and unaffected by the fame. We were recording one of his first singles "Jesus Walks." He even offered to sign one of my composition notebooks--which I still have to this day, at home--and when I got home I mistakenly colored in his autograph. I didn't know who he was at the time, other than him being a nice, new artist. But nonetheless, I knew Kanye before the fame took his soul.

(ATTENTION: I just had a ciggy break. Yes, I smoke my ciggys. I think we all should do whatever we want. We all know the consequences of our actions: we're competent creatures. I know I said I quit but I didn't duckies. I love my ciggys! People always come up to me saying "Gabriel, smoking kills!" You know what duckies, I'm well aware of the effects. The pack even says it! But guess what? People kill too!
At least I know who my murderer is! Case closed.)

Back to Gaga!
Lady Gaga's performance of Paparazzi was an extended metaphor for the effects of Fame. In the beginning of her performance she was lying on the ground because her boyfriend threw her off the balcony (observe Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" Music Video). Her boyfriend threw her off of the balcony because he was a fanatic, a crazed fan who only wanted her fame, not the Lady behind the Gaga. Yes, the blood in the performance was gruesome but it was real. The blood represented the pain of growing in the limelight, under constant inspection.
Lady Gaga isn't crazy! Lady Gaga is a beacon of glamour meant to open our eyes to the deeper meaning of life. Life should be a sassy, dangerous, magical, and spontaneous ride.
Lady Gaga is an icon because the fame has yet to ravage her soul and she is still riding that beautiful thing we call life.
In other news, today (Monday, September 21, 2009) I've decided to take a personal day from classes. I only have two today (plus a Yoga class at 7pm).
We must realize that college is a business: you pay money for classes and you receive credit toward your given study. However, personal days are needed...especially when you've pretty much completed your major like moi!
Today you might see me running around campus in mission mode because I am hunting down professors and Deans to add classes and to drop my ridiculous minor: Rhetoric and Professional Writing.
As I mentioned, college is a business and the people running the business will try to swindle you (like any true businessman would do to naive customers).

Don't fret duckies! You're paying for this and that gives you a right to do whatever the hell you want. Just keep in mind that, every action has an equal and opposite reaction so choose your consequences with grace.

Wooohuh! This is getting heavy. Let's get back to being sassy and glamorous!

The weekend before last my son-son Gio decided to surprise me with his beautiful face.
It was such a pleasure to be in his presence...and the most remarkable thing happened when we were outside conversing about life.
Randomly, this kid exits a dorm was six foil HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons tied together (I'm assuming they were for him...or maybe a girlfriend...or a boyfriend, who knows!). A few minutes later--and a few puffs of my ciggy--this kid let the balloons go! As the balloons raised higher into the night sky, the foil balloons looked like jewels!
I couldn't believe it! These wimpy foil balloons looked exactly like the stars they were reaching towards. Then I realized that these foil balloons weren't just balloons, they were people like us: hungry for success. Like the balloons we start off as regular balloons, held down by those who want to keep us a bay and for their own private desires. In time, however, when we prioritize our lives and enlighten ourselves...we then become one with the stars and flourish faster than we could ever fathom.

oOoOoOoOo, time for a new "Word of the Week."
The new WORD OF THE WEEK is...
Dreameater- One who tries to prohibit dream-thinking; one who's jealous of others' dreams; a 'hater'.
Stephanie: "Why is Shirley so sassy and distant when we start talking about our goals Gabriel?"
Me: "Girl, watch out! She's a dreameater."

With that being said duckies, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"Dreams are merely gems that we need to catch in order to survive. Dreameaters will always be around to interfere but if we follow our hearts, and not the words of others, we can achieve more than ever possible."

Well duckies, I'm off to hunt for some much needed signatures.
I wish you the best of happiness and a sassy week.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson