Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Dear Duckies,

WAIT! My dear people-friend Cruella Diva has something to say.
Go ahead Cruella...
You are too kind Cruella. Thank you for the compliment on my 101th post.
I, Gabriel Anderson, have such good news! I'm so excited about this post because today beautiful things happened. My fame is increasing: prancing and slithering around your ears, waiting to sting your senses. I felt like a unicorn eating skittles.
First Thing: Today I was helping Margaret with the speaker equipment she let me borrow for the Poetry Slam--which had a magnificent turn-out--because I'm a gentleman. (Thank you!) Well on our way out of my school's radio station, WSAM the station's Program Director, Ernie, told me:
"You and Rockstar are doing a really good job at the station. You guys are playing new music and bands are listening. Manufactured Defects sent you something in the mail. Here are CD's, stickers...and a contact note--a note with contact information--from Josh-Ua, the lead vocalist."

Duckies, do you know why Manufactured Defects sent Rockstar and I free stuff? We played their music on our radio show and people liked it. We love it! Rockstar and I played it at parties (always an adventure because "that guy" is there, being a dick), on our radio show (Rar-Rar w/ Rockstar and DJ Squiggz...buy our apparel), gossiped with our A-list friends, and we blogged about it. But more importantly, Rockstar and I called Josh-Ua on my BlackBerry today...and OMG! He is so tranquil-tempered and enthusiastic. Josh-Ua is chasing his dreams in a swamp of unemployment and 401K; he's ready to ravish the music industry. He is a very modest guy: his smoothly masculine tenor voice slid through my BlackBerry's speaker.

I won't give out anymore information. Check out our radio show tomorrow night (April 8th) from 9pm to 10pm on the station's site to hear more. You can see if Rockstar is wearing his favorite purple sweater and black and white pashmina or me with my beige and brown wool Coach scarf: caressing your neck like a cloud's promise. There's a webcam in the studio. It looks like an anorexic R2-D2!
SECOND THING: I had a meeting for my new position as a preceptor--which is an honored peer advocate that assists professors in courses--around noon today. I was fueled only by a tumbler of Nespresso black espresso, with sugar. Cream wasn't an option today. The lecture hall was cramped with faculty members and preceptors. Structural suits held faculty in place and slick leather briefcases sheltered next semester's dreams. The preceptors were dressed to impress a blind man. Most wore the regular college outfit: t-shirt, ordinary denim jeans and dirty Nikes.
I, on the other hand, looked like a "Harfvard" Law Student on casual Friday.

I wore my Calvin Klein black leather boots, my dark-wash Buffalo jeans (cuffed over my boots), blue and white pin-stripped Arrow dress shirt, black and silver crisscross Savile Row patterned tie, navy blue Borrelli skully hat, brown and beige wool Coach scarf and a dark tope GAP thigh-length trench coat. I had my chocolate light brown Coach tote bag, carrying textbooks for five and a half-hour shift of class after the meeting today.
The meeting went well. When everyone started openly discussing the duties of a preceptor the heat in the room brushed against your forehead and you could feel the intensity biting the air. Some faculty were giggling into the ears of their preceptors; some were victims of the academic banter from jaded faculty; one was taking notes on their Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm, using the Memo Application. I love my phone. When my BlackBerry's battery dies, a part of me shuts down; my phone rings me to life.
Speaking of life, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"Compartmentalizing an emotion is like caging a wild beast. Every second it's locked away is a second it grows into something feral and uncontrollable. In contrast, if you let it free its animalistic instincts will embrace its sole purpose and explore its limits. Break your emotions free and watch them flourish."

OH! In my previous post, I forgot to mention my petite and perky friend (and Resident Assistant) Alex snagged me a room with the biggest closet in the dorm suite I'm going to live in next year.

Thank you Alex; you're a doll!
I'm tired duckies but I don't know what I'm going to write for my Art of the Personal Essay class. Professor T. Stores is teaching it and she expects nothing but the best.
She wants us to examine our own ways of interaction with the world and how we identify the person we think ourselves to be. My mind creeps through my laptop screen and onto paper, but sometimes my brain speaks faster than my hands can comprehend. My blog is wrapped around my life; it suffocates from the heat of my brown eyes reading the pixels, of each letter of every word. Blogging is my personal essay.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.
Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson


JForrestQ said...

Great 101st post! Yay Rar-Rar is moving up in the world, our combined forces take over WSAM! Currently listening to Manufactured Defects, good stuff I like it. Good luck with your other endeavors that you mentioned.

Alexandria said...

You're welcome babydoll :)
You make my world so wonderful! And I love your blog. Keep up the good work! <3

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