Monday, April 13, 2009

I Have Risen

As blasphemous as this blog post's title sounds duckies, I have. I have been in bed practically all weekend. I didn't even go to class today. I was so under the weather. Deep breaths would lead to coughing fits, laying in bed would cause sweating, staying up to watch a movie would drain me...I was a mess. I am now regaining my health. I had to commit myself to homemade rehab; my body convinced me that it was time.
Due to my health, traveling was an absolute "no-no" so I had to stay on campus this weekend. I couldn't greet Jesus with my family.
And you know what?! Campus was a wasteland. I literally saw a bag of Doritos tumbling in the wind, across the campus' village lawn. That never happens duckies! I was in No-Man's Land.
Luckily, Michelle, Ari, Cris, Shoshana, Steph, Debb and Lauren were here to save me...although the true survivors of the weekend were Ari, Michelle, ShoShana and Cris. These girls helped me regain my strength. They told me to relax and I did. I finally relaxed duckies. We watched "The Devil Wears Prada," a little bit of "Friends with Money" and "The House Bunny." The hardest decisions I made all weekend was my outfit choice. Despite my lack of wellness (style should not take toll because of your physical well-being) I changed more than once in a given day. Like I said before duckies, dress how you want to feel: accentuate your ego, caress your desires and wear your psyche around your cuff-links.
Anywho, these fabulous ladies made my weekend bearable and festive. Michelle, I love our adventures and how much we love fresh air. Thank you for coming to my room--so I wouldn't have to go alone--to get my DVD collection case. Steph, thank you for being my center this weekend. I'm so glad you like "True Blood" now. Ari, baby girl I love that we both have an obsession with Beyonce, (thanks for trying to wake me up with "Halo"). Cris, I love your crystal and your beautiful presence (we need to hang out more). All I have to say is...
Oh! I got some juicy news. Somehow Nick is trying to get back in my life (not the biggest shocker) and he told me he's getting a full-ride to Yale's graduate program, plus a stipend next year!
Congratulations Nick! I am so proud of you; chase your dreams!
But I have a confession.
I love hearing good news from friends and sometimes I get carried away when I hear great news from past lovers. However, as A-List as you are, it's never going to work out. Every time we get back together its fine for a couple months then we're both looking for the best way to break it off. I think friends would be the best option right now because we can still converse and stuff. But anything further than friendship, at this moment, doesn't seem manageable. Of course it'll take work from both our ends (especially mine because I still have deep feelings for you) but I need to move on and test the waters. I'm only twenty-years young and the world wants more than a sample; they want all of Gabriel and I'm ready to bare as much as necessary!

Duckies, there was some hardcore dabble about marriage coming from Nick's side of the phone. But I thoroughly explained to him that my 20's are going to be about me. As much as I would love the idea of being the only one among my peers, in a semi-committal semi-stable relationship, I would much rather prefer enjoying my individual star lifestyle. I love you enough to not take this any further duckie.
Speaking of leaving before the Feds come in and bust the joint down (you'll understand if you watch the movie I'm about to mention), I am in love with the movie "Boiler Room."
After watching this movie...OMG, life is so clear. I know exactly how I'm going to shoot up to international stardom. In addition to my clear, cookie-cutter career choice my reasoning is impeccable. I can see through so much of society's acceptable bull$hit that sometimes I confuse myself because (in my head) I explain it so well that it seems ridiculous that I once saw the world as something unbeatable and impossible. The world is yours duckies...take it all and forgive others (only once and a half) lol!
In regards to taking it all, I wish I had a maid on campus, that could clean my apartment and efficiently take care of my laundry. I am very anal-retentive when it comes to my clothing because image is everything to me. If you can't take pride in your outfit then you shouldn't wear it. I am recovering from a chest cold and I was decked out in my black leather Calvin Klein shoots (shoe boots), black and white striped Adidas track pants, grey Red Cap t-shirt, huge black wool scarf, black peacoat and matching black skully cap. I looked damn good for someone coming out of a sickness-induced coma. Back to business, I wish I had less pride so I send my laundry out.
I love my stuff smelling like me, fresh. Ergo, I don't think I'll ever have anyone else do it again (unless I'm really sick). I love you Mommy but my laundry is a crucial part of my life. My clothes--sometimes, as superficial as it sounds--define my personality. My wardrobe is usually spunky and fun...just like me.
Wooohuh! Okay duckies, I think it's time for some "Words of Wisdom."
"Love your life. No matter what is happening, love it for the things you foresee in your future. Love your life because you're alive. Love your life because it's belong here for a reason duckie! Love every second because you can feel how beautiful it is to be you."
Sorry duckies but we need to start loving our lives more. Being sick, I am jealous of my bored days. When I was bored I fully capable: inhaling deeply without feeling the shaky remembrance of the mucus harbored in my abdomen, going about everyday liberties without the promise of draining my energy, laughing without being bombarded with harsh coughing. When I cough I feel like my throat is being force-fed coarse stones.

But I still love life duckies. This is merely a temporary pit-stop. Now it's time to relax and treasure. In a day or two I'll be attacking the world again, as if nothing happened.
Babychild! I forgot to mention that Alyssa and Rockstar were phenomenal at their lip sync performance today. Alyssa invited me to come see her performance for our school's annual Greek Week ceremonial/social event--and her sorority was matched-up with their soulmate fraternity--being held at Konover. The performances were superb but Alyssa's routine won 1st place.
I'm proud of you duckies!

Mike: Graham told me that you joined my FaceBook group "Gabriel Anderson Friends" and he quoted you--in a text--saying "I don't just join any group." I feel honored that you joined duckie. Tell your friends, spread the gospel of Gabriel Anderson. I love that you read it and I am glad that I can share my life with you. Thank you for being a treasured ruby. I truly appreciate you.
Graham: Sorry Monica and I took forever to meet you at Konover today. We were lallygagging for quite a bit and we lost track of time. Plus I'm sick so we had to walk at a moderate know with the whole thing of my chest being consumed by biggie lol. Anywho, I had a blast with you and Monica tonight. Thank you for making me laugh. Laughter is the best cure for any ailment. But always remember...CUT THE CORD! LOL
Monica: Babychild! You are my ride or die! Freshmen year, I remember coming up to your place all times of night and we would converse about life and you would always bring up that you heard me singing Beyonce earlier in the day. It sucks that we're not married anymore but its for the better. You know I only "enjoy" women after 3am on Saturdays nights! ONE NIGHT ONLY, aow! Love you.
Rockstar: Rockstar! We were BBMing each other and I found out you're sick too. Why are we sick? We don't deserve this one does. I'm guessing this is God's way of making us take a break from our A-List lives. I wish he was more subtle; maybe he'll mess with the reception of our BBM? Now that I think about it losing BBM is worse than a chest cold. We're surviving and I might wanna move to Cali with you in eight months. Wooohuh, get ready for it baby boy! (Or maybe not...we'll talk lol.)
Courtney/Innocent: OMG, Innocent. I couldn't believe you came into my room today, knowing I was sick, just to check-up on me. You were not afraid of the impending doom of the lurking germs in my room. You were concerned for my health and you braved it all. Courtney, you are such a delight to have in life. I am so glad I have you as a friend. You are a remarkable person and I can't wait for more Bad-A$$ and Innocent Adventures. I love you.
Okay duckies, I am too drained to do anything else but sleep right now. I'll probably do my laundry on Wednesday instead of tomorrow morning. Oh well! I still love life...just not enough to have my throat raped by rocks again lol.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson