Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm HarperCollins

Hey sexy, how are things?  I know everything is splendid because I know you believe in yourself.  I need to do my homework assignment for my Foundations of Argument's due tomorrow at 2:05. (I'm over it.)  Anyway, today I found out that I am eligible to receive a Winter Internship (like this winter) with HarperCollins.  If you happen to live under a rock, HarperCollins is an internationally known publication company.  One of my frikking textbooks for this semester is published by them...THEY'RE BIG!  I had an informational interview with a very lovely recent graduate (a couple weeks back, in New York) and she was everything spectacular.  She even referred to me as "fabulous" in an email...flattered, I am.  
Today was a productive day.  I got a lot of work done and I cancelled practice for my secret on campus. (Shut up, keep it to yourself.) radio show, that I co-DJ with blogger Rockstar, was so weird today.  When we got into the studio, the show before us didn't seem as peppy or as rowdy as they usually are before we go on.  As soon as Rockstar and I got into the studio we became overwhelmed with such lethargically-negative energy.  We had a special guest DJ, "The Job," and she was stupendous.  However, the show was so off.   We had several instances of prank calls and we didn't feel right in the studio.  We took a break (we ran around in front of Hawks' Nest) to rid ourselves of the energy and we immediately felt better.  Anyway, enough of the negative energy, let's get on with the quote for November 20th:

"Never let a person's words hinder you from believing in yourself.  If you give them that power over you, you fulfill their belief, which then negates your beliefs.  Words have power but thoughts are actual things.  Be positive."

With that being said, love yourself guys and don't let negative energy get in your way.  Rockstar and I know this first hand...we ignored it and look at us now;  we're f$c%i&g awesome!

Gabriel Anderson